The fraud of debit cards occurs when criminals gain access to the debit card numbers and in some cases, also of PIN in use that information to make unauthorized payments on withdrawing cash from their accounts. 

There are many methods to obtain the above-mentioned information, starting from dishonest employees to hackers who gain access to the account folder’s data due to the insecure computer network. You the grace of God, it doesn’t require any technical skill to detect ATM card fraud. 

The Other kind of ATM Fraud is when criminals steal money directly from the ATM machine by breaking it. The different kinds of ATM frauds are mentioned below:

  • Card Shimming: It is done by installing a device (known by the name of the shimming device) on an ATM machine. This shimming device steals the data from the card chip by capturing the magnetic strip which is equivalent to data stored therein. 
  • Card Skimming: In this method, the electronic data stored in the card is stolen with the intention to copy the complete card. The ATM cardholder will only realize that his or her money has been stolen from their account when the deed has already been done. 

This fraud is committed by placing a tiny device on the ATM to steal data from the card when the account holder swipes it. For this to actually work, the fraudster also needs ATM PIN, for which he needs a camera inside the ATM. After that, he will use the details to clone the card or will make purchases online.

  • Card Trapping: Under this method, the ATM card itself is stolen by installing the device at the ATM machine. The device claps record in the cash dispenser and when the cardholder leaves the ATM to get help to remove his or her card, the fraudster enters the premises and removes the card. 
  • Jamming of Keyboard: In this method, the criminals jam the important buttons of the ATM machine such as enter and cancel button so that when the transaction is unsuccessful and the account holder leaves the ATM premises to get help, they enter into the ATM premises to withdraw the money immediately from the machine because the details have already been entered. 
  • Phishing: Phishing or card cloning scammers target the people who are not aware of the information that must not be shared and are uneasy to fool. These people, most of the time include elderly people and women. 


You can protect yourself from ATM fraud by adhering to the following ways:

    • Do not use ATMs that are in deserted regions. Also stick to your bank ATMs because the chances are they have better security in the form of video cameras than the ATMs that are installed at restaurants, stores, or other places.
    • Either leave or complain if you find any suspicious activity inside the ATM. 
    • Check the ATM card reader to see if there is any schema attached to it. 
    • Do look for any hidden camera. 
    • If you see people walking around the ATM, you better not withdraw money from that ATM.
    • Check the keypad of the ATM machine and if it is unusually thick, then avoid entering the details.
    • Keep checking your account on regular basis to be aware of any withdrawals that are made by someone else.
    • Register your mobile number for SMS updates to get instant messages for any transaction that occurs in relation to your ATM card. So that in case of someone withdraw any money from your account you can report it. This way you can get to know about any activity that occurs in your accounts by email or text messages.
    • Go paperless. Getting your bank statements in your email by then in your mailbox eliminates the chances of getting your bank information stolen. Also, do schedule existing Bank sheet means and debit card is safe using a paper shredder when they are no longer required. That also decreases the chances of getting your bank account stolen from your dustbin.
    • Don’t forget to destroy your old debit card when it has expired or you have blocked it on a permanent basis because otherwise then formation that flows through your old card puts your information at risk.
    • Use your credit card for online transactions instead of a debit card. The reason for the above statement is that debit cards of Greater protection against fraud than debit cards.
    • Keep your money in different accounts, this way, if any fraud occurs in your one account are your account is compromised, you will have access to I want to so good for your necessities or financial obligations.
    • Keep your computer and mobile devices protected with the help of firewalls, antivirus programs, and anti-spyware software and keep it updated.
    • You should not transact online when you are using an unsecured network in public places.
    • Also, beware of phishing scams. Committed by setting up a phishing website that appears to be as if it belongs to your bank or another business where you have an account. But in reality, it’s an identity thief who you are interacting with. So, only go and transit through the official website of your bank on another business.


A Debit ATM card happens when a criminal or fraudster gets excess of your card number or even PIN and uses that to withdraw money from your account or for unauthorized purchases. 

You know that it has happened to you when your money in your account goes missing. Any scheduled payments or cheques that you have issued may as well bounce. Timely reporting can reduce the amount involved in the fraud to a great extent. So, it is advisable that as soon as you come to know that you have been a victim of this pride, you report it to your bank & They are not cooperating, you can also contact government Agencies such as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

And about detection, it is recommended to go paperless, destroy your old debit cards in keep your mobile device is password-protected. And the easiest way to spot debit card fraud used to monitor your bank account through online banking for any suspicious activity.

Bear in mind that the sooner you detect the fraud, it will be easier to lower the impact of fraud on your finances and your life. If you can’t remember the transactions that you made through your debit or ATM card, then keep the gifts of your card with yourself and then compare these against the transactions that you do online or otherwise.


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