Off-Site Monitoring

Off-site Monitoring & Surveillance System (OSMOS): Banks as a part of the new supervisory strategy, an off-site monitoring system for surveillance over banks was put in place in RBI in March 1996. The first tranche of OSMOS returns require quarterly reporting on assets, liabilities and off balance-sheet exposures, Capital to Risk-weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR), operating results for the quarter, asset quality and large credit exposures in respect of domestic operations by all banks in India. Data on connected and related lending and profile of ownership, control and management are also obtained in respect of Indian banks.

Bank profiles containing bank-wide database on all important aspects of bank functioning including global operations were obtained for the years commencing from 1994 and are being updated annually on an on-going basis. The database provides information on managerial and staff productivity areas besides furnishing important ratios on certain financial growth and supervisory aspects of the bank’s functioning.

Analysis of financial and managerial aspects under the reporting system is done on quarterly basis in a computerised environment in respect of banks and reviews are placed before Board for Financial Supervision (BFS) for its perusal and further directions. The second tranche of returns covering liquidity and interest rate risk exposures were introduced in June 1999. To accommodate the increased data and analysis required by the second tranche of returns, a project to upgrade the OSMOS database has been completed and the new processing system has been put in place for the Returns commencing from the quarter ended September 2000.

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