New Module D: Banking Ethics in PPB JAIIB 2023

New Module D: Banking Ethics in PPB JAIIB

In this article, we will talk at length about Module D of the Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Certificate Course of IIBF for the upcoming MAY 2023 Attempt. So, if you want to know the contents, the important topics & the priority-wise topics of PPBs’ Module D i.e. Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions, then read the article to the end. You will also find some latest materials for the upcoming JAIIB MAY 2023 papers.

A new module in principles and practices of Banking has been added as per the new syllabus available at the IIBF website.

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This new module is Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions and it contains 6 units as below:

  1. Ethics Business ethics and banking: an integrated perspective
  2. Ethics at the individual level
  3. Ethical dimensions in employees
  4. Work ethics and the workplace
  5. Banking ethics changing dynamics


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Full Video Classes of JAIIB

As this new module has been added to the syllabus of JAIIB. it has become very much clear that IIBF wants to raise the levels of the exam. Our team at learning sessions is working very hard to provide you with the latest updated lectures on the above-said module at the earliest and will provide you with the updated module under the same price tag.

Visit to see in detail video lectures in principles and practices of Banking included Module D chapterwise Videos and Questions.

These video lectures and questions are uploaded chapter wise and module wise

The topics contained in the above-mentioned units are:


Ethics, Business Ethics & Banking – An Integrated Perspective: The module examines topics such as Business Ethics and Ethical Foundations, as well as Banking Ethics in Global & Indian Contexts.

Ethics at the Individual Level: This section discusses Values, Norms, Beliefs, Conflicts, Morality, Golden Rule, Integrity, Decision Making, etc.

Ethical Dimensions Employees: In this section, topics are covered such as obligations to banks or third parties, abuse of official positions, sexual harassment, fair accounting practices, human resource management ethics, conflicts of interest, employees acting as ethics ambassadors, managers acting as ethical leaders, and how this system works.

Work Ethics and the Workplace: This unit covers a wide range of topics, including different perspectives on work ethics, how to ensure ethical behavior at the workplace, causes, and remedies of unethical behavior, codes of ethics, whistleblowing practices in banks & whistleblowing laws in India.

Banking Ethics – Changing Dynamics: You will learn about ethics and technology as a solution, what are different Data Security measures and privacy concerns, Intellectual Property Rights, Patents and Proprietary Rights, Ethics in Information Security, Cyber Threats, and Digital Rights Management, among others.


Now about the important topics from this module of PPB for may 2023 Exams, we have provided them below:

  • Business Ethics,
  • Ethical Foundation and Banking Ethics in Global and Indian Contexts
  • Values,
  • Norms,
  • Beliefs,
  • Morality,
  • Conflict,
  • Integrity,
  • Golden Rule,
  • Dilemmas,
  • Decision-Making

that is the whole first & second unit of this module. The questions (MCQs) from these 2 units weigh 20 to 25 marks alone.

So, when preparing for the D module of Principles & Practices of Banking then you must cover these units especially. After all, if we are to even consider 20 marks, that is almost half of the marks needed to pass the PPB paper of JAIIB 2023.


You can also check out the contents of other Modules of PPB here & you must also read the important topics from the exam point of view for the whole PPB Syllabus so that your chances of passing the JAIIB 2023 Exams become high.



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We wish you all the best for your PPB Exams!

Team: Learning Sessions


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