In this article we will learn what tips and strategies we should follow in order to pass SSC CGL EXAM In one go.

Every SSC CGL exam aspirant dreams of cracking it in their first attempt but many don’t realize what it takes to crack it. Learning session is here to provide you complete guidance to excel in life.Aspirants will be provided a comprehensive detailed counseling regarding the exam.We will provide you tips and strategies which will help you prepare your exam in a time bound manner and in an effective way.

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If you are looking for a prestigious institute which not only provides study material and classes but the methods and strategies as well then luckily you’ve reached the right place because we are here to help.

Crack SSC CGL EXAM in your first attempt

Who doesn’t want to crack a government exam in their first attempt but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s tough to crack such a nut when there is cut throat competition out there but you don’t need to worry if you’ve enrolled in a learning session. It’s not possible to crack any competitive exam without sincerity and perseverance.

Most of the students waste their time focussing on the study material which only seems relevant to exam point of view but in actual it is not. We are here to save you from committing that mistake. We will provide you exam relevant study material at free of cost timely. We will keep updating our study material so a student doesn’t have to work extra on updating their notes.

How to start your journey?

It’s important to keep reminding yourself that your aim is to crack SSC CGL in one go.This will work as a source of inspiration for you and prevent you from wasting your time.

  • Thoroughly read the syllabus and then choose the right platform which institute provides relevant material. 
  • Become choosy when it is about choosing the right platform tdy but once you choose stay focussed on that so that you don’t waste your time collecting only material to study but not study in actual.
  • Make a to-do list where you don’t have to make a cliche boring time table which people never follow. Making a to do list will help you complete your task in a time bound manner no matter what time you choose to study it doesn’t have to be specific.
  • Keep yourself updated with learning session’s material.
  • Study religiously.Studying one day like a nerd and roaming freely on the other days will get you nothing.You will perceive that you have done enough but that is where he most people make mistake.Not studying with consistency will get you in trouble as you would not retain what you had studied.
  • Perseverance is the new success mantra for exams.Finding your 

weaknesses feels like you are defenseless at many sides but this is not true.It takes time to take time to develop complete understanding.

Scheme for SSC CGL EXAM (Tier I)

Tier Subject                             No of questions Max.marks Time
I A General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 50  


(1 hour and 20 minutes for the candidates eligible for scribe as per Para- 7.1 and Para-7.2)

  B General Awareness 25 50
  C General Aptitude 25 50
  D English Comprehensions 25 50
II Paper I Quantitative ability 100 200  


(2 hour and 40 minutes for the candidates eligible for scribe as per Para- 7.1 and Para-7.2)

  Paper II English language and Comprehension 200 200
  Paper III Statistics 100 200
  Paper IV General studies (Finance and Economy) 100 200

What are we providing to pass SSC CGL exam? 

Learning session provides you ad free experience. We provide video lectures, doubt solving videos, mock test series, analytical videos, subject notes, exam updates, strategy videos, short video lectures, marathon 

sessions. Learning sessions have the best faculty in the city. We provide syllabus with relevant subject matter with vast explanation which is easy to understand and retain.We provide comprehensive learning programs.

How Learning session play a role in your preparation journey?

  • First and the foremost thing is “how to crack any exam?”It has a simple answer by going through the syllabus but how would you know you are going in the right direction?To overcome this we will provide you detailed syllabus which will have micro topics.This is how we will mingle each and every topic of SSC cgl’s syllabus into just one thin booklet.You will not have to go and far and study any topic which you don’t need to.This way we are playing a crucial role in your preparation.
  • We will take mock test which will help you analyze where you stand.Only studying and not testing your preparation will let your efforts go in vain and we don’t want this to happen to you.In order to overcome this we are providing series of mock test which will mirror your preparation and also get your ready for exam like environments.We will provide exam like surrounding on our institute and frame questions which will be nearly like the SSC cgl’s exam itself.  
  • We release previous question paper analysis videos which will help you analyze what kind of questions SSC frame and highlight the important portions of the subject.
  • Engaging with an institute makes a sincere aspirant.It is not just a myth but it has been found that most of the successful aspirants are directly or indirectly engaged with one institute. Engaging with an institute saves aspirants time as they don’t have to collect and explore the study material for them.Institutes provides them with quality study material. Engaging with a particular institute speeds up the preparation of the aspirant.
  • We will provide you value added material in brief so that you don’t have to waste days on it.
  • We will provide mind maps which are easy to be retained and are most helpful during exams.You will have access to visualization of the knowledge. 
  • We play a crucial role in maintaining aspirants’ consistency. Regular mock test series and analysis of those tests will put a positive kind of pressure on aspirants which will want them to study regularly. Consistency is the most crucial part of the preparation.Studying one day like a nerd and roaming freely on the other days will get you nothing.You will perceive that you have done enough but that is where he most people make mistake.Not studying with consistency will get you in trouble as you would not retain what you had studied.
  • We provide brief notes, analysis and doubt solving video lectures which will help aspirants save their time.
  • We provide marathon sessions for each subject which will help you sort out your collective doubt about the chapter.A marathon session will help you analyze the mechanism of a chapter.It’s the final less time consuming summarized conceptual explanation.
  • We are here to speed up your preparation and help you crack in a short period of time.
  • We are to help you cope up with the anxiety of being alone.we will keep you updated with the amended syllabus and help you never feel left out and lose morale to overcome the courage to crack this exam.We will always be there to cheer you up.

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