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The practice of recruiting, hiring, assigning, and managing personnel is known as human resource management (HRM). Frequently, HRM is referred to as just “human resources” (HR). The HR department of a business or organisation is often in charge of developing, implementing, and monitoring the firm’s policies regarding employees and their interaction with them.


We at provide the best case-studies out there in human resource management for CAIIB NOV/DEC Exams 2022. In this article, we are going to provide you with two types of case studies- long and short types. Prepare from our study material and crack the exam with the highest scores.

Let’s examine case studies of human resource management that have solutions. Human Resource Management (HRM), Personnel Management, PAAP, and other related areas all benefit greatly from the use of HRM case studies in management education.

When you apply the concepts through case studies, it helps to paint a clear picture of what they mean. Here, we’ve included a few succinct, practical, and fascinating real-world HRM case studies. This will enable you to think more critically than just theoretically and will enable you to use the ideas in practical contexts.

These HRM case studies with solutions, questions, and answers are brief and straightforward.

In addition, we are offering cost-free solutions. Your comments on these HRM case studies are always welcome.




Franklin and Harsha are both postgraduates in management from the same B-School, but they studied in separate management streams. As employees of the same company, Hy-tech technology solutions, they have been close friends since their undergraduate days, and their connection has carried over into the workplace. Franklin was assigned to the finance department as a prominent finance executive, and Harsha was placed in the HR department as an employment counselor. Both students are at the same grade level as far as grades go, but Franklin holds greater responsibility because he works in core finance.

Harsha is amiable and eager to assist those in need by nature. Franklin has a quiet demeanor and is always a little egotistical, yet he is willing to assist if asked. They successfully finished their four years with the company.

When Mr. Mehta, General Manager of Hy-Tech Technology Solutions, opened a letter from Franklin concerning his resignation one morning, he was astonished. Given that Harsha is close to Franklin, Mr. Mehta called her right away to discuss the situation. After learning the news, Harsha expressed shock and said she had no idea. She also shared her most recent interaction with him.

After some introductory conversation, Mr. Metha brought Franklin to the canteen in the afternoon to help him feel at ease.

Ques: The problem with Franklin is:

  1. When he enters the canteen alone, the people from other groups don’t even know him, but if Harsha accompanies him, the group members treat him warmly.
  2. When they first arrived in the building together, the gate security wanted them, but the next day, when he arrived by himself, the same security did not.
  3. Harsha’s points will be more valuable even in meetings held in the office; therefore, frequently, he chooses to remain mute.

Ans: 1


  • Since Franklin is a quiet introvert man, it’s difficult for him to open up to new people as compared to Harsha, who is more of an extrovert person. This made Franklin question his self-esteem, and his confidence lowered. If the group of people treated him the same way as they treated Harsha and him together, it would become easier for him to adjust.
  • There is also Franklin’s fault in all this. He could have tried more before giving his resignation letter. It depends on how he settles in his workplace and not gets bothered by small trivial things like these. He is a little self-centered, which generally leads to friction between him and Harsha.


  • Franklin apologized for his behavior after hearing Mr. Mehta out and indicated that he was prepared to revoke his resignation. He then dialed Harsha’s number and chatted to her like before.

Ques) Find the justification that Mr. Mehta would have offered Franklin:

  1. Mr. Mehta told Franklin that he needs to not think about all these trivial things and focus more on his work as he holds a more important position than Harsha.
  2. Mr. Mehta asked him to interact more with staff so that it becomes easier for him to adjust to the workplace.
  3. Mr. Mehta didn’t bother giving any justification to Franklin.

Ans: 2


  • After hearing this scenario, Mr. Mehta was able to comprehend the problem and identify the cause of the employees’ inconsistent treatment of Franklin and Harsha.
  • Franklin examined each of the parallels between Harsha and himself. He added that he is responsible for more than Harsha is. The employment profile of Harsha is one item Franklin failed to observe or examine. While it is true that Franklin has more responsibilities than Harsha does, Harsha garners the respect of the staff when it comes to face-to-face interactions. As a counselor in HR, Harsha interacts daily with the workers. She forged strong relationships with the staff because of her outgoing personality.


After hiring XYZ Ltd, one of the top IT Companies, as a consultant for a significant technology upgrade in the Bank, the top management of ABC. Bank was ecstatic. Their enthusiasm was short-lived, however, as the project stalled and the advisors failed to produce the expected outcomes even after several months. In fact, the consultants believed that the project might never be implemented successfully because they appeared to be encountering resistance from personnel at various levels. All ranks of staff appeared hesitant to cooperate. Their concern at the dissolution of roles was apparent.

Ques) What does the term “role erosion” mean here?

    1. The worker worries that he will be fired.
    2. Fear of having less authority and responsibility.
    3. Concern that he will no longer be a necessity.
    4. a & b

Ans – 4

Ques) In this instance, the crucial concern is:

    1. Individuals’ attitudes.
    2. Personnel education.
    3. Group actions are brought on by apprehension.
    4. All of the above.

Ans – 3

Ques) How might this circumstance have been handled more skillfully?

    1. By releasing project information and a timeline that includes penalties for delays.
    2. By enlisting the assistance of HR experts to serve as coordinators.
    3. By incorporating the managers before the Consultants arrived and acknowledging that every change is accompanied by a variety of emotions.
    4. b & c.

Ans – 4




An American MNC is a client of PeopleStrong and has five locations where there is a high staff turnover rate. The business people planned to implement analytics to assess the primary causes of attrition and perform predictions for their occurrence at various business locations.

Ques) What can be done here?

  1. They access all the options randomly.
  2. They don’t care about analysis and just blindly choose to continue with their work.
  3. They use a proper analytical tool to access the cause and work towards making a plan of action for it.

Ans: 3


  • A workforce analytics tool that is Integrated was developed and put into use. This technology could record attrition results and their causes and perform trend-based forecasting.
  • Consequently, 500 of the 5000 employees were expected to resign in the upcoming six months, according to the forecasting report. In addition to improving people methods, stronger staff retention plans were created that included incentives and rewards. 250 people still departed; however, the actual number was 50% lower than expected.

The case studies mentioned above demonstrate the growing trend of integrating analytics into corporate management’s HR function. Additionally, the recruitment and retention procedures can be observed to benefit from this.


Our text or resource used as CAIIB study material nov 2022 should provide a conceptual understanding of the subject. Our main objective is to provide the CAIIB study material nov 2022  in terms that are easy to understand, making it easier for the candidates to recall what they have read or watched.

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