CERTIFIED CREDIT PROFESSIONAL MOCK TEST:- As there is almost no time left for the CCP, we hope that the candidates preparing for this IIBF Exam are done with their revisions! (The exams dates being 27-11-2021, 11-12-2021, 26-12-2021 for this year)

If you are still preparing for the exams and need material from where you can quickly revise the topics of CCP or do the last-minute revision then you must check out the CCP Question Bank that is available at our website. You can check it out by hitting this link. (Check out the ‘Certified Credit Professional Questions’ in the BuyPro Section)

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As there remains not enough time in the hands of the bankers who are preparing for CCP attempt we recommend that you go and solve the below given Mock Test.

Solve the test sincerely and try not to cheat because even if you answer incorrectly first after you are done with the test, go & check the answers. Doing this will help you to remember the fact that you had answered the question(s) incorrectly and then the chances for you to remember the right answer will be very high. 

You can even download the mock test provided here in pdf file given at the last of this article.

Important Topic:- Certified Credit Professional Short Notes Part 2 – CCP Notes

Try to solve the given mock test of within 15 Minutes & then, can check your answers from the answer key provided at the last of this article!!


1 Basic principles of lending involve which of the following options?

a) Only Safety of advance

b) Only Profitability for the bank

c) Safety, liquidity & profitability 

d) None of the above

2 Which of the following statement is incorrect?

a) Credit ratings are the options about relative credit risk

b) Credit ratings are considered as an investment advice to an investor while making investment decisions

c) Credit ratings are not the indications of the market liquidity of a debt security or debts price in the secondary market

d) Credit ratings are not guarantees of quality of credit or of credit risk of future

3 Which of the following is a negative (credit) from Bank’s rating perspective?

a) Presence of strong regulatory environment

b) Presence of strong legal system

c) Political Uncertainty

d) Economic Environment (Strong)

4 Security Documents signed by any a partner in a partnership firm will bind the firm. In the context, which of the following is a correct statement?

a) All partners should sign the security documents to bind the firm

b) Minimum 2/3rd of the partners of the firm should effectively bind the firm

c) A single partner can bind the firm if he or she has the power of attorney from the others

d) None of the above options

5 Loan given to a minor can be recovered only if it is secured by collateral security given by the third party because _________.

a) There is no contract with the minor for the collateral security

b) Contract of third-party guarantee is available

c) Both the minor & the 3rd party can be sued

d) Loan given to a minor cannot be recovered under any circumstances

6 Which one of the following exposures is not excluded while reckoning capital market exposure of a bank?

a) Promoter’s shares in the Special Purpose/Project Vehicle (SPV) of an infrastructure project pledged to the bank

b) Exposure to Stock brokers & Market makers

c) Tier I & II debt instruments that are issued by other banks

d) Investment in the Cash Deposits of other banks

7 Stress testing is a risk management tool which is used to simulate:

a) All extreme, highly probable event only and their impact on firm

b) All extreme, highly improbable event and their impact on firm

c) Only known events and their impact on firm

d) Known events and those that have occurred and their impact on firm

8 Off-balance sheet exposure of a bank includes which of the following expenses?

a) Travelling expenses of senior executives

b) Standby letters of credit- LCs, money guarantees, bid bonds, letters of credit, indemnities & warranties, swaps, options, forex forward contracts, etc. 

c) LCs accepted and/or that are negotiated by the bank

d) None of the above

9 Which one of the following options is true in respect of Private Limited Company?

a) There is no restriction for the share transfer

b) Certificate of Commencement of business is mandatory

c) 200 is the Maximum number of persons who can hold membership of Pvt Ltd Co. 

d) Pvt. Ltd. should have atleast of 3 directors

10 Liquidity risk of a bank arises because of?

a) Shortage of cash in ATMs that are outsourced by the bank

b) Funding of long-term assets by liabilities of short-term

c) Provisions of low levels of capital for the bank’s operations

d) None of the above options

11 In a CDS i.e Credit Default Swap transaction:

a) The protection buyer is long on risk

b) The protection seller is short on risk

c) The protection buyer makes periodic payments

d) The protection seller males periodic payments

12 How is the profitability of the bank gets aided by the Credit Policy?

a) By good quality lending

b) By ensuring there are adequate returns on loans

c) Not losing the market share

d) Ensuring all of the above options

13 To inject liquidity into money markets, Central bank uses which of the following rates?

a) Reverse repo rate

b) Repo rate

c) Bank rate

d) Reserve ratio

14 Which one of the following characteristics is not included in 3 “R” concepts in the appraisal?

a) Resources

b) Reliability

c) Responsibility

d) Rating

15 Pricing of the loans should be related to which of the following rates?

a) Inter bank borrowing rate

b) Reference rate of RBI

c) Risk rating & credit quality of the borrower

d) None of the above options


1 c 9 c
2 b 10 b
3 c 11 b
4 d 12 d
5 d 13 b
6 b 14 d
7 b 15 c
8 b


You can download the PDF file of the above given Mock Test on of CCP by hitting here.

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And all the very best for your exams & may you successfully become ‘Credit Officer’.

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