CAIIB Rural Banking – Elective Paper | Syllabus and Study Material

Rural Banking is the first paper of the CAIIB Exam Elective subjects. IIBF will conduct the CAIIB elective subject exams on 27th July 2024 and 15th December 2024. Candidates need to choose only one elective subject out of five. This article will discuss the complete syllabus, exam dates and study material CAIIB Rural Banking paper. Don’t skip the article if you have selected the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper for the CAIIB exam 2024.

CAIIB-Rural-Banking-Elective paper syllabus Study Material

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CAIIB Rural Banking Elective Paper Study Material 2024


CAIIB Rural Banking Video Series

Our CAIIB Rural Banking video series consists of 28 videos of 20+ hours covering all the topics and concepts as per the latest syllabus by IIBF. The duration of videos is set considering the busy schedule of bankers so that they can learn much with small videos.

CAIIB Rural Banking PDFs

CAIIB Rural Banking PDF notes are important for revision purposes and can be assessed from anywhere. Our chapter-wise prepared PDF notes are prepared as per the latest syllabus 2024 and are well-organized, making it easier for candidates to go through different topics and find specific information quickly.

CAIIB Rural Banking Mock Tests

By practising CAIIB Rural Banking Mock Tests you can easily access your performance, weak and strong areas. These mock tests are prepared by experts according to the CAIIB 2024 syllabus.

CAIIB Rural Banking YouTube videos

We regularly upload videos on our YouTube channel. You can find enough videos of CAIIB Rural Banking and prepare the topics accordingly.


CAIIB Rural Banking Elective Paper Memory Recalled Questions


CAIIB Elective Paper- 1 Rural Banking Syllabus 2024


Module A


Demographic Features

Population; Literacy; Sixth Economic Census; Agriculture Census; Socio Economic Development Indicators; Health; Nutrition; Education; Rural-Urban Migration

Characteristics of Rural Society

Social Stratification; Local Institutions; National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR

Economic Features

Agriculture; Non-Farm Activities; Gross Domestic Product and Gross Value Added; Rural Money Markets – Formal and Informal Rural Money Markets; Rural Indebtedness; Rural Poverty; Different Methods of Measuring Poverty Line; Sustainable Development Goals


Infrastructure in India; Transport; Markets; Rural Electrification; Other Services

Agriculture Economy

Structure and Characteristics of Indian Agriculture; Role of Agriculture in Economic Development; Agriculture-Industry Linkage; Issues in Economic Development; Resources in Agriculture; Technical Change in Agriculture; Constraints in Agricultural Development; Emerging Issues in Agriculture; National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)

Rural Development Policies

Rural Development Schemes; Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Initiatives; Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission (SPMRM); Programs for Development of Backward Areas; Power Supply to Rural India Program; Development of Dryland Farming; Soil and Water Conservation; Rural Infrastructure Development Fund; Economic Reforms; Financial Sector Reforms; Impact of Reform in Rural Economy; Reforms after 1998-99

Issues Concerning Rural Areas

Components of Rural Development; Approaches to Rural Development since Independence; Sustainable Rural Development; Necessity for Rural Development; Measures for Development; Rural Development and Rural Management; Key Issues Concerning Rural Management; Marketing Management; Importance of Agricultural Prices


Module B




Regulation of Rural Financial Services

Overall Set Up of Rural Financial Institutions (RFIs); Function and Policies of RBI in Rural Banking; Role and Functions of NABARD; Lead Bank Scheme

Rural Credit Institutions

Cooperative Credit System; Regional Rural Banks; Commercial Banks and Rural Financing; Other Financial Institutions Catering to Rural Areas; Initiatives for Augmenting Credit Flow; Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Rural Banking; Rural Development Banking – Initiatives for Inclusive Growth; Rural Insurance and Micro Insurance; Micro Finance Institutions; Concept of Business Facilitators and Business Correspondents in Rural Banking.

Financing Agriculture and Allied Activities

Crop Loans – Production Credit; Features of Kisan Credit Card Scheme; Basic Features of NABARD Refinance Support to Cooperative Banks and RRBs for Crop Production activities; Bank’s Role in Provision of Relief in Areas Affected by Natural Calamities; Term-Loans for Agriculture and Allied Activities; Features of Major Sectors for which Opportunities are Available for Provision of term Credit by Banks; Advance against Gold Ornaments

Financing Rural Non-Farm Sector

Rural Non-Farm Sector – Facilitative Set Up, Importance, Structure and Growth, Strength and Issues Concerning the Sector; Promotion of Traditional Industries; Raw Material Supply – Arrangements; Marketing Assistance; Institutional Finance; Technology Development and Training

SME Finance

Definition of SME; Importance of the sector to the Indian Economy; Arrangements for provision of credit to the MSME sector; Appraisal of MSME loan proposals – techniques and Requirement assessment of Projects for term loans; SIDBI’s assistance to the MSME Sector and its development role; Policy prescriptions of RBI for the growth of MSME Sector; Initiatives taken by GOI for the development of MSME Sector; Problems faced by MSMEs; Delayed Payments to Micro and Small Enterprises under the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006; Performance and Credit Rating Scheme (PCRS); Framework for Revival and Rehabilitation of MSMEs

Concepts of Project, Aspects of Project Formulation & Appraisal & Model Bankable Projects

Aspects of Project Preparation; The Project Cycle; Minor Irrigation Schemes; Lift Irrigation; Financing Micro Irrigation Structures; Land Development Schemes; Farm Mechanization; Financing Plantation and Horticulture; Dairy Development Schemes; Poultry Farming; Sheep Breeding; Goat Rearing; Pisciculture; Bee Keeping; Financing Rural Godowns; Financing Sericulture; Financing Mushroom Cultivation.


Module C



INITIATIVES Priority Sector Lending

Evolution of Priority Sector Lending; Guidelines on Priority Sector Lending – Categories; Non-Achievement of Priority Sector Targets; Common Guidelines for Priority Sector Loans; Priority Sector Credit Achievement

Poverty Alleviation Programs

Poverty Assessment and Way Forward; Initiatives of the Government – Features of the Schemes Implemented for Poverty Reduction; Welfare Schemes

Rural Housing and Education Loans

Rural Housing An Introduction; Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Grameen); Education Loan

Initiatives of R.BI under Financial Inclusion & Financial Education Programs and implementation of various Poverty Reduction Programs

National Strategy for Financial Inclusion; National Strategy for Financial Education; Direct Benefit Transfer; Guidelines Issued by RBI under NRLM/NULM; Relief Measures by Banks in areas Affected by Natural Calamity-RBI Guidelines to Banks; Credit Facilities to SCs/STs; Credit Facilities to Minority Communities; Poverty Alleviation/Employment Generation Programs


Module D



Role of Banking – Emerging Trends in Rural Banking Characteristics of Rural Society

Present Scenario; Areas of Concern and Actions Pursued; Present Focus on Banking in Rural Areas; Inclusive Banking Activities

Role of Technology in Financial Inclusion and Rural Development

Transformational Role of Digital Technologies; Technology for Adoption of Improved Agricultural Practices; Scope for Using Digital Technology for Growth in Agriculture; Modern Management of Agriculture – Possible Technological Components; Benefits of Usage of Technology in Agriculture for the Society and the Nation; Common IOT Devices/Equipment in Agriculture for Agri-Solutions; Technology and Value Chain Operations; Progress of IOT in World Agriculture; Progress of IOT in Indian Agriculture; Other Initiatives for Development of Rural Areas; Financial Technology in Financial Inclusion Space

Financing Poor as Bankable Opportunities: Micro Credit and Self-Help Groups

Microcredit Delivery Models; SHG-Bank Linkage Program (SBLP) Approach; Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs); Role of NABARD as Microfinance Facilitator; SIDBI & Micro Credit; Initiatives by RBI and GOI


So, hopefully, now it will be easy for candidates to prepare for their CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper. Know the syllabus and exam pattern well, consider the best study material for the preparation, and be consistent. These are the fundamental requirements that the CAIIB exam expects from candidates.


CAIIB Rural Banking FAQs
Q1. From where I can register for the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper?

Registration for the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper can be done from the official website of IIBF.

Q2. How many modules are in the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper?

There are 4 modules in the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper-

Module A: Rural India

Module B: Financing Rural Development

Module C: Priority Sector Financing and Govt.

Module D: Problems And Prospects in Rural Banking

Q3. How many questions are in the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper?


Q4. What are the CAIIB Rural Banking elective paper exam dates in 2024?
  • 27th July 2024
  • 15th December 2024
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