This post provides complete details of the latest JAIIB updated Syllabus applicable for IIBF JAIIB 2023 Exams.

Hey Bankers!!

How have you been? Hopefully doing well & good and are ready for the next year with some great goals for your personal life as well as your professional life. Well, we have got some good news as well as some bad news for you. 

The good news is that the syllabus of one of the flagship courses, Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB), made available by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance has finally been updated as per the present scenario of the banking industry. If you were to ask me, it was long pending seeing all the changes & upgrades that transpired in the banking as well as the finance industry. So, good thing that you bankers will be studying & reading actually something that will be relevant for your work & will help you in advance in the field!

The bad news? It’s that the new & updated syllabus that has been prescribed by IIBF for the new subjects is lengthy & vast. So, there is more topics, more updates & more matters for you to cover to successfully clear your JAIIB 2023 Exams.

But I would say, that is not really a problem if you have an expert team to back you up against the vastness of the sea of the syllabus of JAIIB 2023. And Learning Sessions just have that.

With a great team of Experts in subjects of Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers, you can easily & effectively cover the IIBF JAIIB Syllabus 2023 whether it is for: 

  1. Paper I i.e. Indian Economy & Indian Financial System; 
  2. Paper II i.e. Principles & Practices of Banking; 
  3. Paper III i.e. Accounting & Financial Management for Bankers; or 
  4. Paper IV i.e. Retail Banking & Wealth Management, you will be wholly covered.

JAIIB is all about managing the little time that you have & study with a centered focus on the matter you are reading. So, if you are ready to conquer the JAIIB 2023 Exams of IIBF, join Learning Sessions for the best & good results!


Like I previously mentioned, JAIIB is one of the most prestigious course administered by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. This exam is conducted twice in a year and for 2023, this exam will also most probably be conducted in May and November. Institute publishes the exam dates of JAIIB on which official website at least two or three months prior to the scheduled dates of exams. IIBF is fully responsible to provide the JAIIB syllabus, exam dates and administer the said exams in the exam centres. It also issues JAIIB admit cards a week prior to prior to the exam.

The syllabus that IIBF has provided for JAIIB exams that will be conducted in 2023 for is given below:

1. Indian Economy & Indian Financial System A Indian Economic Architecture
B Economic Concepts Related to banking
C Indian Financial Architecture
D Financial Products and Services
2. Principles & Practices of Banking A General Banking Operations
B Lending Operations of Banks
C Banking Technology
D Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions
3. Accounting & Financial Management for Bankers A Accounting Principles and Processes
B Financial Statements and Core Banking Systems
C Financial Management
D Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing
4. Retail Banking & Wealth Management A Introduction to Retail Banking
B Retails Products and Recovery
C Support Services – Marketing of Banking Services / Products
D Wealth Management


Now if we are to compare this new and updated syllabus of junior Associates of the Indian Institute Of Bankers what the syllabus that was applicable up and until 2022 exams, we will find that there are two new subjects of papers that have been added in the new syllabus while 1 previous subject has been altered to include new topic making the count of the number of papers to 4 from 3.

For better understanding, we need to go through the previous syllabus that has been applicable up to the 2022 examinations.


1. Principles & Practices of Banking A Indian Financial System
B Functions of Banks
C Banking Technology
D Support Services, Marketing of Banking
E Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions
2. Accounting & Financial Management for Bankers A Business Mathematics and Finance
B Principles of Bookkeeping and Accounting
C Final Accounts
D Banking Operations
3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking A Regulations and Compliance
B Legal Aspects of Banking Operations
C Banking Related Laws
D Commercials Laws with Reference to Banking Operations



This might be useful for those bankers who had written their JAIIB exams in the old syllabus in 2022 or in the previous attempts, who are not able to clear in their examinations. So, those bankers who want to write the 2023 attempt of JAIIB can take a look at the following differences or points to decide which points on topic they will be required to cover from the beginning and which are the topics we can just revise from the previous study materials.

New Topics/ Modules Added In New Syllabus For Jaiib 2022:

The paper 1 is wholly new subject added in the JAIIB Exam Syllabus 2023 i.e. INDIAN ECONOMY & INDIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM. This has a total of 4 modules (in fact the new syllabus paper’s – all – have 4 modules each)

  • Module A is Indian Economic Architecture, 
  • Module B is Economic Concepts Related to banking,
  • Module C is Indian Financial Architecture, or 
  • Module D is Financial Products and Services

The paper 2 i.e. PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES OF BANKING has two new modules added to replace the previous modules.


    • Module A is General Banking Operations
  • Module B is Lending Operations of Banks

Deletions from previous PPB syllabus (Removed):

  • Module A: Indian Financial System
  • Module B: Functions of Banks
  • Module D: Support Services, Marketing of Banking

Paper 3 i.e. ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR BANKERS has been modified & it has one extra Word/term added in the paper name i.e. Management. And it shall in overall, as the below two wholly new modules added into it.

  • Module C: Financial Management
  • Module D: Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing

Deletions from previous AFB syllabus (Removed):

  • Module A: Business Mathematics and Finance
  • Module C: Final Accounts
  • Module D: Banking Operations

And then finally, Paper 4th is wholly new into the syllabus of JAIIB 2023. Its will be known as RETAIL BANKING & WEALTH MANAGEMENT. This paper was in the old syllabus of CAIIB & now it’s been removed from the CAIIB syllabus & added in the JAIIB. 

  • Module A: Introduction to Retail Banking
  • Module B: Retails Products and Recovery
  • Module C: Support Services – Marketing of Banking Services / Products
  • Module D: Wealth Management

Note: While it should be noted that Paper 3rd of old syllabus i.e. LEGAL AND REGULATORY ASPECTS OF BANKING is done away with & is no longer a part of the new JAIIB Syllabus.


So, if you plan to sit for JAIIB papers next year, then you must prepare for the vast syllabus (although not difficult) with good time management skills. 

You are always welcome to join Learning Sessions (IIBF LEARNING CENTER) for JAIIB, CAIIB or other IIBF Certification courses or bank’s internal promotion examinations. You will be provided access to: 

  • the latest online classes of JAIIB (new session will begin soon)
  • mock tests, 
  • epdfs & 
  • recordings & 
  • strategies to pass your exam 
  • within the limited time frame too. 

The classes are also available at prices that are easy on your pocket without compromising with quality.

So, do join Learning Sessions for sure success!


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