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ppb mock test:- Jaiib Exam 2020 dates will be announced soon for May 2020 by iibf. It is high time for preparing for all 3 papers of jaiib. Around 100000+ candidates appear for JAIIB exam each year but only 40% of candidates are able to pass this certification for JAIIB.

Why you Should go for Videos & Mock Tests for Jaiib?

Jaiib books from various authors like Macmillan, NS Toor, etc are available in the market. But time is the main barrier for bankers for preparation. There are no shortcuts for preparing JAIIB exam. But our Hindi mix English Video sessions make it very easier for candidates to pass the exam in JAIIB in one attempt. Around 68000 candidates have already enrolled themselves with us. And up to December 2019, our pass percentage for JAIIB is 92.4%. So our result speaks itself the quality of the JAiib study material.

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Now taking a step ahead of the league, we are announcing free mega mock test for paper 1 of Jaiib i.e. Principles and Practices of Banking on February 16, 2020. This mock test will be available free of cost at our website. If you want to appear in this mock test register yourself for free below:

Hurry only 700 seats available for online test.

Register Below for Mega PPB Mock Test

Signup at https://iibf.info

Details of Online Test

  • 120 Jaiib Exam Pattern Questions
  • Detailed Solutions in Live Video at our youtube channel
  • Online Test
  • Flexible Timings
  • Jaiib Exam Planner
  • Top 10 Candidates will get an Extra 50% on all our courses for JAIIB
How to Apply for IIBF Membership, JAIIB CAIIB Exams Online

Watch JAIIB related Videos for learning Concepts:

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    Accounting & Finance for Banking

    Principles & Practices of Banking Module E Pdf

    Module E PPB ePDFs available in our android app. Get them all at https://iibf.info/app

    Accounting and Finance for Banking Module A Pdf

    Accounting and finance for bankers all ePDFs are available in our an app. Get them all at https://iibf.info/app

    Accounting and Finance for Banking Module A Pdf

    Accounting and finance for bankers all ePDFs are available in our an app. Get them all at https://iibf.info/app

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