CAIIB 2023 Previous year questions paper analysis

In this article, you will know about caiib previous year’s questions paper deep analysis. IIBF has announced the exam and registration dates for the CAIIB 2023 exam, we expect you to have begun the exam preparation already.

CAIIB 2023 had only 3 papers while now the pattern and syllabus have been revised along with the introduction of 2 new subjects to it which leaves the candidates a bit confused about whether the PYQs are needed to be analysed to get a better idea of question framing in the exam or not.

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We’ve already tried to resolve your aforementioned doubt through our article: PREVIOUS YEAR’S QUESTIONS OF JAIIB/CAIIB. Here you can check what exactly has been changed and what remains as it is.

Why caiib the previous year’s questions paper should be analysis?

  1. To learn more about the exam’s level of difficulty.
  2. Helps in building question-attempting strategy.
  3. Gets familiar with the layout of the paper.

ABM (Advanced business management)

The topics included are from both shifts. Most of the questions were based on Human resource management and numerical-based questions were found to be less frequent.

Topic area Questions being asked 
Future value of Money 4
Valuation of bonds 5
Curve: Supply & Demand 1
Supply: Money 3
Regression and correlation 4
Simulation 1
Gross domestic products 3

There were 5 marks Case studies questions based on:

  • Correlation 
  • Cash Credit
  • GDP
  • NPA
  • Bond price
  • Drawing price 
  • Ratio 
  • HRM
  • Sampling 
  • Valuation

Numerical questions based on:

  • Correlation and regression
  • Sinking fund
  • Present value annuity 
  • Fiscal deficit 
  • Estimation 
  • Average moving method 
  • Working capital 
  • Gini index
  • Modified duration
  • Present Value of Ordinary Annuity
  • Population Standard Error
  • LC
  • Turnover method 
  • Linear programming constraint 
  • CA & CL 
  • Twin deficit 
  • Present value of an annuity 
  • Fiscal and revenue deficit 
  • LS curve 
  • NPA & CC + Term loans 
  • Linear equation
  • Standard means of error
  • Gini coefficient 
  • Standard deviation


  • Vroom
  • Personality 
  • Equity 
  • Erick earth
  • ERG
  • Maslow


  1. Supply-demand 
  2. Letter of credit 
  3. Non-profit assets
  4. Current asset + Maximum permissible bank finance + Working capital + Tandon committee  
  5. National income
  6. Monetary and fiscal policy 
  7. FRBM act
  8. CRAR
  9. Capital conservation 
  10. Sarfaesi Act
  11. MCLR
  12. DRT
  13. Advance paid to the supplier 
  14. Infrastructure 
  15. Narrow money & Broad money 
  16. Bonds (Very Important)
  17. Sinking fund
  18. IBC
  19. MPBF
  20. Operating cycle
  21. Johari window
  22. DCCO
  23. Capital conservation
  24. Buffer
  25. Fiscal and revenue deficit 
  26. Seasonal trend

BFM (Business financial management)

  1. Numericals based on:
  • Pre and post shipment 
  • LCR & liquify ratio 
  • NPA provisioning  
  • NSFR formula 
  • Cooke ratio formula 
  • Mean calculation
  • Calculation of variance
  • RAPM 
  • EVA formulae 
  • LCR formulae 
  • Coverage ratio: Provisioning
  • Weekly variation 
  • RAPM
  • PCR
  • Bank’s balance sheet-based tier 1 and tier 2 numerical
  • Profit loss calculation in cancelling
  • NDS OM

Case studies

  • Basel principles
  • Foreign translation exposure  
  • Vertical and horizontal disallowance 
  • Standard variation, Weekly variation and Monthly variation
  • Mibor based
  • Corresponding banking
  • ICAAP 
  • Basel case study, components of T1 T2 
  • Forex case study, TT cancellation


  • Credit rating
  • Trading book 
  • Liquidity risk 
  • Concentration, interest risk rate, systemic risk and yield curve
  • Reserve profile, surplus reserve and loss account 
  • Treasury products 
  • Base
  • Cash, Tom, Spot, Forward
  • SMA
  • Embedded option risk 
  • Basis risk
  • RAPM
  • The capital charge for market risk
  • Objective of NSFR
  • Combination of spot and forward transactions 
  • ECGS
  • Credit risk: Dimensions
  • EVA formulae 
  • LCR formulae
  • Coverage ratio: Provisioning 
  • Altman score
  • Maculary duration 
  • Core capital
  • Swap Agreement 
  • Hqla
  • Treasury management 
  • Standardised approach 
  • Commercial real estate 
  • Forward contract

Exam Preparation-Related Tips

  • Maintain consistency

CAIIB demands conceptual clarity, the more you start early more your will be chances to crack the exam. For bankers, it’s hard to find time for studies but putting it on hold can prove to be injurious to your aspirations.

Our free live lecture might help you a bit when you don’t feel like reading books.

Why shall you choose our lectures?

  1. You will not have to put in strenuous efforts after being back from an exhaustive job.
  2. Selective topics have to be studied; you may not develop any understanding of this concept while our experience has made up capable of providing excellent delivery of exam-relevant study material.
  • Don’t ignore elective

Based on your interest and strength you can choose an elective subject but it needs your proper attention too.

  • Plan a strategy 

It’s important to have a plan and prepare accordingly in an organised way. With a plan, you can track your performance. You must be aware of your preparation level.

What do you need to include in your plan?

  1. Previous year questions analysis (Refer to our memory recalled questions)
  2. Syllabus coverage
  3. Selective study 
  4. Revision 
  5. Mock tests
  6. Revision
  • Attempt mock tests

Mock tests are necessary to understand the layout of the paper, they can help you develop the ability to identify 

The important topics can help you with a selective reading of topics and hence save you time.

Covering the syllabus will get you nothing since you could have been preparing all the wrong way, giving much time to unnecessary topics etc. 

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