Risk Management Numerical On Foreign Exchange

What is Foreign Exchange?

Foreign Exchange or FX, is an investment market that majority of individuals can understand but handful can truly master. It is basically the transfer of one currency into another. It can be as easy as converting a few of your local currency into a foreign currency to make payments for travel or purchases made via the internet, however it is a highly liquid investment because millions and billions of the United States dollar amounts are traded around the clock on working days.

Even though it has been present for hundreds of years—basically since the creation of money—it continues to serve as the cornerstone of our investing decisions today. A profession in the financial markets and money markets also including investment banking, asset management or business transactions and sales requires an in-depth comprehension of the fundamentals of foreign exchange.

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Understanding Foreign Exchange Risk

A corporation runs the potential danger when it conducts monetary transactions or keeps financial records in an exchange rate other than that of its primary location.

The underlying currency’s growth or depreciation of the target currency’s appreciation or depreciation, or a combination of both can all result in foreign exchange risk.

What is Foreign Exchange Risk?

The danger of the economic effect brought on by variations in exchange rates is known as foreign exchange risk, sometimes referred to as exchange rate risk. The danger that a shift in the price of currency between countries will have an effect on an organisation’s profitability or its financial health is known as foreign exchange risk.

For exporters, importers, and companies that conduct operations in foreign markets, foreign exchange risk is a significant risk to take into account.

Example on the occurrence of foreign exchange risk in the market

For instance, a Canadian company that conducts operations in China and then declares its statements of operations in Canadian dollars is subject to foreign exchange risk since it generates monetary transactions in Chinese yuan.

In order to appear on the business’s books of accounts, all financial transactions, which have been obtained in Chinese yuan, need to be switched to Canadian dollars. The term “foreign exchange risk” refers to changes in the exchange rate between the Chinese yuan (a foreign currency) and the Canadian dollar (a local currency).

Types of Foreign Exchange Risks

The three types of foreign exchange risk include transaction risk, economic risk, and translation risk.

Transactional risk:

The threat that a business takes on while doing monetary transactions across borders is known as transaction risk. The currency exchange rate fluctuation that occurs prior to a transaction’s completion is the main danger.  Basically, risk involved in transactions is caused by the interval between a transaction and its settlement. Forward-looking agreements and swaps can be used to reduce transaction risk.

As an illustration, a Canadian business with operations in China wants to deposit CNY 600 in profit into its Canadian account. If the currency rate was 1 CAD for 6 CNY at the commencement of the purchase and it drops to 1 CAD for 7 CNY before settlement, the estimated receipt would be CAD100 (CNY600/6) rather than CAD86 (CNY600/7).

Economic risk:

The potential risk is that the valuation of an organisation will be affected by the inevitable vulnerability to foreign exchange rate swings is known as financial risk and is often referred to as forecast risk. Macroeconomic factors like international instability as well as governmental rules frequently result in this kind of risk.

For instance, local equipment importers could pose a financial risk to a Canadian equipment enterprise that sells locally, particularly if the Canadian dollar unexpectedly gains strength.

Ways to mitigate economic exposure:

Operational Strategies Currency Risk Mitigation
Diversify production facilities Risk-sharing agreement
End product markets Matching currency flows
Financing sources Currency swaps
Hedging Use many different currencies


Translation risk:

The risk posed by a firm with a local headquarters that conducts operation in a foreign country but reports the results of its operations in that nation’s currency is known as translation risk, also known as translation exposure. When a corporation keeps a larger percentage of its assets, liabilities, or stock in a currency that is not its own, the risk of conversion is increased.

Translation risk arises, for instance, when a parent firm that reports in Canadian dollars manages a Chinese subordinate and converts the latter’s economic performance, which is reported in Chinese yuan, into Canadian dollars.

Importance of Risk Management in Foreign Exchange

Because of the distinctive features and fluctuations of the currency exchange (FX) marketplace, risk management has become of the greatest significance.  In this field, risk management is essential for the following reasons:

  • Market instability: Due to a variety of political, monetary, and geographical variables, the market for foreign currencies is extremely unstable, with the value of currencies shifting regularly. Due to the quick fluctuations in currency prices, traders may be subjected to large losses if their risk management is inadequate.
  • 24/5 Market: The foreign exchange market is open twenty-four hours a day, five days a week, and presents constant possibilities for trading.  This also implies that global current affairs could have an immediate impact on currency exchange rates. Trading professionals can safeguard their wealth even when they are not actively following the market thanks to risk management.
  • Position Sizing: Risk management entails choosing the right amount of position size for every trade in consideration of the trader’s risk appetite and the unpredictable nature of the foreign exchange combination that is being traded.  Liabilities are kept inside reasonable bounds as a result.

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Reference to Foreign Exchange Risk Management

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