CAIIB: BFM ABM in one Attempt

Bank Financial Management (BFM) is the second compulsory exam in CAIIB. CAIIB is Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. CAIIB is conducted twice every year by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). ABM and BFM both are sought to be difficult papers in CAIIB. Because the topics which are covered in these two exams are not generally covered in general banking. The other reason is that the language used in the books by different authors McMillan etc is very difficult.

So How to Clear CAIIB Exams? ABM and BFM

First and the main part of learning caiib is the concepts. Either you can learn the concepts through books or through our full course videos. Concepts for these two papers of CAIIB must be crystal clear.

CAIIB ABM - Advanced Bank Management Syllabus Priority
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Bank Financial Management - BFM Syllabus Priority
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ABM BFM Retail Previous Year Questions
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Full Course Videos in Hindi English
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Keep one thing in mind that each and every question asked in these two papers of CAIIB is based on deep concepts. So if you have cleared your concepts (You can easily clear concepts for ABM and BFM using our videos) you can easily solve any question and case study.


Second thing you need to focus to clear caiib exam is the consistency. That is you need to be consistent while studying CAIIB. You should follow the priority for the syllabus. You should ascertain that you devote time for learning the concepts. And you should also revise them so as to retain them.

We have full course videos and chapter wise previous year questions for abm, bfm and retail banking. These previous year questions are sorted chapter wise. Which makes it easier to learn the concepts and also gives you an idea about the questions being asked in the exams. Mock tests for abm, bfm, retail banking and information technology are also available to further boost your confidence level.

Note: Videos are also available for Retail Banking and Information Technology.

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So what are you waiting for. Join us today and Clear CAIIB exams in 1 Attempt.

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