MSME Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

MSME Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

The importance of MSME finance has grown in recent times in the Banking Industry. This course on MSME is supposed to equip practising banking & finance professionals to have in-depth knowledge in the field of MSME finance.

While you prepare for IIBF MSME Certificate Course, going through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise’s previous year questions will help you immensely in the preparations! And Learning Sessions has prepared MSME PY Ques (pdf) so that you can easily get an overview of the topics covered under MSME.


MSME has one paper only i.e. Small & Medium enterprises in India.

As you might know that the dates for MSME 2021-2022 are out (check out the MSME EXAM schedule given in the table below), you must be looking for the content through which you can revise for your upcoming MSME Exams.


FOR MAY 2023 28th April 2023 To 7th May 2023 13th May 2023
FOR MAY 2023 15th May 2023 To 21st May 2023 27th May 2023
FOR JUNE 2023 29th May 2023 To 4th June 2023 10th June 2023
FOR JUNE 2023 12th June 2023 To 18th June 2023 24th June 2023


You can check the official registration dates of MSME EXAM 2021-2022 by hitting here.

As far as the revision for MSME 2021-2022 Exams is concerned, we would like to suggest that you go through the Previous Year’s MSME Exam Questions because that will not only give you an understanding of the difficulty level of MSME Questions but will also let you you know the Exam pattern & the marking criteria for the paper. 

Free solved papers for the MSME Exam will help you in cracking MSME 2023 and in evaluating your marks as you solve them.

In this article, you can find the link to download the Free pdf file of the MSME Previous Year Paper as well as links to MSME Mock Tests.


You can easily download the Free PDF files of MSMEs Question Papers of previous years from the given links:

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
MSME Free Previous Year Questions for 2021-2022 Pdf file


You should also take a look at the exam pattern of MSME that’s prescribed by IIBF:

Maximum Marks 100
Qualifying Marks 60
Duration of MSME 2 hours
Mode of MSME Online
Medium of MSME English
Negative Marking No



Here are some of the important questions that you also go through:

No. MCQs Answer
1 The National Board for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) meets once every ……………. month in a year.

  1. 6
  2. 2.3
  3. 3.2
  4. 4.9
2 If NPV > 0, it means:

  1. the investment will subtract value from the firm
  2. the investment will add value to the firm
  3. the investment will neither gain nor lose value for the firm
  4. None of the above
3 Which of the following name originates from the angels that funded USA theatrical productions and are not philanthropists but are interested in a substantial return on the investments?

  1. Hybrid Capital
  2. Venture Capital
  3. Debt financing
  4. Angel funds
4 Which of the following is or is not correct?

1. Karve Committee is related to the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises sector.

2. As per the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 the MSMEs are classified into 2 enterprises.

3. Small scale enterprise is one in which investment in Plant and Machinery is more than Rs. 25,00,000.00 but does not exceed Rs. 10,00,00,000.00

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3
5 Where the payment is to be made on the maturity date calculated on or after in terms of the credit known as?

  1. Confirmed
  2. Transferable
  3. Acceptance
  4. Revolving
6 Match the following considering the Central Public Sector Enterprises classification: 2
List -I List – II
1. Maharatna

2. Navratna

3. Miniratna

A. The company must have a ‘Miniratna Category – I’ status along with a Schedule ‘A’ listing.

B. A profit of Rs. 30,00,00,000.00 or more in one of the preceding 3 years.

C. Average annual turnover of more than Rs. 250,00,00,00,000.00

  1. 1(A), 2(C), 3(B)
  2. 1(C), 2(A), 3(B)
  3. 1(C), 2(B), 3(A)
  4. 1(B), 2(C), 3(A)
7 Banks should not insist on Collateral security in the case of loans up……………. to MSE units.

  1. Rs.5,00,000.00
  2. Rs.10,00,000.00
  3. Rs.15,00,000.00
  4. Rs.20,00,000.00
8 Which of the below schemes is Implemented through Coir Board?

  1. Marketing Assistance Scheme
  2. Guidelines of the Scheme for International Cooperation
  3. Rejuvenation, Modernization & Technology Upgradation of the Coir Industry
  4. Workshed Scheme for Khadi Artisans
9 Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP)?

a) NIP for FY 2020-25 is a first-of-its-kind, whole-of-government exercise to provide world-class infrastructure to citizens & improving their life quality.

b) To draw up the outline of the NIP, a High-Level Task Force was constituted under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance.

  1. an only
  2. b only
  3. Both a & b
  4. Neither a nor b
10 The term Quasi Equity refers to:

  1. Unsecured loans were taken from friends & relatives
  2. Unpaid part of share capital
  3. Capital Reserve
  4. All of the above
11 EDIs stand for ________

  1. Export Development Institute
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Institute
  3. Entrepreneurship Development of India
  4. Entrepreneurship Design Instruments
12 District-wise analysis of MSME in Telangana in recent years indicates that more than 2/5 of investment (i.e 40%) was made in

  1. RangaReddy district
  2. Medak district
  3. Mahbubnagar district
  4. Hyderabad district
13 Securitization means:

  1. Pooling of financial assets for forming a scrip for sale in a financial market
  2. Pooling of loans of a single borrower
  3. Converting loans to the capital of banks
  4. Arranging for repayment of dues
14 Which of the following step is not involved in launching a Cluster Development Project?

  1. Cluster Identification
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Cluster Creation 
  4. Formulation of final selection
15 What does the “RR” in the “RR-TUFS” scheme stand for?

  1. Revised & Renovated
  2. Re-organised & Restructured
  3. Revised & Restructured
  4. Revised & Re-organised
16 Helpline ‘Udyami’ is meant for:

  1. Industries having large capital 
  2. Female entrepreneurs
  3. Micro, small, & medium enterprises
  4. Farmers using technology in their farming
17 Which country has adopted major policy initiatives for MSMEs which comprise about 98% of all manufacturing establishments in the country?

  1. Denmark
  2. Canada
  3. Turkey
  4. United Kingdom
18 Which of the following is SIDBI providing its assistance in?

  1. Extension of financial support to NSIC & SSIDC
  2. Developing & upgrading the technology, particularly for projects that are based on wastes
  3. Developing small-scale industries (as ancillaries) into large-scale industries
  4. Procuring government orders for small-scale units/industries
19 In Loans, if the repayment period is 3 years and above then it is known as a?

  1. Demand Loan
  2. Overdraft
  3. Term Loan
  4. Cash Credit
20 SEFCs that are formed for Cluster financing are a joint collaboration of …………….

  1. Banks & MSMEs
  2. MSMEs & Pvt. Lenders
  3. SIDBI & Public Sector Banks
  4. SIDBI & MSMEs


Important Topic:- IIBF MSME QUESTION PDF – Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

And while you are preparing for the MSME EXAMS 2021-2022 you can also make use of the Mock Tests provided by Learning Sessions to further your preparations. 


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Download “MSME PY QUE PDF”

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