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We always try to ensure that whoever comes looking for any material or content on any exam of IIBF receives the best & right material so that the preparation can be done well. Below is the Mock Test on Cyber Crime for you to solve. Solve the test sincerely and refrain to cheat. 

You can even download the pdf file of the below mock test from the link given at the last of this article.


Solve the given mock test of Cyber Crime within 15 Minutes & then, can check your answers from the answer key provided at the last of this article!!


1 Which of the following is an example of physical hacking?

a) Remote Unauthorised access

b) Inserting a USB loaded with malware into a system

c) DDoS i.e Distributed Denial of Service attack

d) None of the above hacks

2 What is defined as a set of software-based systems or hardware devices which controls the permission or denial of access to a network resource based on a set of rules framed for the said purpose?

a) Firewall

b) Authentication

c) Privilege Access

d) None of the above options

3 Which of the following is the hacker group?

a) They work anonymously & create tools for hacking & hacking the computers for non-criminal reasons and are even sometimes hired by companies wanting to test their security

b) They work mostly within the organization & might only be 20% of the threat, but they do produce 80% of the damage

c) They are responsible for highly targeted attacks that are carried out by extremely organized state-sponsored groups, having sound technical skills

d) They keep sending emails of offering trade discounts and some other offers

4 What is included in Data theft?

a. It means an unauthorized attempt to bypass the mechanisms of security of an information system or a network.

b. It is the use of information and communication technologies to support hostile behaviour

c. It is a form of fraud or use of the identity of another person 

d. It means to download or copy without the permission of the person who is in charge of the computer, or the extraction of any data, computer database or information from the computer.

5 What does Cyberstalking mean?

a) Cyber Pornography

b) Computer fraud

c) Computer virus

d) Harassing someone through an electronic medium

6 Which of the below options is used for deceiving or cheating a person with the help of a computer device or mobile & is punishable as per the IPC as well as under the I.T. Act, 2002?

a) Cyber cheating

b) Cyberwarfare

c) Cyber Terrorism

d) Cyber extortion

7 What are the special programs types that are used for recording & tracking users’ keystrokes?

a) Keylogger

b) Trojans

c) Virus

d) Worms

8 Which of the following is the practice is used for gathering sensitive information through the implementation of technology to spy on someone?

a) Digital Spying

b) Cyber-spy

c) Cyber espionage

d) Spyware

9 What of the following is an attempt to steal, damage, spy, or destroy computer systems or networks or their associated information?

a) Cyber terrorist

b) Digital hacking

c) Cyberattack

d) Cyber security

10 Which of the below options helps Phishing can be prevented?

a) One-time password (OTP)

b) Two-factor authentication

c) Both the above options

d) None of the above options

11 The concerted efforts of a person(s) to prevent a website or service from functioning efficiently is called what of the following?

a) Ransomware

b) Malware

c) Denial of service attack

d) Phishing

12 Which are the Special computer programmes that enable intruders to fool individuals into believing that traditional security is protecting them during banking transactions that happen online?

a) Ransomware

b) Malware

c) Whaling

d) Phishing

13 Which of the below is a scenario through which the information is accessed without an authorization?

a) Compromise of Information

b) Breach of Data 

c) Data copying

d) Hack of Data 

14 An attempt to access a network system using an employee’s credentials is done through what mode of ethical hacking?

a) Local Networking

b) Social Engineering

c) Physical Entry

d) Remote Networking

15 Which of the following network securities try to enter the system by cracking the password through repeated attempts that are often system driven?

a) Session hijacking

b) Trojan horse

c) Brute force attack

d) Rootkit

Important Topic:- Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management – SYLLABUS 

1 b 9 c
2 a 10 c
3 a 11 c
4 d 12 b
5 d 13 b
6 a 14 a
7 a 15 c
8 c



You can download the PDF file of the above given Mock Test on Cyber Crime by hitting here.

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All the very best for your Cyber Crime Exam!!!

May you do well in the upcoming exam?

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