IIBF conducts examinations for the Internal Promotion Exams on the member banks’ behalf. These exams range from scale to scale i.e. Scale-I to Scale II, Scale II to Scale III, Scale III to Scale IV and for the higher scales.

Banks issue notifications for the filling of vacancies at various levels from time to time along with all the details such as Cut-off, Eligibility, Relaxations, Syllabus, Application & Exam or Test dates. This comes as a golden opportunity to climb up the scales sooner rather than later. 

Important Topic:- BANK PROMOTION EXAM DATE 2023

Although the different Banks prescribe their own syllabus, still there remains common topics or syllabus part that remains the same for all the bank internal Exams. And the same can be read from the below:


The syllabus for Bank Promotion Exams at a glance covers the following topics:

  • Banking Related laws: These laws include Acts such as the Banking Regulation Act, of 1949, the RBI Act, of 1934 and the Negotiable Instrument Act, of 1881 etc.
  • Commercial laws such as the Indian Contract Act, of 1872.
  • RBI guidelines: Most commonly the syllabus includes various Reserve Bank of India guidelines or regulations in regard to governing banking, loans & advances etc.
  • Types of business organization: You will find yourself accustomed to the concepts of Proprietorship, Partnerships, HUF (Hindi Undivided Family), Companies etc while going through the syllabus.
  • Banking Laws and Practices: It basically outlines & explains these laws and regulations clearly and in detail.


  • Bank-specific schemes and products: Usually you will see your Banks specific schemes as well as products such as MSME Loan Products, Agriculture Loan Schemes, Retail Loan Schemes, & Deposit Products etc.
  • Foreign Exchange: You get to read about the Foreign Exchange, BCSBI- Banking Codes and Standards Board of India, Banking Ombudsman Scheme, Right to Information Act, 2005, Consumer Protection Act, FEMA, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA), and other guidelines that govern advances & restrictions thereon.
  • Other: Different types of accounts, types of debit or credit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, delegated powers for the sanction, etc.
  • Risk: You will get to know BASEL III, Risk Management, Small Finance Banks, Payment Banks, GST, Money Market Instruments, etc also.
  • Digital Banking: You will read Money Transfer Service Scheme, in short MTSS, MICR i.e. Magnetic ink character Recognition or IFSC- Indian Financial System Code or CTS, the latest monetary policy, and Exposure Norms.
  • Bank-Specific topics: The Banking syllabus will also focus on some bank-specific topics such as Customer compensation policy, Retail Schemes, Agriculture & MSME schemes, Deposit Products, powers for loaning, Information Technology & digital banking products.

You can check out more about the Banking Promotion Exam of various banks at the given link.

STUDY MATERIAL for Bank Promotion Exam: 

Learning Sessions has the Best and Latest Study Material for all the banks that are accessible from our website or application.

LEARNING SESSIONS has vast experience in providing courses for Banking Exams ranging from Clerical to Scale-I, Scale-I to Scale-II, Scale-II to Scale-III & Scale-III to Scale-IV. We have got the BEST Study Material there for you to clear the Exam on the first attempt!


The Course for the Bank Promotion Exam will contain:

  • Latest Full Video Course: It covers General Banking, Legal Banking, Accounting and Forex. It will be available in a mix of English & Hindi language making it easy to grasp the concepts.
  • Questions: They will also include Questions from the Previous Year’s Exams and Memory Recalled Questions
  • One-Liners: The course will include one-liners for quick revision.
  • Tests: It will also have tests such as Compete Tests & Mock Tests
  • Bank Promotion Awareness Capsule (pdf)
  • Latest Finance updates: It shall also include the Latest Rates, Latest Policies, and latest financial updates (2 months)
  • Epdf notes: Notes shall be accessible through our Android app

FACULTY: Mr Ashish Jain

Mr Ashish Jain is an ex-banker who has worked in the Credit Department for 7 years. He himself is a JAIIB, and CAIIB and has delivered 900+ hours of online classes. Having taught more than 1,25,000 candidates enables him to deliver lectures that ease the candidates understanding and provide conceptual clarity to them.

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