In this post, we are going to discuss all the newly applicable changes in the bfm syllabus of CAIIB from June 2023 onwards.


There has almost been a wave of change brought in the syllabus of flagship courses of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance this year, whether it’s JAIIB, DB&F, SOB or Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. These changes are meant to keep pace with the developments of the banking industry & make the study material more at par with the demand for industry skills.

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The first examination under the revised syllabus for CAIIB shall be held from June 2023 onwards. To date, IIBF will publish the exam dates & registration dates for them on its official website.

Thus, the examination held in December 2022 was the last examination under the old syllabus. 

Now under the revised syllabus, there are 4 compulsory subjects in CAIIB along with 1 elective paper. In this article, we will particularly talk about the Bank Financial Management paper under the New Syllabus of CAIIB for 2023 Exams.

Now, let us talk about the Exam Pattern & Passing Criteria of the Bank Financial Management Paper to be held in 2023.


Exam BFM June 2023 onwards
Syllabus Revised BFM Syllabus 2023
No. of Questions 100 MCQs of BFM
Numerical Questions Won’t be provided with multiple questions, will have to solve and type in the answers.
Duration of BFM Exam 2 hours
Maximum marks for BFM (each paper) 100 marks
Minimum Passing marks for BFM 50 marks


45 marks – subject to achieving a total of 250 points across all of your examinations in a single try.



It is a matter of great concern for the candidates of Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers 2022 who sat for the exams but passed only 1 or 2 exams with a minimum of 50 marks but did not get the aggregate to successfully clear the IIBF’s CAIIB. 

And in the event that they choose to keep the credits earned and do not register again for the Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers June 2023 Exams, those who passed all exams under the old syllabus with the exception of Bank Financial Management will need to pass those exams again in the future. 

The Syllabus applicable under Revised CAIIB Rules 2023:

Module Module Name
Module – A International Banking
Module – B Risk Management
Module – C Treasury Management
Module – D Balance Sheet Management


You can see that there has been no change in the syllabus of BFM under the new syllabus. So, you now have to clear the BFM & new subjects introduced as provided.

And to successfully get the certificate of CAIIB, candidates will be required to score the:

Minimum of 50 marks in each of the following papers (that they have not cleared):

Elective paper (need to choose any one of the below-mentioned)

This apparently means that if you have cleared some of the CAIIB papers in the 2021 or 2022 Exams, you will not be required to sit for the paper you cleared under New Syllabus 2023 as you have the credits for that. And your credits gained under CAIIB – present syllabus up & until 2022, can be retained upto:

  • Now you have a maximum of 5 attempts to complete and successfully pass the CAIIB Exam subject to the condition that these 5 attempts are to be considered from the date of your registration provided that you registered for CAIIB max by Dec 2021. 
  • Suppose:
    • You registered in CAIIB Dec (held in March 2022) 2021 – you have 2 more attempts (to be cleared in 1.5 years)
    • You registered in CAIIB in June 2022 – you have 3 more attempts (to be cleared in 2 years)
    • You registered in CAIIB Dec 2022 – you have 4 more attempts (to be cleared in 2.5 years)
    • June 2023 onwards Candidates doesn’t require to sit consecutively for CAIIB to retain their credits.
    • If you will not be able to clear the CAIIB Examination within the above stipulated period or attempts then you will have to re-enrol in the Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exams.
    • It is also to be noted that the credits of the BFM paper will be foregone under newly registered attempts.
  • Like previously, the attempts shall be counted whether or not the candidate has appeared for any attempt.

So, I wish you the best for the upcoming papers, whatever you choose to do. And I have good news irrespective of what you decide!

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