CAIIB/JAIIB registration process and Exam dates

This article will let you know about the CAIIB/JAIIB 2023 exam registration date, subject-wise exam dates, fees, and online application.

JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) and CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) is conducted twice a year by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance).

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These are promotional-driven examinations, which ensure some monetary and monetary perks in a banker’s career. 

Here we’ve stated why one should write these exams.


JAIIB/CAIIB Perks Benefits

Field Monetary benefits  Non-monetary benefits 
As a clerk in a bank 1 increment in salary 2 increments in salary               —-                 —-
As an officer in a bank 1 increment in salary 1 increment in salary               —-                 —-
Promotion     —–     —– Amplify chances of promotion Amplify chances of promotion
Professional roles     —–     —– Bankers can get posting in Professional/Specific fields Bankers can get posting in Professional/Specific fields


JAIIB 2023 exam registration

For the May session, the JAIIB registration date is going to start on 1 March 2023 and will end on March 2023 whereas for the Oct session the registration from starts from 1 Oct 2023 and end on 7 Oct 2023. 

Candidates registration in-between the aforementioned registration dates will have to pay the normal fee, those registering later than these dates (the extended date is valid until 21.03.2023 for May session) will be charged some extra fee, as shown in the table given below:

Registration and exam date for DB & F is the same as JAIIB.

Date Fee charged
                                            For May session
01.03.2023 to 07.03.2023 Normal
08.03.2023 to 14.03.2023 Normal + 100
15.03.2023 to 21.03.2023 Normal + 200
                                          For Dec session
01.08.2023 to 07.08.2023 Normal
08.08.2023 to 14.08.2023 Normal + 100
15.08.2023 to 21.08.2023 Normal + 200


CAIIB 2023 exam registration

For the June session the CAIIB registration date is going to start on 1 April 2023 and will end on 7 April 2023 whereas for the Dec session the registration from start from 1 Oct 2023 and end on 7 Oct 2023. 

Candidates registration in-between the aforementioned registration dates will have to pay the normal fee, those registering later than these dates (extended date is valid until 21.04.2023 for the June session) and  will be charged some extra fee, as shown in the table given below:

Date Fee charged
                                            For May session
01.04.2023 to 07.04.2023 Normal
08.04.2023 to 14.04.2023 Normal + 100
15.04.2023 to 21.04.2023 Normal + 200
                                            For Dec session
01.09.2023 to 07.09.2023 Normal
08.09.2023 to 14.09.2023 Normal + 100
15.09.2023 to 21.09.2023 Normal + 200


Fee charged 

Sr. no. Exam No. of attempts For members (Rs.)
1. JAIIB 1 4,000* 
2 1,300*
3 1,300*
4 1,300*
5 1,300*
2. CAIIB 1 5,300*
2 1,300*
3 1,300*
4 1,300*
5 1,300*
3. CAIIB (Elective) 1. 1,300*
Subsequent each attempt 1,300*
3. DB & F 1 35,00*
2 1,300*
3 1,300*
4 1,300*
5 1,300*
                        Plus, GST as applicable


Exam dates

The exam dates for CAIIB, JAIIB and DB & F are given as follows:

Exam date
May/June Oct/Dec Subject
07-05-2023 08-10-2023 Indian Economy & Financial System
13-05-2023 14-10-2023 Principles & Practices of Banking
14-05-2023 15-10-2023 Accounting & Financial Management of Banking
21-05 -2023 29-10-2023 Retail Banking & Wealth Management
                                                        Dates for DB & F are the same as for JAIIB
10-06-2023 26-11-2023 Advanced Bank Management
11-06-2023 03-12-2023 Bank Financial Management
18-06-2023 09-12-2023 Advance Business & Financial Management
24-06-2023 10-12-2023 Banking Regulations and Business Laws
25-06-2023 17-12-2023 Elective

  • Rural Banking
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology & Digital Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Central Banking


Watch for Free Live streaming

Cover the module-wise syllabus of JAIIB/CAIIB.

Class Class type  Streaming time  Tutor
Retail Banking and Wealth management   Conceptual 6:30 AM Sandhya
Advanced Bank management  Conceptual 7:30 AM Sandhya 
Indian Economy and Indian Financial System Conceptual 7:00 PM Kundan
Indian economy and Indian financial system Conceptual 8:00 PM  Kundan
Retail Banking and Wealth Management (Eng)


Conceptual 7:30 PM Jyoti 
Rural Banking  Conceptual 7:30 PM  Jyoti 


CAIIB/JAIIB 2023 Exam Registration Related FAQ

  • Who is eligible to take JAIIB/CAIIB 2023 exam?

Only a banker who fulfils the eligibility criteria.

  • What’s the eligibility for the IIBF JAIIB/CAIIB 2023 exam?

A candidate must be a member of IIBF.

Must have passed Intermediate or equivalent (in case if qualification is only matriculation, a recommendation letter from the Bank manager is required).

  • What are the passing criteria for the JAIIB/CAIIB 2023 exam?

Candidates must receive at least 50 out of a possible 100 points to pass the JAIIB exam.

The candidates will be deemed to have passed the test even if they only score a minimum of 45 points in each subject and a combined 50% on all topics on one attempt.

Candidates will be able to keep their credits for the topic they passed in an attempt up until the 2-year time restriction for passing the exam has gone (i.e., 4 consecutive attempts).

  • What’s the scope after JAIIB/CAIIB?

After passing the JAIIB test, applicants have an absolute understanding of the fundamentals of accountancy, banking, financial services, legal issues, and many other areas. Once they are qualified to take the CAIIB exam, they can advance their careers even further.

  • What steps must be taken to quickly advance from the position of clerk to that of the officer?

A fast promotion is obtained without having to wait a long time for it. Instead, they take matters into their own hands and upskill themselves by enrolling in the appropriate courses in order to promotion.

However, one of the measures towards quick promotion is JAIIB and CAIIB. When evaluating promotions, one also gives credit for CAIIB and JAIIB.

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What are the payment options available?

  1. Card – Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, & Maestro
  2. UPI – G-pay, PhonePay, PayTM etc.
  3. Net banking – All Indian Banks
  4. Wallet – Mobikwik, Freecharge, Airtel Money, Ola Money, Jio Money & PayZapp
  5. EMI – via Credit & Debit Cards
  6. Pay Later – ICICI Bank PayLater


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