In this post, you will find the HRM FREE MOCK TEST for the Elective paper of Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers i.e Human Resources Management from the Syllabus 2023 for the JUNE exams. 

To prepare for the HRM (Human Resource Management) elective Exam of CAIIB, attempt the below given multiple choice questions.

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The Questions of HRM free mock test are given along with options & all the answers are available in the answer table at the last of the article. 



1. As what is the Performance appraisal measurement error in which prejudices of rater distort results of rating is classified?

  1. Halo effect
  2. Contrast error
  3. Rater bias
  4. Sampling error
2. When does this type of central tendency error while appraising performance (employee rating falls at higher side of scale) occur?

  1. Strictness error
  2. Halo effect
  3. Leniency error
  4. Contrast error
3. How are the people who are attracted to occupation of biologist are classified?

  1. Realistic orientation
  2. Social orientation
  3. Artistic orientation
  4. Investigative orientation
4.  For what purpose the employee training is required?

  1. Job enhancement
  2. Job Analysis
  3. Job requirement
  4. Job Enrichment
5. Which employees can be promoted in the future for the top level job?

  1. Legal employees
  2. Potential employees
  3. Skilled employees
  4. Trained employees
6. When there is an increase in industrial development, _________ also gets stimulated.

  1. Economy
  2. Organizational modifications
  3. Technology
  4. Socio cultural change
7. In which period, people act as mentors for younger employees?

  1. Exploration stage
  2. Decline stage
  3. Growth stage
  4. Midcareer crisis sub stage
8. Which of the following is an example of ‘Leisure time counseling’?

  1. Phased retirement
  2. Honoring experience
  3. Preretirement counseling
  4. Modifying selection procedure
9. In which of the below options, ‘the idea of instituting HR policies to support & encourage senior workers’ falls in? 

  1. Promotions
  2. Managing retirements
  3. Transfers
  4. Reality shock
10. What kind of function is Human Resource Planning?

  1. Forward Looking
  2. Backward Looking
  3. Simple Looking
  4. Cross Looking
11. In what case, the Job satisfaction will be high?

  1. Low morale
  2. Low wage
  3. High Morale
  4. High wage
12. Which Act prohibits the employment of child < 14 years – age?

  1. Contract labour
  2. Bonded labour
  3. Child labour
  4. Wages contract
13. Under what classification are the people who are attracted to the occupation of biologist are best defined?

  1. Realistic orientation
  2. Investigative orientation
  3. Social orientation
  4. Artistic orientation
14. In which stage people act as mentors for younger employees?

  1. Exploration stage
  2. Decline stage 
  3. Midcareer crisis sub stage
  4. Growth stage
15. When people are attracted to occupations involving cognitive activities, they can be classified as?

  1. Realistic orientation
  2. Investigative orientation
  3. Social orientation
  4. Artistic orientation
16. What helps in exchange of ideas, opinions, facts or emotions among persons?

  1. Written communication
  2. Upward communication
  3. Communication
  4. Downward communication
17. Which of the following insists the job to be designed to meet the expectations of workers?

  1. Employee and their abilities
  2. Social and cultural expectations
  3. Work practices
  4. Work flow
18. What is the meaning of Techno stress?

  1. Stress in technology and information
  2. Stress in task revision
  3. Ergonomic stress
  4. Alternative work pattern
19. Offering flexible part-time work to retirement age senior employees is one way to?

  1. Keep employees
  2. Retirement benefits
  3. Talent management
  4. Keep retirees
20. What is an example of ‘Cooperative union-management projects’?

  1. Human process intervention
  2. Strategic intervention
  3. Techno structural interventions
  4. HRM interventions
21. What is an example of ‘Integrated strategic management’?

  1. survey research
  2. marketing research
  3. action research
  4. human research
22 Tina is conducting an interview to hire the CEO for her organization. She needs to know about the personality of the person, so she may use:

  1. Physical Examination
  2. Depth Interview 
  3. Psychological Test
  4. Reference Check
23 What is the first step in process of management by objectives?

  1. ongoing performance discussion
  2. develop performance standards
  3. guided setting of objective
  4. review job and agreement 
24 What is the name of an automated end to end process of planning and recruiting employees?

  1. phased retirement
  2. talent management
  3. pre-retirement counseling
  4. modifying selection procedure


Check out the HRM Question’s answer from the below table:


1 – 3 7 – 2 13 – 2 19 – 4
2 – 3 8 – 3 14 – 2 20 – 3
3 – 4 9 – 2 15 – 2 21 – 2
4 – 3 10 – 1 16 – 4 22 – 2
5 – 2 11 – 3 17 – 2 23 – 4
6 – 1 12 – 3 18 – 1 24 – 2



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