In this article, we talk about the CAIIB exam Nov 2022, the CAIIB study material, and Key Performance Areas.

IIBF conducts various flagship courses, and the CAIIB exam is one of them. CAIIB exam is conducted twice a year. CAIIB exam Nov 2022 aims at providing better knowledge to help you make better decisions about risk management, treasury, information technology, retail banking, bank financial management, etc. CAIIB Exam 2022 consists of two mandatory papers- ABM and BFM and one elective paper, which can be chosen from the six subjects, and HRM is one of them.

CAIIB exam in November 2022 is approaching soon, and all the candidates who wish to appear in this exam should gear up and start preparing for the same. To assist you in your preparation for the CAIIB exam Nov 2022, we provide you with CAIIB HRM study material which includes CAIIB HRM online classes and CAIIB mock tests. This CAIIB study material 2022 has been discussed later in this article. 

In this article, we will talk about one of the most important topics of human resource management, which is key performance areas and CAIIB study material 2022.


The term “key performance areas,” or KPA, is another piece of jargon. KRAs and KPAs are frequently seen together and are used interchangeably. The two are distinct from one another, though. The KPA refers to the total range of tasks that each employee is accountable for completing. KPA might not be result-driven and might incorporate KRAs. 

KPAs are tasks and duties connected to a specific job role, but they might not be essential duties. For the overall effectiveness of the organisation, a particular department, or a particular team, the KPA functions are crucial. A KPA for a product manager might be to guarantee that a high-quality product is delivered on time.

Because these factors are arbitrary, measuring KPAs is more challenging. For instance, if having decent working circumstances is the intended outcome, achieving that objective depends on the unique viewpoints of many employees. When asked about working events, each worker will have a different opinion.

There are four kinds of key performance areas.

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  • It goes without saying that your executives care about generating revenue, achieving objectives, and gaining market share.
  • Make sure they can quickly access revenue projects instead of actual growth first. They might even want this data broken down by product, sector, or customer.
  • They’ll also want a quick grasp of your profit margins because the peaks and valleys there provide important clues about the general health of your company.
  • Perhaps you should include more financial metrics on your dashboard, such as expenses (how much money is spent)? These are important catalysts for innovation and long-term improvements within a corporation, together with stretch objectives.
  • Your bosses will likely also be interested in certain more specifics, such as profit per customer, growth rate, and customer retention rate.


Everything your consumers experience and believe to be valuable is influenced by their satisfaction, from the volume of customer support calls you to get to the market recommendations for your products.

Additionally, it will cost you five times less to keep your current clients satisfied with your goods. Your chances of upselling and converting them into brand ambassadors will increase if you concentrate your marketing and sales efforts on customer retention—and, by extension, on customer pleasure.


First of all, are you even known by the people in the market who matter to you? In other words, how well-known is your brand today?

Every marketer aims to establish their brand as the most prominent one in their industry. There are many ways to build your brand’s recognition, including using social media, working with influential people and thought leaders in your field, attending events, participating in webinars and podcasts, and launching PR campaigns to announce new funding rounds and new products, new partnerships, etc.


You must monitor the status of your projects to ensure that no crucial tasks are delayed for an extended period. It is necessary to have a consolidated report that clearly outlines everyone’s progress when managing local or even remote teams.

The following 5 team productivity KPIs:

  • rate of completion of tasks per employee
  • Average time to complete a task
  • Time to market measures the distance between the day you had the initial concept and the debut date of your product.
  • The number of inventions or ideas that your staff members have proposed
  • Employee satisfaction rate: internal surveys can provide you with this information.



CAIIB study material 2022 has been tailor-made according to your needs. The key features of CAIIB study material nov 2022 are: 

  • The study material is structured by keeping in mind the latest CAIIB syllabus 2022.
  • CAIIB HRM full video course is available with all the concepts covered so that you can easily understand it.
  • These recorded videos can be easily downloaded and accessed offline at your convenience.
  • Chapter-wise, questions are listed for you to solve.
  • We also have memory recalled questions.
  • We also have short and easy notes for you to revise the topics at one glance in the form of epdfs.
  • These notes can be accessed on our apps. We have three apps in total. Two for Android users- ‘IIBF LEARNING CENTER‘ and ‘ LEARNING SESSIONS PRO’ and one for iOS users- ‘MY INSTITUTE APP.’
  • Video courses can be accessed on our apps as well as our website, which is
  • The playback speed of the videos can be changed according to your needs up to 2X.
  • We also have various CAIIB HRM mock tests for you to solve.

To access the Study mentioned above Materials, you would need the following:

  • Internet Connection
  • Mobile (Android or iOS) or PC or Laptop
  • Pen & Copy for numerical (Video Courses)


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