DIGITAL BANKING MOCK TEST:- As there is almost no time left for Digital Banking, we hope that the candidates who are preparing for this IIBF Exam have done their revisions or at least covered their syllabus.

But if you are still preparing for the Digital Banking exams and need material from where you can quickly revise the topics of Digital Banking or do the last-minute revision then you must check out the Digital Banking Question Bank that is available on our website. You can check it out by hitting this link. (Check out the ‘Digital Banking Questions’ in the BuyPro Section)

Note: To know the Digital Banking Exam & Registration dates for 2024 check this article out.

Learning Sessions always attempts to ensure that whoever comes looking for any material or content on Digital Banking Exam or any other IIBF exam, receives the best & right material that is relevant for the Exams so that the candidates can prepare well.

As not enough time has been left in the hands of the bankers who are preparing for this December attempt at Digital Banking, we recommend that you solve the Mock Test on the paper given below.


Solve it within 20 Minutes & then, check the right answers from the answer key provided at the end of this article!!


No. Question on Digital Banking (MCQs)
1 Which of the following is incorrect about the National Electronic Funds Transfer (i.e NEFT) system?

a) There is no limit on the number of transactions through NEFT

b) National Electronic Funds Transfer operates in hourly batches.

c) National Electronic Funds Transfer is a payment system that facilitates 1-2-1 funds transfers.

d) Only bank branches that have the NEFT enabled can be a part of the NEFT funds transfer network.

e) All of the above options are correct

2 The mobile app called BHIM supports which of the following accounts?

a) Current A/C

b) Savings Bank A/C

c) Only Saving Account

d) Both Current & Saving Bank A/C

3 In QSAM, what does Q stands for?

a) Queue

b) Query

c) Quantity

d) None of the given options

4 Which of the following is incorrect about UPI: Unified Payments Interface?

a) UPI is an instant payment system that has been developed by the NPCI: National Payments Corporation of India.

b) All UPI payments are instant & take place within banking hours, through UPI.

c) Under UPI, a person will have a single identity and password for using multiple bank accounts.

d) UPI is based on the Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) infrastructure.

e) All of the above statements are correct.

5 Which among the given is an interoperable transport card that is conceived by the Ministry of Urban Development along with the NPCI: National Payments Corporation of India?

a) Unified Payment Interface

b) Bharat Bill Payment System

c) National Common Mobility Card

d) None of the above options

6 Which are the most important considerations that are considered in building a Digital Banking ecosystem?

a) information security and customer preference

b) Availability of Reserve Bank of India clearance and telecommunication

c) young customers & Product basket

d) Risk takers & safe players

7 On Point of Sale, what of the following things can a merchant do?

a) Merchant must indulge in a fraudulent activity

b) Merchant must bring to the bank’s notice any fraudulent activities

c) Merchant must not disclose the details of the card or cardholders to any 3rd party

d) Merchant must impose any surcharge or extra charge

8 What are the services of banking that are provided by e-Galleries or digital outlets provide these days?

a) Bank Statement, Cash Deposit & Cash Withdrawal

b) Instant A/C opening & Instant Loan approval

c) Remote expert advisers that are available via video links

d) All of the above options

9 What do you mean by Merchant Discount Rate?

a) It is the discount provided by the merchant to the customer

b) It is the discount given by acquiring bank to the Merchant

c) the Amount that the merchant pays to the Acquiring Bank for processing the payments on its behalf

d) None of the above options

10 What is the key factor that accounts for long-term loyalty by customers in the Digital Banking space?

a) Customer service

b) positioning of products

c) Reference by Friend

d) Offers & Discounts

11 What are the channels that are utilized for the marketing of Digital Banking services?

a) Print, Television & Ratio

b) Digital Marketing

c) Social Media Marketing

d) All of the above channels

12 Who provides the Final authorization (checking the validity of the card, sufficient funds etc) in POS transactions?

a) The bank that is acquiring

b) Issuing bank

c) operator of card scheme 

d) Merchant himself

13 What is NACH Credit?

a) It is used by an institution to afford credit to a large no. of beneficiaries

b) It is single debt given to the sponsor bank’s account and multiple credits to different destination bank accounts

c) Both A & B options

d) Neither A nor B

14 What do you mean by firewall?

a) It is software that is specifically designed to damage, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to a system

b) It is a software programme for protecting against unauthorized access to the information

c) It is a malicious software program that is loaded onto a user’s computer without the knowledge of the user to perform malicious actions.

d) None of the above options

15 What does DBT stand for?

a) Disputes Bill Truncation

b) Direct Bill Transfer

c) Direct Benefit Transfer

d) None of the above

16 What does the mis-spelling of Digital Banking Services mean?

a) Selling a wrong product

b) Selling the right product by giving the wrong information

c) Selling the right product by giving incomplete information

d) All of the above are included in miss-selling

17 The process of safeguarding customer data is called for when what of the following is happening?

a) Transmission of data

b) Encryption or decryption of data

c) Firewall Access

d) Transmission of data & Encryption or decryption of data

e) It is required all the times

18 The firewall technology is used for which of the following purpose?

a) safety of hardware

b) to physically keep the items safe from fire

c) to gain authorised access

d) Protection of computer network from hacker intrusion

19 Aman was transacting at an ATM and used the wrong pin. What kind of decline will it be?

a) Technical decline

b) Business decline

c) failure of network

d) None of the above options

20 For making FI products more useful, which of the methods need to be adopted?

a) All services should be ported to mobile phones

b) Govt should provide monetary benefits to help the customers so that they can transact

c) All transactions should be cashless so that FI customers do everything themselves

d) We must first study & understand the earnings, savings, expenditures, and emergencies of the FI customer.


ANSWER KEY (Digital Banking)
1 b 11 d
2 d 12 b
3 b 13 c
4 b 14 b
5 c 15 c
6 a 16 d
7 b 17 e
8 d 18 d
9 c 19 b
10 a 20 d


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You can download the PDF file of the above given Mock Test on Digital Banking by hitting here.


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Thanks & all the very best for your upcoming exam!

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