IIBF MSME RECOLLECTED QUESTIONS:- If you are preparing for the upcoming MSME Exam of IIBF this year or the next, you should not miss out on the memory recalled questions from the previous MSME Examinations. We are surely that these questions or topics will help you in your Upcoming Exam of MSME 2022 that are going to be held in this month. 

  1. Micro, Small & Medium Sector
  2. Classification of Priority sector (especially of foreign banks that have < 20 branches)
  3. One practical problem on how to calculate Net Working Capital
  4. Features of CLUSTER development 
  5. Full form of TIFAC & its meaning
  6. Where CODISSIA is located at?
  7. Mahila schemes that are implemented by the Small Industries Development Bank of India

Important Topic:- IIBF MSME MOCK TEST 2022

  1. Which assets are NOT included under plant & machinery?
  2. Meaning of HUF & LLP, questions on minor admissibility into HUF & LLP
  3. The common seal is compulsory for companies & Limited Liability Partnerships
  4. Definition of Sick units under MSME
  5. One Time Settlement (OTS) is implemented by which bank? (Individual banks)
  6. Under which sectors the overseas investors do the highest investment?
  7. Study report of recommendations of DIC 
  8. Where is Federation of MSME located? 
  9. ITCOT located in which state? 
  10. Where is MSME council located? 
  11. MSME as per constitution is which state or central or concurrent subject?


MSME: (Most important Topics Exam point of view)

  • Sick Industrial Unit: A SME is considered as Sick Unit when:

Its account remains sub-standard > 6 months; or 

There is erosion in its net worth (accumulated cash losses to the extent of 50% or more) of its net worth during the PY and the unit has been in commercial production for > or = 2 years

  • A small-scale unit (manufacturing) can be treated as micro unit if the original investment in its plant and machinery < Rs.25,00,000.00
  • Medium Enterprise: A unit in service enterprise is considered as medium if the investment in its equipment > Rs 2,00,00,000.00 but < Rs. 5,00,00,000.00
  • Medium enterprise: (manufacturing) A unit having the original investment in its plant & machinery > Rs 5,00,00,000.00 and < Rs 10,00,00,000.00
  • Small Service Enterprise is one whose investment in its equipment < Rs. 2,00,00,000.00 
  • Maximum loan that can be given to MSEs under-CGFTMSE scheme is Rs. 2,00,00,000.00
  • SME is one in which original investment in its plant & machinery is > Rs. 25,00,000.00 & < Rs. 5,00,00,000.00
  • As per RBI guidelines, banks are required to provide 40% of advance to:

Small enterprises (manufacturing units) original investment in (plant & machinery) < Rs. 10,00,000.00 & in the case of service enterprises (in equipment) < Rs 4,00,000.00 

Important Topic:- MSME Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

  • As per RBI guidelines, Loans to Agro and Food processing Units are eligible to be classified as Agriculture Ancillary Activity under Agricultural Finance Priority Per borrower Rs. 100,00,00,000.00
  • Bank limit MSEs (manufacturing) for working capital: It’s 20% of the projected sales turnover under turnover method
  • Banks should not get collateral security in respect of loans < 1,00,00,000.00 to MSEs covered by Credit Guarantee Scheme.
  • CGTMSE fee: Its 0.75% p.a. for North East & women whose loan < Rs 5 lakh; & 0.85% p.a. whose loan > Rs 5 lakh.
  • Composite loan limit for SMEs is Rs.1,00,00,000.00 
  • Small (service) enterprise, A unit whose original investment in its equipment < Rs. 2,00,00,000.00
  • CGTSME stands for Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises.
  • Security Waiver: A small enterprise (manufacturing) which has a good track record its requirement collateral security can be waived up to: 25,00,000.00
  • If a MSME units holds a margin of Rs. 20,00,000.00 & its projected sales > Rs.400,00,000.00, its working capital limit = Rs.80,00,000.00
  • In case of advance granted to MSEs, banks should not obtain collateral security up to Rs. 10,00,000.00
  • In case of loan guaranteed under CGTMSE, the extent of cover for loan upto Rs. 50,00,000.00 granted to women is 80% of amount that is in default.
  • In case of loan to MSEs that is guaranteed by CGTMSE, no collateral security is required for loans up to Rs 1,00,00,000.00

Important Topic:- IIBF MSME Short Notes Part 1 – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Khadi Village Industry: It is a part of MSE irrespective of any investment in P&M.
  • Maximum Guarantee coverage for loans that are guaranteed by CGTMSE is 85% of default amount (maximum of Rs 4,25,000.00) if loan < Rs 5,00,000.00
  • MSMEs falls under the Ministry of Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • SMERA stands for Small & Medium Enterprises Rating Agency in full.
  • Under CGFT scheme for MSEs, for loans up to Rs 50,00,000.00, coverage of 80% is not available for SC or ST
  • Risk mitigation is one of the Advantages of Cluster based finance to MSMEs.
  • Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs): Debt Recovery Tribunals have been established to facilitate the debt recovery process involving banks and other financial institutions with their customers. DRTs can take cases from banks for loans that are disputed > Rs 10,00,000.00 

Appeals can be made against the orders passed by DRTs before Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal (DRAT) 

At present, there are 39 DRTs and 5 DRATs functioning in whole of India. 

Important Topic:- IIBF MSME STUDY MATERIAL 2022

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