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Jaiib exam dates have already been announced by the IIBF. This is high time for preparing JAIIB. If you have also applied for JAIIB exam this session. Read this post till end.

In Jaiib Accounting paper is always a great concern for the candidates specially bankers from non-commerce background. But don’t panic, still there are bright chances that you can easily score good in accounting exam. You know, why most of candidates fail in AFB Exam?

Reason is here:

  1. You don’t spend sufficient time.
  2. No Accounting Concepts or Partial Concepts
  3. No timetable

Now we will understand how we can solve above mentioned issues to clear accounting paper in first attempt for sure.

JAIIB PDF Material

You must spend sufficient time on the subject to learn it thoroughly. We can understand that being a banker it is not possible at all to spend time on daily basis or in a routine. But you must understand that without spending only accounting and Finance for banking paper, you cannot learn all the concepts. but wait you can balance the concepts with the priority and proper time table. we mean to say that if you do not have sufficient to cover the whole syllabus you can cover two third of it but with proper concepts. and that is covered in point 2 and 3
Accounting Most Important Questions

Second reason That candidates feel in accounting paper is due to partial concept or no accounting concepts. Generally, candidates start studying just before a week and that too only by cramming the questions. I assure you that is not going to help you at all.

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So, what you need to do about this? Just make sure about topic you cover. You must be confident enough about it that you may be able to solve each and every question asked over it. And that you can easily do by going to our full flash video course. This video course covers and every topic in Hindi mix English language. Which makes it very much comfortable for the candidates to understand and learn the concepts.

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Third it is regarding the time table. Now you have got the study material that is a video study material with you. You just need to go through this videos and previous year questions to make sure that you can clear the accounting paper in one attempt. But wait there is one thing more important that is priority. You should spend more time on those topics which are being asked in the exams again and again each year. And don’t worry to help you regarding that.

That is the mantra you need to follow to crack accounting and Finance exam in the very first attempt for sure

Download JAIIB Videos Study Material in Hindi

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