IIBF CCP QUESTION PDF 2023 – Certified Credit Professional

IIBF CCP QUESTION PDF 2023 – Certified Credit Professional

CCP QUESTION PDF:- As the Exams of Certified Credit Professional 2023 May & June dates have been announced, as a prospective credit professional, you must be looking for material to get your preparation together. The Credit Management paper is due on 13th May 2023 & after that on 27th May 2023.

So, we have brought you a set of important questions that you should go through to revise the syllabus of CCP.

Go through the below given multiple-choice questions on CCP for 2023 Exam preparation:

No. CCP – Questions Answer
1 Find the amount of sales when Merchandise costs = Rs. 2,50,000.00, Gross Profit = Rs. 23,000.00 & Net Profit = Rs. 15,000.00 

a. Rs.2,27,000.00

b. Rs.2,35,000.00

c. Rs.2,65,000.00

d. Rs.2,73,000.00

2 The total Liabilities of Damini LLP are Rs.1,00,00,000.00 and Current Ratio is 1.5:1. If Fixed Assets and other Non-Current Assets are to the tune of Rs. 70,00,000.00 and its Debt Equity Ratio = 3:1, what would be the firms’ Long Term Liabilities?

a. Rs.40,00,000.00

b. Rs.60,00,000.00

c. Rs.80,00,000.00

d. Rs.100,00,000.00

3 M/s Sangeeta & Co’s balance sheet included the following accounts: Prepaid taxes: Rs.500.00, Inventory: Rs.5,000.00, Total Current Assets: 21,500.00, Current Liabilities: 15,000.00. You need to find the Quick Ratio

a. 1.9

b. 1.07

c. 2

d. 1.43

4 If the gross profit ratio of Davinder Ltd. was 25% and its credit revenue from operations was Rs. 20,00,000.00 & its cash revenue from operations was 10% of the T. revenue from its operations. If the indirect expenses of Davinder Ltd. were Rs. 50,000.00, calculate its net profit ratio.

a. 22.50%

b. 22.72%

c. 22.75%

d. 21.00%

5 Avan wants to receive Rs.1,250.00 every quarter for 5 years at the interest rate of 12% p.a. What amount should he invest today to receive the desired amount?

a. Rs.18,596.85

b. Rs.18,969.85

c. Rs.18,795.85

d. Rs.18,156.58

6 What is the Indian Government’ share in NABARD: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development?

a. 50%

b. 51%

c. 75%

d. 99%

7 Which one of the following options is incorrect?

a. Institutional infrastructure facilities make intelligence.

b. STC is the chief canalizing agent for agriculture products export & import.

c. IPO organizes exhibitions & trade fairs.

d. Having a Letter of credit does not mean that the bank will pay the value of imports to the exporter.

8 Domesticated animals, for example, dogs, have come into existence by the breeding of only the individuals of a wild species that are sufficiently tame. So, when wolves are bred only with those breeds (dogs) that display tameness when they are young, then after a no. of generations the offspring will be turned out to be species of dog. Thus, in the same way, all animals can, in principle, be bred for domesticity. Which of the following statement, if turns out to be true, most weakens the argument?

a. Domesticated animals cannot be turned into wild species either by breeding only those animals that display some wild characteristics or otherwise.

b. In some species of animals, the wild members of species mate more frequently than the tame members.

c. In some species of animals, not a single member ever displays tameness.

d. In some species of animals, tame members are less fertile than wild members.

9 How is round tripping used?

a. As a policy to boost Foreign direct investment (FDI) in country

b. As a means to evade tax 

c. As a policy to promote export

d. To calculate National Income

10 What are the four major factors that are dealt in the study of Macroeconomics?

a. households, government, firms, and external sector

b. firms, free-market, government, and regulations

c. firms, households, demand-supply and government

d. none of the above factors

11 What does OTP stand for in credit card transactions?

a. Odd Transaction Password

b. Owner is Trading Pass code

c. One Time Password

d. One Time Pin code

12 Which method of payment from the following options is used for International Monetary Transfer?

a. Real-time gross settlement (RTGS)

b. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

c. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)

d. None of the above

13 Which of the following functions, a commercial bank does not perform?

a. Mobilization of saving

b. Providing loans & advances

c. Issuing of currency notes

d. Financing priority sectors

14 In what context the Reserve Tranche Position (RTP) term is used?

a. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

b. Federal Reserve Bank (of America)

c. World Bank

d. International Monetary Fund (IMF)

15 Which of the following option best defines the meaning of a floating-rate bond?

a. A bond with a fixed rate of interest and which has a better yield than the varying interest rate bond

b. A bond with a fixed rate of interest and has a lower yield than a varying interest rate bond

c. A bond with a varying rate of interest and has a better yield than a fixed interest rate bond

d. A bond with a varying rate of interest and has a lower yield than a fixed interest rate bond

16 Taylor: Researchers at a local university claim that 61% of the information gets communicated through nonverbal signals in a conversation. But this claim, like other such mathematically precise claims, is suspect, because science can’t establish claims of such exactitude.

Sandra: While precision is unobtainable in many areas of life, it finds a commonplace in others. Many scientific disciplines obtain extremely precise results, which should not be doubted merely because of their precision.

The above statements provide the most support for holding that Sandra would disagree with Taylor about which one of the following statements?

a. Research might reveal that 61% of the information taken in during a conversation is through nonverbal signals.

b. It is possible to determine whether 61% of the information taken in during a conversation is communicated through nonverbal signals.

c. The study of verbal & nonverbal communication is an area where one cannot expect great precision in one’s research results.

d. Some sciences can yield precise results (mathematically) which are not inherently suspect.

17 Which of the following is the odd one out?

a. SBI: State Bank of India

b. RBI: Reserve Bank of India

c. UBI: Union Bank of India

d. CBI: Central Bank of India

18 What is the minimum public shareholding (MPS) which is mandated by SEBI for Private Companies & Public Sector Units respectively?

a. 75% & 90%

b. 90% & 75%

c. 10% & 25%

d. 25% & 10%

19 What is the minimum rate of interest of a bank is called by which is not viable to lend?

a. Reserved Rate

b. Prime Lending Rate

c. Marginal Rate

d. Base Rate 

20 Which of the following statement best completes the passage below? 

Sales campaigns aimed at the faltering personal computer market have strongly emphasized ease of use, also known as user-friendliness, which is oddly premature and irrelevant in the eyes of most potential buyers, who try to address this logically prior issue of whether

a. user-friendliness also means that owners of PC can service them on their own

b. personal computers cost more as the level of user-friendliness rises

c. currently available models are user-friendly enough to suit them

d. they have enough sensible uses for a personal computer to justify the expense of buying one




As the exam schedule for CCP Exam has long since been out for the January & March Attempts by the IIBF, the candidates looking for good & easy to understand material have reached the right place.

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You can even access the free Mock Tests on CCP & other Certification papers by IIBF as well by signing up on our website.

Download “IIBF CCP QUESTION PDF 2022 - Certified Credit Professional”

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