How to Prepare for PPB | Where to Start from | PPB Syllabus Priority

How to Prepare for PPB | Where to Start from | PPB Syllabus Priority

This article is on the first paper of the latest Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Course 2022. You will get to know about the:

👉What is PPB Syllabus Priority?
👉Where to Start from?
👉How to Prepare for PPB?

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The JAIIB candidates are free to register for the Exam of PPB from 1st of September this 2022. We would recommend the bankers that they register for the exam in the first week of registration time to avoid the lates charges.

The Exam date for PPB though dues on November 12th 2022. 



In PPB Exam Module A And Module B Are Most Important. 60% Of The Paper Of Principles And Practices Of Banking Comes Out Of These Two Models. So Let Us See The Priority Among Module A And Module B.

Module B Is More Important Than Module A in Principles & Practices Of Banking Exam.

Module B Chapter Wise Priority:

  1. Priority Sector Advances
  2. Non Performing Assets
  3. Different Mode Of Charging Securities
  4. Payment And Collection Of Cheques And Other Negotiable Instruments
  5. Consumer Protection Act And Ombudsman Scheme
  6. Bankers Special Relationship: Garnishee Order, Attachment Order, Right Of Set off, Banker’s Lien
  7. Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering
  8. Micro Small And Medium Enterprises
  9. Agriculture Finance
  10. Documentation Stamping And Securitization
  11. Self Help Groups (SHG) And Other Schemes
  12. Types Of Collaterals And Their Characteristics
  13. Principles Of Lending, Working Capital Assessment And Credit Monitoring
  14. Banker Customer Relationship
  15. Credit Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Consumer Loans
  16. Financial Literacy
  17. Opening Accounts Of Various Types Of Customers
  18. Ancillary Services
  19. Cash Operations
  20. Financial Inclusion

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Module A Chapter Wise Priority

  1. Indian Financial System
  2. Factoring And Forfaiting Services And Off-Balance Sheet Items
  3. Risk Management And Basal Records
  4. Banking Regulation
  5. Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking And International Banking
  6. CIBIL, Fair Practices Code For Debt Collection And BCSBI
  7. Role Of Money Markets, Debt Markets And Foreign Market
  8. Role And Functions Of Capital Market And SEBI
  9. Mutual Funds And Insurance Companies
  10. Recent Development In The Financial System


Module D

In this module, you have to cover the chapters in the same format they are in the syllabus. It will help you to understand the various aspects of marketing of banking services and products.

Module E And Module C Have The Same Priority

But I Recommend To Go Through Module E First It Is a Newly Introduced Module And Has More Scope 4 Questions To Come In Coming Exams.

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Now, the question is how will you follow up on the priority of JAIIB in the above lines? Is there any way, you can ease up with with the execution of the JAIIB priority?  

The answer is yes! You can follow through the above prescribed JAIIB Priority for the PPB (Principles & Practices of Banking) paper with the help of Learning Sessions Study Material.

Its very easy to follow through the above policy as the classes are conducted / recoreded as per the modules & chapters. And you can watch the PPB classes as per the given priority. It won’t be any difficult to watch & sort from the lectures & the lectures can be watched n number of times on apps as well as on browsers through PC or Laptop.

So, as you will get the classes as per the chapters & modules. You can prepare accordinly.

Here are some of the JAIIB Principles & Practices of Banking Latest Course details: 

  • Live PPB class + Recorded Lectures of JAIIB PPB
  • Lectures prepared by expert faculty of principles & practices of banking
  • 24 by 7 access to PPB class materials
  • Access through apps (android/ios) & browser (laptop/pc)
  • Unlimited views of principles & practices of banking lectures
  • Mock Tests series of principles & practices of banking 2022
  • Memory Recalled Questions from previous principles & practices of banking papers
  • Mega PPB Mock Tests
  • Downloadable lectures (recorded classes of Latest PPB)
  • Most reasonable prices with Flexiblity in packs
  • Language of PPB classes: English language / Hinglish language both are available 
  • Latest principles & practices of banking prescribed Syllabus 2022 

Access the courses through:



Along with keeping tabs on the above priority, you also follow the topics given in our PPB Exam strategy to clear the paper in your first & one attempt!

Here are the important topics of PPB from all the syllabus which the JAIIB candidates should not skip even by mistake!

Priority Sector Advances, Agricultural Finance, Ancillary Services, Banker Customer Relationship, Bankers’ Special Relationship, Banking Regulation, Better if news: no need for: Recent Developments in the Financial System, Channel Management, CIBIL, Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection, Consumer Protection – COPRA, BCSBI, Data Communication Network & EFT systems, Different Modes of Charging Securities, Banking Ombudsman Scheme, Distribution, Ethics at the Individual Level, Ethics, Business Ethics & Banking: An Integrated Perspective, Factoring, Forfaiting Services and Off-Balance Sheet items, Government Sponsored Schemes, Lending Principles, Working Capital Assessment and Credit Monitoring, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Mutual Funds & Insurance Companies, Bancassurance & IRDA, Non-Performing Assets (NPA), Opening a/c of various types of customers, Payment & Collection of Cheques & Other Negotiable Instruments, Pricing, Risk Management & Basel Accords, Role and Functions of Capital Markets and SEBI, Role Of Money Markets, Debt Markets & Forex Market, Types of collaterals & their characteristics

You can check out the detailed 7 day strategy for PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES OF BANKING (PPB) preparation by clicking on link – here.



You can reach us for any query related to IIBF Study materials/video classes as well as offers on JAIIB, CAIIB, or other IIBF Certification Exams such as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Certified Credit Professional, Anti-money laundering and know your customer (AML-KYC) or Bank Promotion Exams of all banks (Clerical to Scale 5) on our Whatsapp No.: 8360944207


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We wish you best for your Exams!

Team: Learning Sessions

  1. If you have doubt how to start the preparation of jaiib ppb exam for november then read the article related to syllabus priority.


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