DIGITAL BANKING STUDY MATERIAL:- When banking is done through a digital platform it is known as Digital Banking. With digital banking, all the paperwork like cheques, pay-in slips, DDs, and other paper instruments is done away with. It means the online availability of all banking activities at the click of a mouse. You get free access to all traditional banking activities through a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone 24 by 7 without having to personally go to a bank branch to get your work done.

You get to do transfers of funds using RTGS, NEFT, etc, cash withdrawals with the availability of ATMs at every corner, get account statements with net banking or mobile applications or in e-mail IDs, payment bills, do investments, mobile Banking, keep track of transactions, stopping cheques, etc.


So, basically, digital banking combines online & mobile banking services under one umbrella.


The IIBF course on ‘Digital Banking’ intends to provide practising bankers with sound knowledge of digital banking products such as Cards, ATMs, Mobile and Internet Banking & PoS to make them familiar with relevant aspects in such a way that could help them in delivering improved customer service and also in properly guiding the customers as and when needed.

IIBF conducts the Certificate Course on DIGITAL BANKING throughout the year & the dates for exam registration get notified on the official website of IIBF from time to time. The latest dates that have been notified to register for the DIGITAL BANKING Exam for 2022 can be read right here as the Dates for December 2021 attempt have already passed but you can still register for the January or March 2022 attempt.


The material from which we get to understand the terms or topics or concepts about a particular niche is basically known as data. And when you put all the relevant data in one place it takes the form of study material. 

While it is difficult to gather all the relevant data by yourself from different sources in even today’s world, you can easily read books or lectures on a particular subject that are made available by professionals in their fields. Study Material elaborates on the subject matter that is easy to understand by taking reading or listening to the lectures.

The material might be in the forms of video lectures, questions & answers, Books divided into chapters or topics, short notes on topics, exercise programs such as mock tests or test series or previous year question papers, question banks & other like documents. 

All the above-mentioned materials help in the study in their own way. Some provide conceptual knowledge; some assist in understanding & some help in revision.


IIBF MATERIAL: IIBF refers to the book that has been published by M/s Taxmann Publication Ltd on the subject. This book is in the English language as the DIGITAL BANKING Exam is also conducted in the English language only.

Although IIBF recommends preparing the course from the said publishers’ book as we all have seen in all our school life how books can be very boring & the language that is used for the explanations can be too technical to understand without getting the help of the 3rd person and sometimes due to lack of time, they aren’t something that we want to learn or read from.

Moreover, the books are bulky, boring, time-consuming, lengthy & difficult to understand new topics from and to prepare the below syllabus that has been prescribed by the institute.

The syllabus that IIBF prescribes for DIGITAL BANKING is briefly mentioned down below:

The syllabus of digital banking has been divided into various modules i.e various Products of Digital Banking, Branchless Banking, Cards such as credit & debt, EMV Technology, Cash Re-Cyclers, Mobile Banking, ATMs, CDRs, Payment Systems, Internet Banking, Point of Sale Terminals, Marketing of Digital Banking Products & the new developments in Digital Banking.

IIBF has also recommended the candidates refer to financial newspapers & periodicals to keep themselves updated & more particularly to read the BANK QUEST & IIBF VISION which are the journals published by the IIBF.


Learning Sessions also provides study material on the DIGITAL BANKING Exam of IIBF which is the best in the market. This material is basically in the form of video lectures that can be accessed through our website or Android or iOS application. These lectures have been prepared by Mr Ashish Jain, whose experience as a banker of 7 years makes his delivery of lectures simple & comprehensive

The study material of DIGITAL BANKING by Learning Sessions has the following features:


The courses or materials that are listed on our website always get updated as per the latest syllabus that gets prescribed by IIBF or any changes that get notified by the institute. That’s why you can rely on us to provide you with the right, relevant, and updated study material. 


The Digital Banking course of IIBF is available in the form of video lectures that are conducted on a Live basis instead of written books. And the videos are interactive that keep you active with their voice modulation and are able to sustain the attention of the viewers better than the inanimate books. The lectures also provide a better understanding of fresh & hard concepts.


The videos of Digital Banking are recorded in a mix of English & Hindi that is easy to understand and that in turn makes the understanding simple.

Important Topic:- IIBF DIGITAL BANKING Notes-2 PDF Free Download


The video lectures or other materials that you will be getting along with the video lectures such as notes in EPDF form will be arranged as per the concepts or topics that keep the concepts natural & in flow. 

  • NOTES: 

The full course also gives access to the EPDF notes with the help of which you can revise the syllabus or topics. The Epdf notes are accessible through our (Learning Sessions) Android application only.


With the live lectures, you will also be getting access to the recorded classes after 48 hours from the cover of the live class. The recordings will help when you miss the live class or when you want to revise the concepts later on.


The Study Material on IIBF’s Digital Banking will be having the following contents in the full course study material: 

  • Full video course on digital banking
    • Latest IIBF Prescribed Syllabus
    • Topic-wise
    • Offline Downloadable videos
    • In the mix of Hindi + English Language
  • Detailed Concepts
  • Questions
  • Memory Recalled Questions
  • Epdfs Notes that will be accessible through the Android application of Learning sessions only

You only need to visit our website and sign up there using your E-mail ID & other details. To avail of the course on DIGITAL BANKING, you can go to the ‘BuyPro’ Section after signing in to avail the study material of DIGITAL BANKING. You can also browse other study materials as well. You can also find some of the Free Mock Tests on Digital Banking there to solve.


Name Mr Ashish Jain (JAIIB, CAIIB)
Experience 7 years as a banker in the credit department (Ex-Banker)
Coaching hours He has delivered > 900 hours of online lectures
Success Rate More than 1,25,000 students have studied from him so far & have passed with a success rate of 85%


You can visit this link to get the details of Digital Banking STUDY MATERIAL.

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