Previous year’s questions analysis is vital for exam preparation since it reveals the blueprint, layout etc of the paper. Pattern for JAIIB/CAIIB has been revised which has made it hard to figure out how to analyse the previously conducted papers.

Here we’ll try to help you figure out whether it would be helpful to go through the PYQs, where can you access the PYQs and how to appropriately analyse the PYQs.

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The change in the syllabus of JAIIB/CAIIB has shuffled many subjects and topics, while much part remains the same even then some structural changes have been introduced.

We need to understand what has changed and what remains the same and then start to analyse the PYQs.

Let’s get started.

Changes introduced in the syllabus and pattern of the JAIIB/CAIIB 2023 exam

Exam JAIIB 2023 CAIIB 2023
Papers  Paper I: IE & IFS 

Paper II: PPB 

Paper III: AFM 

Paper IV: RBWM

Paper I: ABM

Paper II: BFM


Paper IV: BRBL


Subject Similar with What’s similar  What’s new in 2023
JAIIB 2023 Paper I: IE & IFS (Indian economy and Indian financial system)

(It’s a newly introduced subject)

CAIIB 2022 Paper I: ABM Module B (Economic concepts related to the banking) of IE & IFS and Module A (Economic analysis) of ABM  There aren’t any drastic changes in the remaining syllabus (Modules). Some of the chapters or topics are a bit similar to PPB and LRAB of JAIIB 2022. 
JAIIB 2022 Paper I: PPB Module D (Financial products & services) of IE & IFS and Module A (Indian financial system) of PPB 
JAIIB 2023 Paper II: PPB (Principles and practices of banking)

(Old subject)

JAIIB 2022 Paper II: AFB   Module A (General banking operations) of PPB a bit matches the Module D (Banking operations) of AFB. Indian financial system and Support services- Marketing of Banking services/Products (Module A & D of JAIIB 2022) are no more in the syllabus of PPB.

General banking operation (Module A) and Ethics in banks and financial institutions were introduced (Module D).

JAIIB 2023 Paper III: AFM (Accounting and financial management for bankers) 

Earlier known as AFB (Accounting and finance for bankers)

Module A (Business mathematics and finance) has been changed to Module C (financial management).

Module B (Principles of bookkeeping & accountancy) has been changed to Module A (accounting principles and processes).

Module C (Final accounts) has been changed to Module B (Financial statements and core banking system).

And Module D (Banking operations) has been replaced with a new Module (Taxation and fundamentals of costing)

JAIIB 2023 Paper IV: RBWM (Retail banking and wealth management)

(It’s a newly introduced subject)

It completely new subject introduced in the CAIIB, however, some chapters of this subject can be found to be in the CAIIB electives.
CAIIB 2023 Paper I: ABM

(Advanced business and financial management)

Statistics has been newly added as Module A replacing Economic analysis (isn’t in the syllabus of ABM anymore).

HRM in banks that used to be Module C has evolved to become Module B i.e, Human resource management.

Credit management which used to be Module D is now Module C.

Compliance in banks and corporate governance has been newly added as Module D.

CAIIB 2023 Paper II: BFM (Bank financial management) Almost similar to the 2022 BFM No major changes observed 
CAIIB 2023 Paper III: ABFM (Advanced business and financial management)

It used to be Financial management in 2022

CAIIB 2023 Paper IV: BRBL (Banking regulations and business laws)

Previously LRAB (Paper III of JAIIB 2023)

Almost similar to the 2022 BFM There isn’t any major change.


Analysis: Whether candidates shall go for the previous year questions or not?

Above we have tried to help you figure out what exactly has changed:

You must have observed from this that there are only structural changes and not core changes. So, candidates can choose to analyse the previous year question before starting the exam preparation.

Where to access the previous year’s questions?

Finding previous year question is a hard task since these are not available anywhere. But worry not because each year many learning sessions candidates appear for the JAIIB/CAIIB exams, Ashish Jain the founder himself has appeared for these exams and has managed to crack the exam on his first attempt.

Our well-qualified team is closely associated with the applicants and manages to retrieve the previous year’s questions and frame those in our test series.

The following test series are available for you:

  1. Memory recalled questions (Previous year questions)
  2. Chapter-wise mock tests 
  3. Full-length mock tests 

Why one should go for our test series rather than choosing to go for the previous year’s questions?

Primary reason

Even though we have clarified there are not any core changes in the exam even then, many topics & modules have been shuffled which can get the candidates perplexed and leave them with the cluttered piece of information they wanted to acquire.

Our test series is fully up to date and has arranged the questions post analysing the exam blueprints.

You can find the essence of exam-based questions in three of our packs be it memory-recalled questions, chapter-wise mock tests or full-length mock tests.

Cost and productivity friendly 

You are going to save much of your time, money and effort after buying our courses.

Apply code ‘EXAMS’ to get 82% OFF on our courses.

What will you find in the course?

  1. 250 + hours of full course videos.
  2. 500+ PYQs in the format of Mock tests.
  3. Updated syllabus
  4. Offline availability
  5. Valid for 6 months 
  6. Chapter wise Epdf
  7. 250+ videos
  8. Downloadable lectures
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  10. Accessible through androids/Windows/iOS
  11. Question videos
  12. Case study series 
  13. Crash course videos 

Looking for a free trial?

Go live from Monday to Saturday to efficiently cover the syllabus, that too free of cost.

Subject  Live streaming time Class Conduct (Layman’s language) Tutor Link to the playlist
JAIIB PPB 6:30 am Hindi  Sandhya Click Here
JAIIB PPB 9:30 pm English Ashish Click Here
JAIIB RBWM 7:30 am Hindi  Sandhya (Questions based) Click Here
JAIIB RBWM 7:30 pm English Jyoti Click Here
JAIIB IE & IFS  7:00 pm Hindi Kundan (Questions based) Click Here
JAIIB IE & IFS  9:30 pm English Ashish Click Here
CAIIB ABFM 5:45 pm Hindi Jyoti Click Here
CAIIB ABFM 8:00 pm English Neha Click Here
CAIIB IT & Digital 8:00 pm Hindi Kundan Click Here
CAIIB HRM Over (Playlist available) Hindi Rupali Click Here


Got any queries or need class alerts or need help?

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