IIBF DIGITAL BANKING 2023 Previous Year Question Papers

IIBF DIGITAL BANKING 2023 Previous Year Question Papers

DIGITAL BANKING Question Papers:- Digital Banking is a generic term that is used for the development of banking services & delivering products through various electronic channels, for example, ATMs, telephones, mobile phones & the internet. As customers are still waiting for the fastest banking services but India being in the developing stage tries to satisfy the customers with improved customer satisfaction. 


IIBF, like in any field of finance and banking, conducts a certificate course on ‘Digital Banking’ to equip the bankers with sound knowledge of digital banking products so as to increase the delivery of banking products better. 

Anyone, whether he or she is a member or a non-member of the Institute can sit for this exam

To know all about the exam, you can visit this link.


As the IIBF exams are just around the corner (December 2023), you must go through the below-given paper to prepare for the upcoming IIBF Digital Banking Exam!!

Going through the previous year’s papers will not only help you to take an insight into what kind of questions IIBF asks in the exams but will also help you in providing a rough score in the upcoming exam. So, relax back & solve the Previous year’s paper and then check your answers.


Keep in mind that the Digital Banking 2023 Exam will have the following Pattern:

Multiple Choice Questions 120 MCQs
Maximum Marks 100 Marks
Qualifying Marks 50 Marks
Duration of Digital Banking 2 hours
Digital Banking Exam Mode Online
Medium of Digital Banking English
Negative Marking in Digital Banking No


You can also quickly go through some of the following important questions:

No. MCQs Answer
1 What of the following is the result when a cardholder contacts the card issuer & refuses to accept a charge appearing on a monthly statement of billing?

a) Chargeback

b) Re-presentment

c) Authorization

d) Pre-arbitration process

2 Which of the following statement is not correct in respect of the Debit Card of RuPay?

a) RuPay card is accepted for cash withdrawal at all ATMs within India

b) RuPay card is accepted for making cashless payments for the purchase at all the POS in the country

c) It is a card that was introduced by NPCI

d) It is an indigenous domestic debit card

3 Which option from the following comes under the category of Regularly Monitor and Test Networks?

a) Usage & regular updates of anti-virus software

b) Regularly test security processes & systems

c) Restricting access to data on a need-to-know basis

d) Installing and maintaining a firewall configuration to protect cardholder’s data

4 Which of the given payment instruments can be used for the purchase of goods and services at large, including services of financial nature such as fund transfer at any card-accepting merchant locations of sale terminals?

a) Open System Payment Instruments

b) Semi-Closed System Payment Instruments

c) Closed System Payment Instruments

d) None of the above Instruments

5 The ISO standards for plastic payment cards define what is in the card.

a) Mechanical strength

b) Electrical properties

c) Both Mechanical strength & Electrical properties

d) None of the above standards

6 Which among the following is the PUSH Transaction example?

a) Merchant-initiated transactions

b) Auto-debit of monthly instalments for goods or services purchased from a merchant

c) Customer-initiated transactions

d) None of the above options

7 Which advertising channel offers the benefit of reaching large no. with just a single exposure? Yet, because it is a mass medium that is capable of being seen by nearly anyone, it lacks the ability to deliver an advertisement to highly targeted customers when compared to other media outlets.

a) Print Publication

b) Radio

c) Television

d) Sponsorship

8 The BC Middleware, through it, what can be checked and upgraded with the available gap while routing transactions from BCA?

a) Data management system

b) Technology management system

c) Security management system

d) Terminal management system

9 For receiving the money from a family member who is working in the field in Punjab, the housewife in an Orissa village may not need what of the following?

a) One BSBDA a/c in a local bank

b) One cell phone no. & an MMT-enabled ATM that is available nearby

c) An outlet of a BCA of a BC having one outlet in every village of Orissa

d) One ATM card

10 Which of the following technology is a technical innovation for sharing information in a new way securely including accounts and payment information among many people whether known or unknown?

a) BPR technology

b) AI technology

c) Blockchain

d) Machine learning

11 Which of the following malware steals TAN codes that are sent by banks inside the text messages?

a) Banker Trojan

b) Hesperbot Trojan

C) Banker Trojan & Hesperbot Trojan

d) Zitmo Trojan

12 Which risk includes the loss of the device, easy password cracking, storing the passwords on the device, not using anti-malware software, and use of insecure wireless access?

a) Mobile application risks

b) Transmission of risks

c) Network or Infrastructure risks

d) Risks related to the End user

13 What cards among the following are capable of storing credential data of transactions by modifying the magnetism of small iron-based magnetic particles on the magnetic band of the cards?

a) Closed loop cards

b) Stored value cards

c) Magnetic strip cards

d) Closed loop cards & Closed loop cards

14 A gift card that is bought from amazon. in the website what kind of prepaid cards?

a) Semi-closed system payment instruments

b) Semi-open system payment instruments

c) Semi-closed system payment instruments or Semi-open system payment instruments

d) Closed-system payment instruments

15 Which of the following is considered the key benefit of POS systems to Merchants?

a) Save time & money (instead of visiting a bank branch/ATM to withdraw money and then spending the same at a merchant outlet).

b) Results in deferring the payment for the credit period, thereby, resulting in higher deposits interest

c) Cash is not required to be carried

d) Generation & the view of softcopies of reports (i.e paperless)



You can get the Study Material for IIBF Digital Banking & much more by going through the links provided below:

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