Free Mock Test for Bank Promotion Exams All Banks and All Scales

Free Mock Test for Bank Promotion Exams All Banks and All Scales

For promotion in Public Sector Banks, written tests are conducted by IIBF, which are basically computer based objective type tests. The syllabus for the bank promotion exams cover various banking related topics like Banking Regulation Act, RBI Act, RBI guidelines/regulations in regard to governing banking, loans and advances, Banking Laws and Practices, Bank specific schemes and products, Foreign Exchange, Risk Management, Digital Banking etc.

Upto some extent the pattern of questions and type of questions for the Bank Promotions Exams remain same for all scales be it Scale- 0 to Scale I, Scale I to II, Scale II to III, Scale III to IV or Scale IV to V, but the degree of difficulty level vary for different scales.

Considering the vast syllabus of BANK PROMOTION EXAMS, before you go to write the final exam, mock test comes in as a very important tool to measure your preparedness. And our free mock test for the Bank Promotion Exams (for all the Scales- 0 to V) helps you in assessing your level of preparedness for the final exam.



  • Tests helps you in analysing your preparation level.
  • Identify strong and weak topics by practicing the sample papers.
  • Attempting free mock tests helps you in management of time for the final exams through which you can raise your speed & accuracy level.
  • You get to understand the scope and style of questions that the institute asks.
  • Revision is the key to success. These mock tests take you through the important matters conveniently.
  • Practicing with tests helps you in increasing your confidence.


So, we recommend you that you should test yourself with the Mock Tests that are available FREE OF COST on our website. They will help you understand the pattern of questions and the type of questions being asked in the bank promotion exam. Furthermore, the mock test will help you in knowing the areas, which you need to work on.

Mock tests for Bank Promotion Exams are also helpful in making you comfortable with the computer based objective tests so that you already have hands-on experience before you attempt the final Exam.

IMPORTANT:- Click here for Free Mock tests

You can also check out our STUDY MATERIAL available especially for the Bank Promotion Exams for all the scales (clerical to scale-4). We, at Learning Sessions offer the BEST Material for preparation of these exams that won’t require you to devote any extra time over & above the provided course. You will have all the latest material as per the syllabus prescribed.

Our Study Material will include:

  • Latest FULL VIDEO COURSE (covering General Banking, Legal Banking, forex and Accounting)
  • Previous Year Questions MOCK TESTS
  • One Liners (for quick revision)
  • Bank Promotion Awareness Capsule (pdf)
    • Latest Finance updates
    • Latest Rates
    • Latest Policies
    • Last 2 months financial updates
  • Compete Tests
  • Memory Recalled Questions
  • Epdf notes (accessible through our android app)

This course is in Hinglish (mix of Hindi & English) language that makes it easy to grasp the concepts!


The experience of our BANK PROMOTION EXAM FACULTY, Mr. Ashish Jain (CAIIB, delivered 900+ hours of online classes & having taught a 1.25 lacs of candidates) makes him expert in delivering the conceptual clarity with ease making it worth your time.


You can even purchase JAIIB & CAIIB mock tests for only Rs.1/-

To know how- click on the link -> JAIIB MOCK TEST SERIES 2022 @Rs. 1/- ONLY

To know how- click on the link -> CAIIB MOCK TEST SERIES 2022 @Rs. 1/- ONLY


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  2. Mock tests are so much important for the preparation of exams and i got some free mock test here related to bank promotion.


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