JAIIB Retail Banking & Wealth Management (RBWM) Exam Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Are you aspiring for the JAIIB certification? IIBF is conducting the JAIIB exam in May/June and November/December in 2024. Retail Banking & Wealth Management (RBWM) is the fourth module of the paper. Looking for the answer on how to prepare for the JAIIB RBWM paper? This article is your answer.

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JAIIB Exam Preparation – Strategy to Crack RBWM the in First Attempt

The JAIIB exam consists of four papers. A well-planned strategy enables candidates to cover the exam syllabus systematically and clear the exam in the first attempt. Candidates are suggested to follow the below-mentioned JAIIB RBWM preparation strategy and study to pass the exam in the first attempt-

Step 1. Know the JAIIB RBWM syllabus 2024

The first step for the JAIIB RBWM exam strategy is to know the JAIIB RBWM syllabus 2024. It provides clarity on topics and concepts and structuring study plans, prioritising modules, selecting study materials.


Module A

Module A: Retail Banking

S. No.



1 Retail Banking: Introduction


Characteristics, advantages, and constraints in Retail Banking
2 Retail Banking: Role within the Bank Operations Business Models
3 Applicability of Retail Banking Concepts and Distinction between Retail and Corporate/Wholesale Banking Distinction between Retail and Corporate/ Wholesale Banking
4 Branch Profitability Categories of Profit, Return on Asset, Return on Equity, Branch Operating Efficiency, Factors affecting profitability


Module B

Module B: Retail Products and Recovery

S. No.




Customer Requirements

Maslow’s Theory

Product Development Process

Product Life Cycle, Debit or Credit Products, Third Party Products, Product Management


Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring Model, Credit Information Companies in India, Issues in Credit Scoring


Important Retail Liability Products

Types of deposits


Important Retail Asset products

PMAY, Types of Loans


Credit and Debit Cards

Co-Branded Cards


Remittance Products



Digitisation of Retail banking Products



Role of AI and Technology in Retail Banking Products

Benefits of AI in Retail Banking


Recovery of Retail Loans

SARFAESI Act, DRT, Lok Adalat


Management Information Systems

Role of MIS in Banking Industry
12 Securitization

Securitization of Assets


Module C

Module C: Support Services – Marketing of Banking Services/Products

S. No.




Marketing: An Introduction Marketing Mix


Delivery Channels in Retail Banking

Channel Experience, Internet Banking


Delivery Models

Direct Selling Agents, Dedicated Marketing Managers


Customer Relationship Management in Retail Banking

Implementation of Process of CRM, Benefits of CRM


Service Standards for Retail Banking

BCSBI Customer Grievance Handling

6 Marketing Information System: A Longitudinal Analysis

Functions of MKIS


Module D

Module D: Wealth Management

S No.





Importance of Wealth Management

Instruments of Wealth Management


Investment Management

Portfolio Management


Tax Planning

All Topics


Other Financial Services Provided by Banks

All Topics


Module Extra

Module Extra: Additional Reading Material on Home Loans

S No.




Lender’s Appraisal Procedure

Appraisal Procedures


Housing Finance and Tax Planning

Tax Benefits in Respect of Housing Finance


Mortgage Advice

Development of “Home Information Packs”; Time Value of Money-interest and Annuities;

Capital Gains; Loan Calculator and Loan Amortization Schedule


Valuation of Real Property

Who does Valuation?; Land with Building; Life of Structures; Sinking Fund; Reverse Mortgage


Step 2.  Start with a plan

As working professionals, giving sufficient time to prepare for the JAIIB exam can be challenging. With a meticulous study plan, try to focus on the study material, and avoid multitasking. Make a schedule in a way that can have enough time to revise the syllabus again.

Step 3. Get the JAIIB RBWM Study Material

Preparing for the JAIIB RBWM, you need informative study materials to help you comprehend the important concepts of the four modules of the JAIIB RBWM paper. Without access to quality study material, clearing the RBWM paper becomes challenging. The essential components of study material are- mock tests, Epdfs, previous year questions, videos etc. Candidates need to identify the quality study material. There are many online as well as offline resources of RBWM study material and offer a wide range of study material, but candidates must choose the right platform.

Step 4: Prioritize Modules

Prioritizing modules in the JAIIB RBWM (Retail Banking & Wealth Management) exam preparation is important for effective time management and focused study. Candidates should start by identifying the weightage of each module. By allocating more time and effort to difficult modules, candidates can enhance their understanding and proficiency in key areas, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the RBWM paper of the JAIIB exam.

Step 5. Practice Regularly

Practice solving mock tests, and previous year questions on a regular basis. This will familiarise you with the exam pattern and improve time management and areas of improvement that require more revision.

One Bonus Tip – Practice mock tests

Without practice, it is difficult for candidates to assess their performance level. You must follow up with solving as many mock tests as possible. Practising several mock tests will also help in preparing for the real exam and assist you in knowing your stronger and weaker areas.

Step 6. Don’t Forget to Revise

It involves reviewing key points, concepts, theories, numerical, case studies etc. Engaging in this revision technique helps in understanding the concepts better and By committing to regular and focused revision, candidates can solidify their knowledge base, optimize their performance, and approach the JAIIB RBWM with readiness and confidence.

JAIIB RBWM Preparation: General Tips

  • Stick to a Study Schedule.
  • Create short notes of important points.
  • Use quality study material.
  • Take breaks.

JAIIB RBWM Preparation: Section-Wise Tips

  • Follow the recommended schedule of 17 hrs.
  • Study the memory-recalled questions provided by Learning Sessions.
  • Get the benefit of the “Golden Rule” IIBF by scoring more in RBWM.
  • Prepare modules B,D,C first.
  • Prepare according to our AFM syllabus priority video.

JAIIB Exam Preparation- RBWM Study Material by Learning Sessions

RBWM Previous Year Questions

For the Entire Course Additionally, the materials will include exam questions from the previous year, which are helpful in giving you an idea of the difficulty level of the exams that have already been conducted. You will also be able to understand the key concepts because you have an idea of the questions and subjects that are repeatedly asked.

Video Lectures – our RBWM video lectures feature covering all the concepts of four modules, practical examples, case studies, and numerical section discussions that make it easy for the candidates to understand the concepts easily.

RBWM Mega Mock Tests

After watching the lectures, you can complete the mock tests, which can boost your confidence, aid in topic revision, and help you prepare exam techniques for answering multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

RBWM Epdf Notes

The Learning Sessions Android app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store, provides access to these notes. The Epdf notes are arranged by subjects or chapters, which makes it very simple to revise.

RBWM Case Studies

Case studies on a range of subjects are tested in several IIBF exams. Additionally, there are more than enough case studies in our study material to cover the whole syllabus.

Chapter-specific Questions

Both the notes and the videos will be accessible in a sorted or chapter-based style. You can revise the chapters by using this chapter-wise arrangement, which will assist you in revising the syllabus or going through the lectures or contents according to your own requirements.

JAIIB RBWM Syllabus Priority for 2024 Exam

Candidates should begin by identifying the weightage of each module. Prioritising modules on the basis of their importance and complexity enables candidates to give more time to modules and concepts that require more time. Check the syllabus priority video by our expert and learn about module priority, module weightage, important case studies, and how to cover the syllabus in just 17 hours and a day-wise study schedule also know how to get 60+ marks in RBWM paper.



The JAIIB Course for the upcoming IIBF JAIIB Exams has been published by Learning Sessions & is available to access at the Learning Sessions App. Retail Banking & Wealth Management paper is something that you can tackle with the direction of experts & success in these will be a breeze!

  • Online Classes of Retail Banking & Wealth Management 2024
  • Online RBWM Mock Test Series 2024
  • Previous Year Questions
  • E-pdf notes 2024
  • Special Mega & Maha Mega Classes (near the Exam Due dates)
  • Online Important Question Classes

Features of our RBWM Study Material

  • Prepared & delivered by expert JAIIB & CAIIB Exam faculty
  • Available with 24 by 7 access
  • through Android & iOS apps and browsers
  • with no restriction on no. of views on JAIIB Video Classes
  • Downloadable lectures on the app (recorded classes)
  • At the most reasonable & lowest prices
  • Flexible packs (individual & combos)
  • Conceptual clarity videos
  • Questions Videos
  • English/Hinglish language available

In conclusion, preparing for the JAIIB Retail Banking & Wealth Management exam (RBWM) demands a meticulous and structured approach. Understanding the exam pattern, and syllabus, and prioritizing modules are fundamental steps for effective preparation. With dedication, and consistency candidates can complexities emerge successfully in their pursuit of the JAIIB certification.



Q1. What is the JAIIB RBWM paper?

The JAIIB RBWM paper is the fourth paper of the JAIIB exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF)

Q2. How many modules are in the RBWM syllabus?

There are 4 modules in the RBWM paper-

Module A: Retail Banking

Module B: Retail Products and Recovery

Module C: Support Services – Marketing of Banking Services/Products

Module D: Wealth Management

Q3. How can i prepare for the RBWM paper?

Prepare for the RBWM paper with an understanding of the syllabus, using quality study material, and practising with mock tests and previous year’s papers.

Q4. What is the duration of the RBWM paper?

The RBWM paper duration is usually 2 hours for each module.

Q5. Can I retake the RBWM exam if i fail?

Yes, candidates who fail the RBWM exam can reappear for the exam in subsequent sessions as per the schedule provided by the IIBF.

Q6. How to get updates and notifications about the RBWM syllabus and exam pattern?

Candidates can check updates and notifications on the official website of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF)


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