Q & A to CAIIB New Study Material 2022 | CAIIB EXAMS 2022

In this article, we will answer all your Q & A to the CAIIB New Study Material 2022 made available by Learning Sessions.

As the exams are not far from getting due, the bankers must be on their toes to get ready for their CAIIB 2022 Attempt. So, bankers must mark the exam dates – November 27, 2022 for Paper 1, December 4, 2022 for Paper 2 & last paper on December 10, 2022, bankers must mark their Calendar for the same. 

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Thousands of students had passed CAIIB in the last attempt that was in June 2022. The feedback & the reviews that we got from the candidates who had taken up our courses of CAIIB, whether it was full course (all paper of the exams) or the individual papers was positive.

Now, in today’s article, we will basically be answering the questions that we got asked by the new candidates who join Learning Sessions for the first time. As we receive hundreds of queries on daily basis in respect of exams, we came up with this article to answer all the daily & common questions.

Q & A to CAIIB New Study Material 2022

QUES- What are the main things available in the CAIIB Study Materials for DEC 2022 attempt?

ANS- The main material in the CAIIB Packs are:

  • Live Lectures
  • Recorded Classes
  • Mock Tests
  • Memory Recalled Questions
  • Epdfs

QUES- What are the optional paper classes available with you?

ANS- We have all the classes & other above-mentioned materials for the CAIIB exams:

  1. PAPER NO.1: Advanced Bank Management 
  2. PAPER NO.2: Bank Financial Management 
  • Rural Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Information Technology 
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Risk Management
  • Central Banking

QUES- What are the timings of CAIIB Live Classes?

ANS- Check out the timings of the Live Classes from below table:

1 Advanced Bank Management  Monday, July 11, 2022 6:30 AM 8:30 AM
2 Bank Financial Management  Monday, August 1, 2022 7:30 AM
3 Rural Banking Friday, August 5, 2022 7:30 PM 7:30 PM
5 Human Resources Management  Friday, August 5, 2022 6:30 PM 11:30 AM
8 Central Banking Thursday, August 25, 2022 6:30 AM 8:30 AM
6 Information Technology  Only Recordings of the Live Lectures already taken are available.
4 Retail Banking
7 Risk Management


QUES- I am unable to attend the Live CAIIB Classes December 2022. What should I do?

ANS- If you have missed the Live lectures, then no problem. You can catch up with the lectures with the recordings of them. Only premium members will have the access to them.


QUES- There are Live Classes & Recordings of Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. What should I watch first?

ANS- You can watch the Latest CAIIB Live classes first. The recordings are the revisionary classes in which concepts are revised.


QUES- What kind of packs are there for CAIIB 2022 Papers?

ANS- We have got the following packs:

No. Pack Link
1 Full Course: Videos + Mocks + Memory Recalled Que + epdfs You need to download/visit:

1) Android App: LS PRO 

2) Website:


2) iOS App: My Institute 

3) Website: Learning Center (Code: gegkt)

2 Questions packs: Mocks + Memory Recalled Que
3 Individual Video Course: Videos + Mocks + Memory Recalled Que + epdfs
4 Individual Questions packs: Mocks + Memory Recalled Que


QUES- Can I get the hard copy of CAIIB notes?

ANS- As all the material is available online, we don’t provide hard copies of our CAIIB online Course notes.


QUES- What is the validity of the packs available with you for the latest CAIIB Lectures?

ANS- You will have to visit the web portal or download the app. You are provided with the links below:


QUES- Who are the tutors of CAIIB Lectures?

ANS- We have the expert team of tutors. Here are their names & Qualifications:

No. Name Qualification Subject
1 Mr. Ashish Jain JAIIB & CAIIB CAIIB – 

1) Advanced Bank Management 

2) Bank Financial Management 

3) Rural Banking

4) Retail Banking

5) Human Resources Management 

6) Information Technology 

7) Risk Management

8) Central Banking

2 Ms. Sandhya M.Com  CAIIB – 

1) Advanced Bank Management 

2) Central Banking

3 Ms. Rupali Sharma MBA (HRM) CAIIB – Human Resource Management
4.  Ms. Jyoti Bala M. Com & B.Ed CAIIB – Rural Banking



QUES- What are Conceptual & Questions Videos of CAIIB 2022?

ANS- In Conceptual videos, lectures are prepared & delivered to provide the conceptual clarity through direct topics while in the Question Videos, concepts are cleared with the help of Questions instead.

  1. I don’t have laptop or computer, can still watch your course videos?
  2. Yes. We have the android & iOS apps. All the material can accessed via the mobile or tablets.

Here are the links:

1) Android App: LS PRO 


3) iOS App: My Institute (gegkt)

QUES- How many times are the CAIIB lectures allowed to view?

ANS- Unlimited. You can watch your lectures any no. of times upto the date of your validity.


QUES- I want to watch the videos offline. Can the lectures be downloaded?

ANS- Yes, the lectures can be viewed after downloading in the app.


QUES- Do your classes cover the whole syllabus?

ANS- Yes. The Videos are comprehensive & covers the whole syllabus as prescribed by IIBF for the respective exams.


QUES- What if I only watch Questions Videos?

ANS- Well, if your concepts are clear, you can easily revise your concepts with the Questions Videos.


QUES- Are the previous year questions are also included in the packs?

ANS- Yes. The CAIIB previous year Questions are included in the Questions Pack.


QUES- What are the different prices of the packs available with you?

ANS- As the prices depend on the content of packs, we have number of flexible packs. You will have to check for yourself for their prices. Or you can get in contact with our representative at call or on WhatsApp: 8360944207.


QUES- I have missed Live Classes that have already been conducted. How do I cover those up?

ANS- Don’t about the missed classes. The Live classes after getting conducted are especially listed in our courses for our premium members. You surely can find the Live recordings in the content section of the apps.


QUES- Do you provide the Exam strategies or guide the candidates how to begin with the studies?

ANS- Yes. Near to the exam dates, our expert faculty provide strategy to the candidates free of cost to help them in better preparation of their scheduled Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exams 2022.


QUES- I need help with your Study Material app/s. Whom do I contact?

ANS- If you need any kind of help in regard to app or study material, you can get in contact with our representative on WhatsApp: 8360944207 during the working hours (9:00 AM to 5:30 PM).


QUES- I have passed one or two papers of CAIIB already & need only classes of the remaining paper/s.

ANS- Then you can avail our individual pack for your remaining paper. We have flexibility in terms of the Full courses, Videos Pack & mocks Tests Pack.


QUES- Is your material sufficient to pass the IIBF CAIIB 2022 Exam?

ANS- Yes. Our materials are sufficient enough to help you clear any of the CAIIB paper in your very first attempt.


QUES- There are chapter-wise & mix CAIIB Mock Tests. Can you guide me how should I begin with them?

ANS- When you have gone through the chapter videos, then right after getting conceptual clarity, you can attempt the chapter-wise questions. And on completing the full chapters, you can attempt the mix Mocks from the whole syllabus.


QUES- How many times can I attempt the Mock Tests of Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers?

ANS- You can attempt the mock tests available with any of the pack upto 5 times.


QUES- Will my CAIIB pack still be accessible after the expiry date?

ANS- No. The pack will totally expire after the last date of your pack validity.


QUES- Can I take the printouts of E-pdfs?

ANS- As the all material is available online, the e-pdfs can be downloaded & viewed in the app only. The e-pdfs can’t be printout & we do not provide any hard copies of the same.


QUES- Can I access the Epdfs on website?

ANS- To access the epdfs, you need to download the our apps. The epdfs can only be accessed via the mobile apps. We have for both – android & iOS.


QUES- Which app is yours? LS Pro or IIBF Learning Center?

ANS- Both the apps belong to Learning Sessions. The LS Pro is our First & oldest app & is directly linked to our Study Material Portal of

While the IIBF Learning Center App (Android & iOS) is our latest app through the Class Plus platform. The users registered in these, can access their material on the website through their laptops or personal computers.


QUES- Will my pack be active on both the apps?

ANS- No, the users who have their active packs on LS Pro can’t access the same in IIBF Learning Center Apps & vica-versa. 

So, one can access the pack in the app from where they have bought their study material & its respective website.


QUES- Do you provide the updates for the CAIIB Exams Syllabus 2022?

ANS- Yes, we provide the applicable updates through our YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels. You can also join us at those platforms:


QUES- Will the syllabus applicable for 2022 attempt remain same for May 2023 attempt?

ANS- That will totally depend on the confirmation from IIBF. As the CAIIB Revised Syllabus has been introduced tentatively, the syllabus applicable for the 2022 May exams will be as notified by IIBF.


QUES- I have a query which is not listed above. Whom do I reach?

ANS- In case you have an query which is not listed above related to Study materials/video classes as well as offers on JAIIB, CAIIB, or other IIBF Certification Exams or Bank Promotion Exams, you can reach us on our WhatsApp No.: 8360944207

For daily free bank updates, join us:

We wish you best for your CAIIB 2022 Exams!

Team: Learning Sessions


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