In this article, we will understand the concept of topologies from the CAIIB applicable IT Syllabus for NOV/DEC 2022 Exams. After passing the JAIIB exam, which is another flagship course offered by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, candidates can take the Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) exam (IIBF). The objective of the CAIIB is to help people make better decisions by offering advanced data in areas such as Treasury Management, Risk Management, Balance Sheet Management, Credit Management, International Banking, and Economic Analysis.

The CAIIB is one of the most demanding courses for bankers to pass. We promise that if you use our “CAIIB study material,” you will pass the CAIIB exam.

Every two years, the CAIIB exam is held. Before taking the CAIIB Exam, candidates must have completed the JAIIB.

An optional paper is included in the CAIIB Syllabus 2022. Aspirants must make their own decision and select an elective paper from the available possibilities. There are many elective papers that a candidate might choose from based on their interests. One of these Elective papers in Information Technology. 

In this article, we are going to cover everything there is regarding this elective exam. You can have access to all the notes for each module, free mock test, memory recalled questions, videos, and whatnot on our website

Before we move on with all the information about IT we would like to discuss the topic of topologies so that when you read it you would be able to grasp the topic much more easily.



The network’s topology describes how all of the components are connected to one another. Physical topology and logical topology are the two categories of topology.

Physical topology is the network’s nodes’ geometric representation.

There are about 6 types of topologies: 

  • Bus topology

All of the stations in the bus topology are linked together by a single cable known as the backbone cable.

Each node is either directly connected to the backbone cable or connected through a drop cable to the backbone cable.

A node uploads a message to the network whenever it wishes to send one. The message will reach every station in the network, whether or not it has been addressed.

In 802.3 (ethernet) and 802.4 standard networks, the bus topology is primarily employed.

Compared to other topologies, the configuration of a bus topology is a lot easier.

The backbone cable is referred to as a “single channel” through which all of the stations get the same message.

  • Ring topology

Similar to a bus topology, but having connected ends, is the ring topology.

The node will retransmit to the following node after receiving the message from the prior computer.

Data is unidirectional, meaning that it only flows in one direction.

An endless loop is a continuous flow of data in a single loop.

It has no terminated ends, meaning that every node is linked to every other node and lacks a point of termination.

In a ring topology, the flow of data is clockwise.

  • Star topology

Every node in a network that is configured in a star topology is linked to a central hub, switch, or computer.

The peripheral devices connected to the main computer are referred to as clients, while the server itself is known as a server.

The PCs are connected using RJ-45 or coaxial connections.

The main purpose of hubs or switches in a physical star architecture is as connection devices.

The most widely used topology for networks is star topology.

  • Tree topology

Bus topology and star topology traits are combined in tree topology.

A sort of structure known as a “tree topology” involves a hierarchical connection between each computer.

In a tree topology, the top node is referred to as the root node, and all subsequent nodes are its offspring.

For the data transmission between two nodes, only one path is available. A parent-child hierarchy is created as a result.

  • Mesh topology

Mesh technology is a network configuration in which machines are linked to one another by numerous redundant connections.

There are numerous ways to get from one computer to another.

It lacks the switch, hub, or any other central computer that serves as a hub for communication.

The mesh topology can be seen in the Internet.

In WAN systems where communication failures are a serious problem, mesh topology is primarily used.

Wireless networks are the principal application for mesh topology.

  • Hybrid topology

Hybrid topology is the fusion of several different topologies.

A hybrid topology connects several links and nodes in order to transport data.

Hybrid topology is defined as the combination of two or more distinct topologies; comparable topologies connected to one another do not produce hybrid topology. For instance, if ICICI Bank has a bus topology in one branch and a ring topology in another branch, connecting the two will provide a hybrid topology.



While you go through the previous year’s ar questions, also take a look at the abbreviation below concerning various modules of the CAIIB IT Exam!

MICR i.e. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

FMI i.e. Financial Market Infrastructure

CTS i.e. Cheque Truncation System

NEFT i.e. National Electronic Fund Transfer

ICS i.e. Image-Based Clearing System

EMV i.e. Europay MasterCard Visa

ACS i.e. Automated Clearing System

DNS i.e. Designated Net Settlement System

DVP i.e. Delivery vs Payments

OCR i.e. Optical Character Recognition

UPI i.e. Unified Payment Interface

PVP i.e. Payment Vs Payments

SSS i.e. Securities Settlement Systems

NG RTGS i.e. New Generation RTGS

CPSS IOS CO i.e. Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems and The International Organisation of Securities Commission

AICC i.e. Aviation Industry CBT Committee

BHIM i.e. Bharat Interface for Money

UPI i.e. Unified Payments for Interface

VPA i.e. Virtual Payments Address

EDI i.e. Electronic Data Interchange

ATM i.e. Automated Teller Machine

USSD i.e. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

RTGS i.e. Real Time Gross Settlement

SFMS i.e. Structured Financial Messaging System

CFMS i.e. Centralised Fund Management System

API i.e. Application Program Interface

NACH i.e. National Automated Clearing House

NUUP i.e. National Unified USSD platform



If you’re studying for the upcoming IIBF Information Technology Exam, don’t forget to look over the memory-recalled questions from prior Information Technology Exams. These questions or topics will undoubtedly assist you in passing the CAIIB IT 2022 Exam (09.07.2022).

What exactly is SQL?

What is the Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and what are the stages involved?

What do LAN, WAN, and ROUTER SWITCH mean?

iPhone-X uses which biometric?

Language and Database Case Study

What does the term “software” mean?

What exactly do you mean when you say routers, switches, or firewalls?

What is your definition of normalisation?

What exactly is a Honeypot?

What exactly do you mean when you say biometrics?

What exactly do you mean when you say disaster avoidance?

What are the potential network dangers and attacks?

How does a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) work?

What are the query commands in Structured Query Language?

What is the difference between DDL and DML (Data Manipulation Language)?

What are the differences between NEFT, RTGS, and FEDWIRE?

What exactly does the term”SLA Negotiation” mean?

What is data purging?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

What exactly do you mean when you say spamming, eavesdropping, and phishing?

What is IDEA encryption, and how does it work?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, and it stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.

What are your thoughts on Web SAFARI?

What is the definition of strategic information?

Fibre Optic cables have a variety of applications.

What is Bloom’s taxonomy’s theoretical framework?

What does OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) mean?


IIBF has been prepared by Leaning Sessions. CAIIB’s Information Technology Study Material is accessible in Hindi and English. The CAIIB- IT materials are available on our website as well as our Android app. The following are the contents of the CAIIB on Information Technology through Learning Sessions:

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  • Notes in ePDF CAIIB is a non-profit organisation that promotes the (accessible on app)


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We hope this article was of use to you.

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