JAIIB Exam Preparation in One Month

Starting with preparing for the JAIIB exam in one month and achieving success in the first attempt is challenging. This article will cover time-sensitive JAIIB exam preparation, through strategy and tips and the study material to follow in the JAIIB exam journey with confidence and achieve their goals in record time.

Prepare for JAIIB Exam in 1 month 2024

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Let us know the IIBF JAIIB Exam 2024 Syllabus 2024


JAIIB Exam Syllabus – Paper I (Indian Economy and Indian Financial System)

Module A – Indian Economic Architecture
Module B – Economic Concepts Related to Banking
Module C – Indian Financial Architecture
Module D – Financial Products and Services

JAIIB Exam Syllabus – Paper II (Principles & Practices of Banking)

Module A – General Banking Operations
Module B – Functions of Banks
Module C – Banking Technology
Module D – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

JAIIB Exam Syllabus – Paper III (Accounting & Financial Management for Bankers)

Module A – Accounting Principles and Processes
Module B – Financial Statement and Core Banking Systems
Module C – Financial Management
Module D -Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing

JAIIB Exam Syllabus – Paper IV (Retail Banking and Wealth Management)

Module A – Retail Banking
Module B – Retail Product and Recovery
Module C – Support Services- Marketing of Banking Services/ Products
Module D – Wealth Management

For detailed JAIIB syllabus 2024, visit the official website of IIBF


JAIIB Exam Dates 2024
JAIIB Exam Dates

Indian Economy & Financial System

09th June 2024

20th October 2024

Principles & Practices of Banking

16th June 2024

26th October 2024

Accounting & Financial Management of Banking

22nd June 2024

27th October 2024

Retail Banking & Wealth Management

08th June 2024

09th November 2024


JAIIB Exam Benefits

1. Salary Increment

Clearing the JAIIB exam leads to a salary increment. This certification also helps you keep your job and opens doors for future opportunities with higher salaries.

2. Higher Promotion Chances

Possessing JAIIB certification gives you a significant edge for internal promotions. For higher and more important positions, banks actively seek qualified individuals, and these certifications demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

3. Access to Specialized Roles

Successfully clearing the JAIIB opens doors to specialized departments within the banking sector. These roles often come with higher salaries, making them attractive avenues for professionals aiming to grow their careers in banking.

4. Knowledge Upgradation

The JAIIB certifications provide comprehensive knowledge about banking operations, finance, technology, and other related domains. This enhances the JAIIB certification holder’s expertise.

5. Better Decision-Making Skills

The enhanced knowledge acquired through JAIIB certification transforms candidates into better decision-making abilities, boosting their confidence and competence.

6. Job Security

Qualifying in the JAIIB exam provides job security in a competitive market as JAIIB certificate holders are given priority when assigning roles and responsibilities.

7. Eligibility for CAIIB

Candidates who successfully cleared the JAIIB exam become eligible to appear for the CAIIB exam.


JAIIB Module-Wise Preparation


JAIIB IE & IFS (Paper 1) Preparation


  • Module D is the most important module to begin your preparation with because it has the maximum number of questions. Topics like the money market, capital market, derivative market, foreign exchange, lease finance, and venture capital are among the most important ones covered in this module.
  • Module B is the second most important. It consists of case studies. The following are the modules’ key topics that candidates should not skip:

Business cycles, union budgets, monetary and fiscal policies, supply and demand, money supply and inflation, theories of interest, the fundamentals of economics, micro- and macroeconomics, and types of economies, etc.

  • Move to Module – C

Module C is the third most important and covers the following topics-

Indian Financial System – An Overview, Indian Banking Structure, Development Financial Institutions, Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and RBI Act, 1934, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Reforms & Developments in the Banking Sector and Micro Finance Institutions,

  • At the end, prepare for Module – A

The important topics for Module A are-

An Overview of the Indian Economy, Role of Priority Sector and MSME in the Indian Economy, Foreign Investments, Sectors of the Indian Economy, Economic Planning in India and NITI Aayog, Foreign Trade Policy, and Economic Development and Economic Reforms.

For a more detailed understanding, check our IE&IFS syllabus priority video

JAIIB PPB (Paper 2) Preparation

Start with Modules A and then B

Candidates are advised to prioritize Modules A and B when starting their preparation for the PPB exam. It is essential to allocate sufficient time to thoroughly understand the topics covered in these modules.

Don’t Skip Modules C and D

It is common for many candidates to attempt skipping Modules C and D and concentrate on Modules A and B only. However, this approach is not advisable as Modules C and D also contain important concepts that cannot be ignored. While candidates can choose to prioritize important concepts within these modules, however, completely skipping them is not a wise decision.

For a more detailed understanding, check our PPB syllabus priority video

JAIIB AFM (Paper 3) Preparation

Start preparing with modules C and A then module D. Move to module B at the end and cover only important chapters like balance sheet, Profit & loss, Cash flow and fund flow. Etc. AFM paper consists of numerical, and no options will be given.

Candidates who are from a commerce background can consider our JAIIB AFM videos for numerical sections and case studies.

JAIIB RBWM (Paper 4) Preparation

Cover modules B, D and C first as these are very important modules and, in the end, prepare module A.

For the extra module, prepare numerical and case studies from our JAIIB RBWM videos.


JAIIB Preparation Strategy

The JAIIB exam consists of four papers. The exam strategy enables candidates to cover the exam syllabus systematically. It is recommended to follow the below-mentioned JAIIB preparation strategy to pass the exam in the first attempt-

Know the new JAIIB exam syllabus 2024

As candidates have to prepare for the JAIIB exam 2024 within a one-month time frame, it is important to familiarize yourself with the new JAIIB exam syllabus for 2024. By gaining clarity on the syllabus, you can strategically structure your study plans, prioritize modules, and efficiently allocate your study time to cover all essential topics effectively.

Start with a plan

Allocate dedicated study hours for each subject, ensuring thorough coverage of all topics at least 15 days before the exam. This approach allows sufficient time for revision for your understanding of the syllabus and boosting confidence for the exam.

Get the JAIIB exam study material

To prepare for the JAIIB exam in just one month, it is important to access updated and informative JAIIB study material helping candidates grasp key concepts efficiently within the limited timeframe of one month.

Practice mock tests

Mock tests allow candidates to evaluate their preparation level accurately. Therefore, after studying each subject thoroughly, it is important to allocate time for attempting mock tests.

Self-study or coaching

If you can’t prepare for the exam effectively, then it is recommended to get JAIIB coaching as they are banking industry experts and can help you prepare for the exam in one month. Learning Sessions, a well-known name in preparing candidates for JAIIB Exams offers coaching with experienced faculty, updated study material, and expert guidance to ensure your success.

Balancing Work and Study

  • Create a study plan and schedule. Begin by dividing the syllabus into manageable sections. Allocate dedicated time slots for studying each section, considering your daily schedule.
  • Do not go for choosing books or other offline study material. Prepare with online study material only.
  • Take as much as help you can get from JAIIB YouTube videos.
  • Avoid preparing all modules simultaneously, instead, prepare them one by one. Prioritize chapters/topics based on their importance and your proficiency level.
  • It is important to revise what you have studied as you go along because you may not have sufficient time for revision later.
  • Create short notes of key points to avoid the need for extensive review of PDFs and other study materials during the exam period.

Additional Tips to prepare for the JAIIB exam

  • Stick to a Study Schedule
  • Don’t follow too many online learning platforms.
  • Adjust the timetable to suit your specific needs.
  • Take short breaks between sessions.
  • Make short notes of important points.
  • Practice as many mock tests as possible and review your performance, identify your weak areas, give more time to them and try to cover them on time.
  • Practice Previous year’s papers and it will give you an idea of question patterns and difficulty levels.
  • After you complete the whole syllabus, keep time for revision at least revising important noted points.

Use Effective Study Material

Mock tests

By taking JAIIB mock tests, you gain access to questions that are similar to those on the real test, allowing you to familiarize your strong and weak areas. Mock helps to learn exam-saving tips and tactics.

Video Questions

The study material will be made available in the form of video questions too, which will provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts.

Recorded Videos

You will receive recorded footage of our knowledgeable professionals’ live lecture videos along with the entire course.

Latest Syllabus

The latest study material will be according to the latest syllabus by IIBF

Detailed Concepts

All the topics will be delivered in such a way that candidates understand even the complex concepts and numerical sections.


Video Lectures will be provided in two ways-

  1. Hindi mixed with English or
  2. English only
Previous Year Questions

Our full course Material will consist of the previous year’s question papers to let you check your performance level & difficulty level of the exam.

Chapter-wise Questions & Videos

The videos, as well as notes, will be available chapter-wise.

Epdf notes

Preparation with JAIIB Epdf notes is quite easy. Epdf notes provided by us are accessible through the Android application of Learning Sessions.

Case Studies

Our study lectures contain enough case studies that are important to get you through the syllabus content.

So, preparation for the JAIIB exam in one month requires consistency, dedication and maintaining a regular study schedule throughout the month to allocate sufficient time each day to cover the exam syllabus comprehensively. Get started today and make the most of use of the time left and study material resources to excel in the upcoming JAIIB exam. For any guidance in the JAIIB exam preparation or study material, you can WhatsApp us, our experts are always ready to help you.



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