MSME Registration Process Updates 2022 | IIBF MSME 2022 EXAM

MSME Registration Process Updates 2022 | IIBF MSME 2022 EXAM

It is important that the updates in regard with the IIBF syllabus & the topics which fall under the applicable MSME 2022 Syllabus, are read & kept in mind to better score the IIBF MSME Exam 2022. In this post, we will provide you the updates that are applicable for the paper of IIBF MSME 2022. Then we will share you how you can clear your IIBF MSME upcoming NOV / DEC 2022 Attempt. To clear any exam one need to have the right material & right strategy to pass their NOV 2022 Exams!

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MSME Registration Process

Before we begin with the updates, maybe you should get through the meaning of MSME or its definition to better understand the applicable updates for MSME 2022 Exams.


MSME refers to Micro, Small & Medium enterprises. It is a scheme of government that mainly targets providing benefits to medium and small-scale entrepreneurs in order to boost their businesses . It was introduced by the Government of India in agreement with the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act of 2006.

The following is the current revised MSME classification, where the investment and annual turnover are to be considered for deciding an MSME.


Investment  < Rs 1 crore < Rs 10 crore < Rs 50 crore
Annual turnover < Rs 5 crore < Rs 50 crore < Rs 250 crore



Any company that comes under the category of MSME needs to ensure they are registered under the MSME category.  This registration requires a few documents, personal details, details about the individual and so on.

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The following documents are required for the MSME registration process –

  • Aadhar number of the applicant
  • Name, gender, PAN number, email id, and mobile number of the applicant.
  • PAN, location, and address of the organization.
  • The number of employees and the date, you are planning to start your business.
  • Bank account number and IFSC code
  • The basic business activity of the enterprise
  • NIC 2 digit code
  • Investment in plant and machinery/equipment
  • MoA and AoA
  • Copies of Sales Bill and Purchase Bill

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MSME registration is to be done in the government portal of The registration of MSMEs can be done under the following two categories in the portal –

  1. For New Entrepreneurs who are not Registered yet as MSME or those with EM-II and
  2. For those having registration as UAM and For those already having registration as UAM through Assisted filing.

However, it was announced by the government of India on 15 June, 2021 that the process of registration for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has been eased by the Centre  to foster entrepreneurship and generate large employment opportunities in the country.


As per the relaxed norms, Only Pan card and Aadhaar number will be required for MSME registration. These enterprises are no longer required to furnish large number of documents to get themselves registered as MSME. After getting registered, the MSME unit will be getting priority and finance


Although getting MSME registration is not mandatory but it is always suggested to small and medium enterprises to get it done as it provides a variety of benefits such as better MSME loan structure, subsidise rates, government help and a lot more.


As per the latest ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) -CRISIL joint study says that the sector is expected to achieve mid-teen growth in fiscal 2022 as the economic activities pick up.

MSME is also considered to be the engine of economies around the world & the Indian MSME segment is estimated to have 6.3 crore units generating employment for 11.10 crore people. MSME sector also accounts for 27% of GDP & is very crucial for functioning of the economy i.e. employment generation, exports, and lending opportunities.

SHARE IN EXPORTS: Share of MSME in exports accounts upto 50% since the past 5 years. As per the ASSOCHAM-CRISIL report exports-linked MSME sectors have been recovering and will continue to do so in the next fiscal year & will soon start to offer attractive opportunities for financiers with the recovery of global economy and adoption of China-plus-one strategy by large players to diversify their supply chains provides, which is basically a boost to export-linked MSMEs.



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