RETAIL BANKING QUESTION PDF:- As the CAIIB 2023 Exams are just here, the papers are being conducted. (Full CAIIB Exam details) So, we here are bringing you some set of important questions that you should go through to revise the paper on Retail Banking of Certified Associates.

Go through the below given multiple-choice questions on retail banking for 2023 preparation:-

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No. Retail Banking – Questions Answer
1 Mr. Shiv had applied for a Home Loan of Rs. 10,00,000.00. The total cost estimated for which is Rs. 11,00,000.00. What is the maximum amount of loan that can be sanctioned to Mr. Shiv?

a. Rs. 8,25,000.00

b. Rs. 8,80,000.00

c. Rs. 10,00,000.00

d. Rs. 11,00,000.00

2 2nd HLs or Home improvement or Home Décor loans falls under what type of needs as per Moslow?

a. Social needs 

b. Esteem needs 

c. Safety or Security needs 

d. None of the above needs

3 Which types from the below-given risks to the customers as well as to banks also get carried by the Automated Teller Machines?

a. ATM is a double-edged sword that increases the possibility of fraudulent withdrawals

b. It gives negative publicity due to break downs

c. A cash-out situation which reflects in the banks’ efficiency

d. All of the above are risks related to ATMs

4 In what type of models’ the customer information is centralized & the functionality is provided across all products.

a. Horizontally organized model

b. Vertically organized model

c. Predominantly Horizontally organized model

d. Predominantly Vertically organized model

5 In a situation where you went to a restaurant & ordered a hamburger & the cashier asks you, “Sir, do you want fries with a hamburger?” In the given case, you are being _____.

a. cross selled

b. up selled

c. down selled

d. side selled

6 What is Customer loyalty?


a. Customers dealing with the same product 

b. Customers dealing with the same liability 

c. Customers dealing with the same asset 

d. Customers dealing with the same bank

7 Mr. Divansh took a Loan of Rs. 20,00,000.00 for purchasing a flat/house for self-occupation on 30/03/2000 & paid Rs. 90,000 towards Loan Interest during FY. 2007-08. Mr. Divansh had also taken a loan of Rs. 15,00,000.00 Lacs for purchasing another house on 30/03/2001 & paid Rs. 70,000 towards its loan Interest during FY. 2007-08. The maximum amount of Interest that he can claim as a deduction would be…

a. Rs. 1,60,000.00

b. Rs. 1,50,000.00

c. Rs. 90,000.00

d. Rs. 60,000.00

8 Which of the below given important human interventions are not available in the physical channels in Service Delivery?

a. Internal Customer – Branch Staff.

b. Specialized Market Personnel

c. Direct Selling Associates (DSAs)

d. Net Banking & Mobile Banking.

9 For a Saving Bank A/c, cheque book & ATM card is issued, collection of cheques is free of cost, cheques are collected at the doorstep of the customer; this is a 

a. Generic product 

b. Expected product 

c. Augmented product 

d. Potential Product

10 Through the use of Internet Banking, customers cannot avail which of the following the facility of the transactions?

a. Transactions of debits

b. Transactions of credits

c. Letter of Credit (LC) services

d. Funds Transfer

11 For repossession, the terms & conditions as per the recovery policy should contain which of the following provisions?

a. notice period before possession is taken

b. circumstances under which the period of notice can be waived

c. the procedure to take possession of the security

d. a provision in regard to the final chance to be given to the borrower to repay the loan before the property is sold or auctioned

12 The branch is the primary direct channel that runs the Retail Banking because of the following reason/(s):

a. It is the branch that tangibilizes the intelligible nature of banking service.

b. Branch personnel deal with the customer for their transactions.

c. Communication happens directly with the bank staff and customers of the bank to better understand the requirements of customers.

d. All the above reasons.

13 Which of the following is not a part of Direct MSE as per Priority sector lending?

a. Loans provided for (manufacturing) food & agro-processing, provided, they fulfill investment as per the P&M criteria.

b. Bank can Loan up to 5,00,00,000.00 to service units, provided, they fulfill investment in criteria of equipment.

c. All KVI sector loans fall under this category irrespective of area & loan amount

d. Loans to persons who are involved in assisting the decentralized sector in the inputs supply

14 Which of the below point is not a benefit or use of Mobile Banking?

a. Easy to use & most acceptable channel for delivery

b. It is a tool to attract the older generation as clients

c. It has lesser transaction costs when compared to other delivery channels

d. It provides cost-effective solution as compared to ATMs

15 Which of the following facilities of mobile banking is that Union Bank of India launched in “UMOBILE” with a tagline “Bank in Your Pocket” & is available it’s the customers?

a. Payment of Bills. 

b. Airline Ticketing.

c. Movie Ticketing.

d. All of the above.

16 Which of the following is not a result of shifting the customers from the branch to the ATM?

a. Reduction in operating cost for the bank

b. Improvement in operational efficiencies

c. Reduction in delivery cost

d. None of these

17 Which of the following is not a facility available for customers of Mobile Banking except __________?

a. Facility for doing banking from anywhere.

b. Option to pay the utility bills & Transfer the funds between accounts of the same bank as well as other banks.

c. Facilities of cash withdrawal from anywhere & anytime.

d. Enquiries related to Balance & facility for shopping and paying using mobile.

18 What are the priority sector targets for foreign banks as per extant guidelines now?

a. Foreign banks with 20 or > 20 branches inside India that are now at par with Indian banks i.e 40% target

b. Foreign banks have 32% targets irrespective of their branch numbers

c. Foreign banks with < 20 branches in India, have 32% PS target

d. a & c

19 Minimum Amount Due is (which is incorrect) the higher of the following:

a. 5% of the statement outstanding 

b. Rs.500/- in case of default, or if the statement balance < Rs.500/-, the entire outstanding amount is to be paid 

c. Sum T. of all installments billed, interest, fees, other charges, the amount that is over limit & 1% of the principal 

d. None of the above

20 What are the facilities available for mobile banking customers?

a. Facility of doing banking facility from anywhere

b. Transfer of funds b/w accounts – same bank as well as other banks

c. Option to pay utility bills etc.

d. All of the above




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