In this article, we will talk about an essential topic of IT Concept- Case studies, some sample CAIIB IT MCQs to give you an idea about our CAIIB IT mock tests, along with the all the services that we provide in our CAIIB study material 2024

CAIIB exam 2024 is near, and bankers who want to appear in the exam must start preparing. So we are here to tell you that we provide CAIIB study material and CAIIB multiple-choice questions and IT mock tests. In this article, we will talk about the elective subject of the CAIIB exam 2024, i.e., Information technology. So we will focus on CAIIB IT mock tests, CAIIB IT concepts – case studies, and IT case study notes

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The IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) administers the CAIIB Exam (Chartered Associate of India Institute of Bankers), which is designed to give applicants a superior understanding of risk, financial, and general bank management that is important for better decision-making.


It is a two-times-per-year examination. The CAIIB Exam 2024 has specific qualifying requirements because it hires the brightest minds to work in the banking industry. The eligibility requirements for the CAIIB Exam 2024  are described below: 

  • The JAIIB test is ineligible for common applicants.
  • Only candidates who are currently employed in the banking and finance sector are eligible to take the JAIIB exam.
  • JAIIB eligibility is only met by candidates whose employers are Institute members.
  • Candidates who are interested in applying for the position must have earned a 10+2 diploma in any subject or an equivalent.
  • Depending on the institute’s decision, individuals may be permitted to sit for the JAIIB exam even if they failed their 12th-grade board exam. However, in this situation, candidates need the manager’s or bank officer-in-reference charges. 



Case studies are an integral part of Information technology paper. You need quick thinking and analytical skills to get to the answers to help you hone your skills. We present you some sample IT case studies. More of these case studies are available in our CAIIB study material 2024 for your practice. So we begin with our case studies: 


IT Case Study 1

A web server is a unique computer system that processes web pages using HTTP. The web page serves as a conduit for data transfer between computers. The client or user is where the web server’s functionality begins. The webserve r receives the request from the client through the web browser. This request is handled by the web server, which subsequently provides the completed data back to the client. All of the data for our web page is gathered by the server and sent to the user in the form of a web page, which we can view on our computer system. A domain name and IP address are crucial to the web server when the client sends a request for processing.

  1. Webserver needs ________ to send information back to the user?
    1. IP address
    2. Domain name
    3. Home address
    4. Both b and a

Ans. d


2. Computer requesting the other computers for resources or data is called as ____ computer

    1. Client
    2. Server
    3. None of the above
    4. a and b

Ans. a


3. Internet domain and host names are translated to IP addresses by ________

    1. Routing information protocol
    2. Google
    3. Domain name system
    4. Network time protocol

Ans. c


4. What is the format of IP address?

    1. 16 bit
    2. 32 bit
    3. 34 bit
    4. 64 bit

Ans. 2


IT Case study 2

A group of communication protocols known as TCP/IP, or Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, are used to connect network devices on the internet. In a private computer network, TCP/IP can also be used as a communications protocol (an intranet or an extranet).

TCP outlines how programmes can establish communication paths across a network. Additionally, it controls the process by which a message is divided into smaller packets before being broadcast across the internet and then reconfigured in the proper order at the destination address.

Each packet must be addressed and routed according to IP specifications in order to arrive at its intended location. To identify where to forward the message, each gateway computer in the network looks up this IP address. TCP/IP employs the client-server model of communication, in which one computer in the network (a server) offers a service (such as sending a webpage) to a user or machine (a client). The TCP/IP suite of protocols is categorised as stateless, which means that since each client request is independent of earlier ones, it is regarded as new. Being stateless liberates network paths, allowing for continuous use.


  1. Protocols implemented for upper layers in bluetooth use:
    1. L2CAP
    2. HSP
    3. ITC
    4. UDP

ans. a


2. Internet protocols are the most important set of rules which are used to govern:

    1. standard
    2. metropolita communication
    3. communication between computers on a common  network
    4. bandwidth

ans. c

3. Checksum is used by several protocols on internet but not at the _____

    1. sesson layer
    2. data link layer
    3. network layer
    4. transport layer

ans. b


4. Network layer is responsible for the creation of a packet from data coming from another ______

    1. protocol
    2. station
    3. link
    4. node

ans. a


IT Case study 3

Governments all around the world are taking attempts to integrate IT into all governmental activities in response to the internet’s explosive growth and digitization. This is how e-government is thought of. This will make government administration a quicker and more transparent process. Large costs are also reduced as a result.

Many social networking sites include the E-Group feature, which enables you to establish, post to, comment on, and read from their “own interest” and “niche-specific forums,” frequently over a virtual network. Users of social network services can establish, join, quit, and report groups in order to form a smaller network within a bigger network. “Owners, moderators, or managers” who can modify posts to “discussion threads” and “control member behaviour” within the group are in charge of maintaining “groups.”


  1. Which of the following is correct for E-Government:
    1. It can be defined as the “e-commerce technology application to government functions”
    2. It is the same as internet governance
    3. It can be defined as “increasing the participation in internet use by socially excluded groups”
    4. none of the above

Ans. a.


2. Privacy law is made with the aim  to protect the personal information of : 

    1. computer networks
    2. Employees
    3. Individuals in society
    4. students

Ans. b


3. What is the full form of TAN?

    1. Tax Deduction Account Number
    2. Tax Account Number
    3. Taxable Account Number
    4. Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number

Ans. d


4. E-group is collection of users who __________

    1. conduct seminars
    2. get together on weekends
    3. have regular video conferences
    4. have the ability to access and contribute in a significant proportion to forum topics

Ans. d


We have some Free IT multiple choice questions for you to solve, which would give you an idea of the CAIIB IT mock tests 2024 that are available for you to practice. Solving these questions would give you an insight into the level of the questions that are provided in the exam. So here are a few Information technology MCQs for you:


  1. Which of the following does not work on the principles of magnetization?
  1. Hard Disk Drive
  2. Floppy Disk Drive
  3. Magnetic Tape
  4. Pen Drive

Ans – d


2. A folder in a windows computer can’t be made with the name ……

  1. can
  2. con
  3. mak
  4. make

Ans – b


3. What is the abbreviation of IGP?

  1. Internet Gateway Protocol
  2. Interior Gateway Protocol
  3. Intranet Gateway Protocol
  4. International Gateway Protocol

Ans – b


4. The Simplest CPU scheduling algorithm is ……

  1. Multilevel Scheduling algorithm
  2. FCFS Scheduling algorithm
  3. SJF Scheduling algorithm

d.Round-robin scheduling algorithm

Ans – b


5. In these contexts, WordWord lets a letter of common contents be sent to 100 recipients. If address of 

individual recipient is to be added in each letter, and we will use ……

  1. Embedding
  2. Mail-Merge
  3. Letters Code
  4. Hyperlink

Ans – b



CAIIB exam 2024 is no doubt one of the most difficult exams to crack and you would need all the help you can get to clear the exam at your first attempt. You don’t have to worry about anything because we got your back with our carefully compiled CAIIB study material 2024 only for you.


We have video recorded lectures for you to study from with complementary notes in the form of epdfs which can be accessed on our apps. We have three apps for you to go through these notes, for Android users we have ‘IIBF LEARNING CENTER’ and ‘LEARNING SESSIONS PRO’; and for iOS users we have ‘ MY INSTITUTE APP.’


CAIIB study material involves notes of all the subjects which include ABM, BFM and electives These notes are very short and precise and it would help you save your time rather than wasting it by reading lengthy books on various subjects. 

We offer various services like :

  • Video lectures including all the subjects – ABM, BFM, and electives like information technology.
  • These recorded video lectures can also be downloaded offline.
  • 4000+ CAIIB IT MCQ for exams 2024 are available. 
  • Our staff has over 900+ hours of teaching experience. 
  • CAIIB syllabus 2023 has been incorporated in the short and easy notes that we have for you. 



We provide you with a lot of CAIIB it mock tests for 2024 Exams. These are compiled with questions with different difficulty levels so that you get to know how to tackle the easy as well as difficult questions. They also include memory recalled questions. You can solve these tests upto maximum of five times, and compare your results with your previous performance so that you can improve in a much better way. 

Hope this article will help you with your preparation.


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