BCSBI Previous Year Memory Recalled Questions

BCSBI Previous Year Memory Recalled Questions

1. Customer is defined in

a. RBI Act b. NI Act c. BR Act d. KYC Policy

2. Partnership firms M/s ABC and M/s CBA has same three partners. Account of M/s ABC is overdrawn by Rs. 75,000 and the other firm’s account has Rs. 90,000 as credit balance. Can bank use the right of set off? (2 marks)


a. Can use as same partners b. Cannot set off as two different firms
Don’t remember the other options

3. In which of these circumstances bank should not disclose customer details?

a. Request under Banker’s Books Evidence Act 1891
b. Under Section 133 of Income Tax Act
c. When asked by State /Central Govt official
d. In public interest

4. A non-customer deposits Rs. 3000 to be credited to the account of Mr. Z in another station by NEFT. He had wrongly mentioned the account number and the amount is now in Bank’s suspense Account. What is the relationship between bank and Z?

a. Debtor-Creditor
b. Trustee etc

5. A document duly stamped and given by a customer authorising another person to act on his behalf

a. Power of attorney
b. Mandate

6. Incorrect statement about HUF

a. Lady member can perform the role of Karta
b. Karta and coparceners may possess self-acquired properties other than HUF property and these can be attached for HUF dues
c. On death of a coparcener, his share may be handed over to his wife, daughters and other female relatives

7. Two of three trustees approach bank to open an account and allow the two of them to operate as the third trustee is abroad. As per trust deed, trust is to be jointly operated by three of them

a. Get power of attorney from third trustee
b. Account cannot be opened since trust deed mandates operation by three trustees.

8. Borrowing powers of the Board of Directors in a company are mentioned in which document?

a. Articles of Association
b. Memorandum of association
c. Certificate of Incorporation
d. Board resolution

9. In case of fixed deposit, interest can be charged as

a. Daily basis on customer request
b. Applied monthly or bimonthly as required provided that compounded amount does not exceed the amount to be paid quarterly
c. Any periodicity requested by customer
d. Only at the end of maturity

10. FCNR accounts can be opened in —————- and for a period of ——–

a. Any freely convertible currency with period of 5 years
b. Any freely convertible currency with period of 3 years

11. Full form of DICGC


12. Amount eligible to be transferred to DEAF

a. Any amount unclaimed in deposit account for a period of 10 years or more
b. Any amount remaining unclaimed in any account for a period of 10 years
c. Both a and b
d. Any amount unclaimed for a period of two years or more

13. In order to meet implied needs of a customer, ————- is required from banker

a. Creativity and presence of mind

14. Good delivery constitutes which all elements ?

a. Speed, timeliness , accuracy, courtesy and concern

15. Transaction cap of mobile banking for purchase of goods and services

a. As per each bank’s rule

16. Mobile banking can be provided through

a. Mobile banking App
c. SIM Kit
d. SMS service

17. An asset can be classified as NPA when

a. Interest or Principal is overdue for 90 days or more
b. When CC Account is out of order for 180 days
c. When bill of exchange not honoured for 120 days etc

18. Maximum amount that can be granted under Skill Loan Scheme?

1.5 lakhs

19. In order to set up extension counter in a hospital in a Tier I city, bank needs to take approval from

a. RBI
b. No permission required
c. Ministry of Finance etc

20. Demat account can be used to hold

a. Shares
b. Mutual funds
c. Debentures
d. All of these

21. Demat account cannot be use to hold

a. Deposit to be handed over to broker
b. Exchange traded funds
c. Mutual funds etc

22. Other negotiable instruments

a. Interest warrant
b. Bankers draft etc

23. Which section of NI Act says that Bank should honour customer’s cheques?

a. Section 31

24. Not a characteristic of negotiable instruments.

a. in writing
b. date of payment must be certain
c. Transferrable
d. Duly stamped

25. Which one of the following is not a structural difference between marketing of goods and services?

a. Intangibility
b. inseparability
c. Homogeneity
d. perishability

26. Marketing Mix does not contain

a. Product
b. Price
c. Place and promotion
d. Image of the organisation

27. Which one of the following are not permitted to carry out regular transactions for customers?

a. Business correspondents
b. Business facilitators.

28. Which one of the following is not a difference in marketing goods and services?

a. Services are produced and consumed simultaneously
b. Services are intangible
c. Services provided are uniform

29. Constraints in digital banking

a. Embracing of new technology
b. Customer education
c. Safe and friendly environment
Choices are combinations of above


0. Biometric authentication in micro ATMS done by

a. Business Correspondents
b. UIDAI by biometric association with its database

31. In mobile banking for debit transactions following checks are made

a. Face to face interaction with users
b. Two factor authentication
c. End to end encryption of mPIN
Choices are combinations of above

32. Estimates committee has made recommendation that succession certificate should not be insisted where amount of credit to the depositor does not exceed Rs. 25,000. What is the correct instruction?

a. If nomination/Survivor clause is present then succession certificate should not be insisted for any amount.

33. Account opened with Anyone or survivor clause, all three of the account holders die together in an accident, the nominee has produced the death certificate and amount outstanding in account is Rs. 20,000. Action to be taken by bank

a. Ask nominee to provide Succession certificate
b. Ask nominee to provide letter of administration
c. Probate to be given
d. Transfer the money without asking for documents (a) to (c).

34. As per Goiporia committee, Enquiry or May I Help You counter should be present in

a. Head Office
b. Regional Office
c. All Urban and Metro branches
d. All branches except very small branches

35. —————is a matrix of different components like source of funds, level of income, volume and frequency of transactions, origin and destination of funds etc.

a. Transaction profile
b. Organisation Profile
c. Marketing Profile etc

36. Main grievances of small depositors does not include

a. Difficulty in opening of account
b. Delay in updating of passbook
c. Difficulty in closing of account
d. Account being classified as dormant/inoperative without any notice.

37. What is meant by Grievance Escalation System?

If the customer is not satisfied with the reply offered by bank, then he can approach higher authorities for redressal of grievances

38. If branch manager is not able to respond to a complaint within how many days should he escalate the matter to regional office?

7 days

39. In order to reduce the complaints filed to Banking Ombudman, what is suggested?

Appointment of internal Ombudsman

40. What all functions does not fall under customer service committee of the board?

a. Triennial audit of customer satisfaction surveys
b. Formulation of Comprehensive Deposit Policy
c. Annual Survey of customer satisfaction
d. Salary increase to employees for better customer service

41. Which of the following is not part of mandatory displays in branches?

a. Information available in booklet form
b. Details of CEO of the bank
c. Banking Ombudsman details
d. Details of Regional Manager etc

42. What does not come under COPRA Act?

a. Right against unfair trade practices
b. Right to have access to variety of goods
c. Right to free education

43. Which of the following needs are most important for a person?

a. Emotional needs
b. Interpersonal needs etc

44. Which are the three interpersonal needs?

a. Need for inclusion, Need for control and Need for affection

45. What is meant by encoding of message ?

Sender needs to use the appropriate language or expression

46. Correct order for communication.

a. Conceiving the message, Encoding the message, decoding the message and providing feedback

47. Which of the following about BCSBI is wrong?

a. Membership in BCSBI is compulsory
b. Membership is voluntary
c. Its an independent and autonomous body
d. Registered as society

48. Who has authority to approve research activities in BCSBI?

Governing Council

49. Function of Chief Executive Officer in BCSBI

a. Preparation of annual budget for submission to the Society
b. Sanction expenditure and investments of BCSBI
c. Financial and managerial powers etc

50. Who is the raison d’etre (main purpose) of BCSBI ?

a. RBI
b. common man
c. Customer service

51. BCSBI modelled on basis of which country?


52. BCSBI rating of member banks is using a scoring scale of

a. High, Above average, average and below average

53. In order to get credit counselling from BCSBI which is correct

a. A fee has to be paid
b. Can apply only through member banks
c. Concerned bank is free to accept the debt restructuring plan in full or with modifications

54. Customer of a bank not a part of BCSBI can escalate complaint to

b. Banking Ombudsman
c. Customer Service Department of RBI

55. Which of the following not included under Code of Bank’s Commitment to Customers?

a. Deposit accounts
b. Remittances within India
c. Foreign Exchange services
d. Merchant banking

56. BCSBI puts following obligations on the customers?

a. No obligations
b. Obligation of customers varies from bank to bank

57. Objectives of Code of Bank’s commitments to customers?

a. Fair treatment of customers
b. Increase transparency
c. foster confidence in banking system
Choices are combinations of three

58. As per BCSBI Code regarding Do Not Call registry (Correct One)

a. Bank will not transmit unsolicited commercial information if you have registered with ‘Do not call registry’
b. Bank will enrol customer in Do Not Call Registry after 6 months of opening account etc

59. Change in interest rate on loan products will be informed within

a. Fortnight
b. One-month etc

60. As per BCSBI Code, if there is any change in fee or new fee is introduced, it will take effect

a. Retrospectively if needed
b. revised charges retrospectively and new charges after one month
c. Prospective effect after giving notice of one month

61.As per BCSBI code, In case of revision in fees it will be communicated to customer by( Incorrect option)

a. Account statements
b. Email and SMS alerts
c. TV advertisements
d. Notice board at branches

62. As per BCSBI code regarding privacy of customer(Incorrect option)

a. Bank will treat personal information as private and confidential till he is a customer of the bank
b. Bank will treat personal information as private and confidential even when he is no longer a customer of the bank.

63. As per BCSBI code on CICs, which of the following is wrong

a. Bank will provide information about credit availed by customer to CIC at periodic intervals
b. On request, will give information about CIC(s) to which details are shared
c. Bank will not share copy of credit information obtained from CIC

64. In BCSBI Code,

a. You denotes the customer and we denotes the bank
b. ‘You’ denotes the member bank and ‘We’ denote BCSBI etc

65. As per BCSBI Code, when customer makes a complaint Bank will inform the customer

a. how to do so
b. where a complaint can be made
c. Whom to approach for redressal
d. same complaint is not raised again by customer
options are combinations

66. As per BCSBI Code, for collection of dues customers should be contacted between

a. 7 hrs and 1900 hours

67. Nominee can be two persons in the case of accounts opened as

a. Either or Survivor
b. Former or survivor
c. Joint accounts with joint operation etc

68. in case of revision in minimum balance to be maintained in current account and as customer’s current account does not meet the minimum balance in the last quarter bank as per BCSBI code should

a. Inform customers 30 days in advance of any change in minimum balance

69. As per BCSBI Code, in case of inoperative/dormant accounts

a. Bank should inform three months before account is made as inoperative
b. Inform when account is made inoperative etc

70. In case of cheque collection policy, we will provide you compensation for delay in collection of instruments as per

a. Compensation policy of respective bank
b. Compensation policy of RBI
c. compensation policy of IBA etc

71. In case a cheque is lost in transit as per cheque collection policy,

a. Bank will help in obtaining duplicate cheque and offer compensation

72. In case of a cheque issued by B to A, amount in figures is Rs. 10,000 and in words is ten thousand which is striked off and written as five thousand. Alteration is duly signed by B. In that case, bank should

a. Honour the cheque and pay the amount given in figures
b. Return the cheque as material alteration is not allowed

73. As per BCSBI Code, while opening a Term deposit we will (incorrect one)

a. Get instructions from you for disposal of deposit at maturity
b. Inform about procedure to withdraw deposit before maturity
c. None of these

74. As per BCSBI code, on receiving a loan application (incorrect one)

a. acknowledges the receipt of application
b. Communicate in writing reasons for rejection of loan application
c. Provide a provisional sanction letter on receipt of loan proposal

75. As per BCSBI code, bank will return all securities/documents/title deeds to mortgaged property within — days of the repayment of all dues

a. 15 days

76. In the event of unauthorized transaction in internet banking after customer has received means to access Internet banking, maximum liability will be

a. Full amount
b. Nil
c. Rs, 10,000/-

77. Request for cancellation/closure of credit card will be processed in

a. 7 days

78. As per BCSBI Code, prepayment penalty of fixed rate loans is waived till

a. 10 lakhs
b. 5 lakhs
c. 10 lakhs etc

79. For a unit to be classified as a sick unit, it should remain as ————for three months or more or if there is erosion in the net worth due to accumulated losses to the extent of — of net worth

a. NPA ,50%
b. Doubtful,50%etc

80. In small accounts, balance at any time should not exceed ———- and total credits in a year not to exceed ———-

a. Rs. 50,000/- and Rs. 1,00,000

81. Banks can allow small accounts to operate for a period of

a. up to 1 year
b. up to 2 years

82. A customer approaches a bank for opening an account without any of the required KYC documents, bank can open

a. Small account

b. Refused to open the account

83. As per Consumer Protection Bill of 2015, cases not admitted within — days will be deemed admitted

a. 21 days

84. Customer orientation means

85. As per BCSBI Code, when customer avails a safe deposit locker (incorrect one)


86. In case of illiterate persons, nomination can be given

a. Thumb impression to be attested by two witnesses
b. No need to authenticate thumb impression
c. Authorized official should authenticate in the presence of customer etc

87. Number of grids in grid based cheque truncation system

a. Six
b. Ten
c. Three
d. Four

88. In order to provide customer satisfaction, bank should

a. Hire new staff in place of retirees
b. Staff to be trained in handling complaints
c. Deploy more staff in counters


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