In this post, we will be taking up some CAIIB FAQs on IIBF Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exams.

The bankers who have cleared JAIIB must have some questions in regard to CAIIB for further Exams for the banking personnel in respect to their promotions in banks. 

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So, if you also fall in the above category, then you can get all the answers of your various questions in regard to CAIIB.




ANS- CAIIB is a banking exam CAIIB aims at providing specialized knowledge needed for better decision-making in the field of Treasury Management, Balance Sheet Management, Risk Management, Credit Management, Economic Analysis, International Banking, etc. 


QUES- What is the full form of CAIIB?

ANS- CAIIB stands for Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers.


QUES- Who conducts CAIIB?

ANS- CAIIB Exam is conducted or administered by IIBF twice every year. The exam of CAIIB is held in the month of June & December.


QUES- Is CAIIB a degree?

ANS- No. CAIIB is not a degree but a certification. And this certification is done only by IIBF.


QUES- Can a fresher take the CAIIB exam?

ANS- Only a banker who has passed his/her JAIIB Exam can take up the CAIIB Exam. Check out if you fulfill the eligibility criteria in detail here.


QUES- What is the eligibility for the CAIIB Exam?

ANS- The candidate has passed JAIIB or PART-1 of the Associate Examination

He or she must not have any outstanding dues towards the Institute. 

For Full details visit here: CAIIB Latest Eligibility Criteria


QUES- I have not cleared class 12th. Am I still eligible to take the CAIIB exam?

ANS- Well, 12th matters only when you had to apply for JAIIB & that criteria was also waived off on the recommendation of the Bank Manager. So, it doesn’t matter if you have cleared 12th or not but only whether you have passed CAIIB or not.


QUES- Is CAIIB equally valued in RRBs (Regional Rural Banks) as they are valued in PSBs (Public Sector Banks)?

ANS- Yes, the certification of Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers & Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers are equally valued in the RRBs. RRBs’ employees get the same benefit as PSBs’ employees get on passing CAIIB.


QUES- What skills are acquired through CAIIB?

ANS- After going through the CAIIB Course, bankers get enriched in knowledge in respect of Treasury Management, Risk Management, Balance Sheet Management, Credit Management, Economic Analysis, and International Banking which helps in taking better decisions in their tasks. 


QUES- What are the benefits of CAIIB?

ANS- CAIIB benefits entail:

  • 2 increments in salary if at a Clerical scale
  • 1 increment in salary if at the Officer scale
  • Fast Track Promotion

For full details visit: All benefits of CAIIB


QUES- Who can apply for CAIIB?

ANS- Anyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance.


QUES- Why should I choose CAIIB?

ANS- You should choose to get the CAIIB Certification because of its various benefits. Here is why.


QUES- What is the CAIIB Syllabus?

ANS- CAIIB has a total of 5 papers i.e Advanced Bank Management, Bank Financial Management, Advanced Business & Financial Management & Banking Regulations and Business Laws are compulsory papers while the candidates are free to choose one from Rural Banking, Human Resources Management, Information Technology & Digital Banking, Risk Management, or Central Banking papers as per new syllabus. They are all divided into modules & units.

Check out the full Syllabus of CAIIB here.


QUES- What is the new CAIIB Syllabus?

ANS- IIBF has come up with the Revised Syllabus for CAIIB Exams in December 2021. Through the revision, paper 2 new papers have been added in the CAIIB Syllabus as compulsory papers. While the Retail Banking paper (optional) will be done away with. Though this new CAIIB Syllabus is applicable from June 2023 onwards.

You can read the Revised Syllabus of CAIIB in detail here.


QUES- What are the CAIIB Exam dates?

ANS- IIBF announces the CAIIB Exam dates well in advance for the two attempts i.e June & December month. You can check them out by clicking: Latest CAIIB Exam dates.


QUES- When is the CAIIB registration?

ANS- Aspirant who wants to sit for the CAIIB Exam, have to register themselves well in advance at the pre-announced dates with IIBF. These dates are announced along with the CAIIB Exam dates. Check out the Latest Registration dates of CAIIB here.


QUES- Is CAIIB difficult?

ANS- Not at all. Clearing the Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Exam is easy when it’s prepared from the right material & enough practice has been done on the topics. You can easily pass the CAIIB paper with the help of this latest Study Material of CAIIB.


QUES- Can I pass CAIIB in First Attempt?

ANS- Yes. You easily pass the IIBF CAIIB paper in a single attempt. All you are required to do is to watch/attend the classes & practice the mock questions & you will be ready to conquer your CAIIB Certification.

Check out the Latest CAIIB Video Classes here.


QUES- How many questions are asked in CAIIB Exam?

ANS- The Indian Institute of Banking & Finance asks 100 objective-type Questions (MCQs) in the CAIIB Exams.


QUES- What is the passing criteria of the CAIIB exam?

ANS-  On has to score a minimum of 250 marks in aggregation, which are further subject to obtaining 45 marks in each of its individual paper.

For better understanding, you can take a look at this: CAIIB passing Criteria


QUES- How many attempts are allowed in Caiib?

ANS- CAIIB registration is to be done for 3 years (5 attempts maximum) by paying a requisite fee & in these 3 years, one can attempt the paper for 5 times even non-consecutively.


QUES- How can I prepare for the CAIIB exam?

ANS- To prepare for CAIIB Exams: Study the whole IIBF prescribed CAIIB Syllabus through our Latest CAIIB Classes for the latest session. After completing the classes, you can practice the syllabus with Mock Tests of each of its papers. 

The whole of the Study material is prepared to deliver Conceptual clarity & is available in the English language (ABM & BFM) & Hinglish language (all papers).

You can easily pass & prepare CAIIB with the help of Latest Live + Recorded (Downloadable) Lectures which are delivered by CAIIBs’ expert faculty & are available 24 by 7 to access through apps & browsers.

The videos lectures of CAIIB have Unlimited views & apart from those videos, there are Mock Tests, Memory Recalled Questions in the study material.


QUES- What is the fees of the CAIIB exam?

ANS- The CAIIB fee is Rs. 3000.00 + taxes for the 1st attempt. For subsequent 3 attempts, it will be Rs. 1300 + taxes.


QUES- What is the mode of the CAIIB exam?

ANS- CAIIB Exams are conducted online mode. That is to say that the exams are conducted on computers but not from just anywhere. Proper locations are allotted for the CAIIB examinations where candidates have to go & then attempt the CAIIB Exam.


QUES- What is the online class fees for CAIIB Preparation?

ANS- There are institutions that charge heavy amounts for the CAIIB Classes. But you can take up the CAIIB Courses from Learning Sessions which start from Rs. 980 to Rs. 3500 approx.

You can check out the latest recorded classes of IIBF CAIIB here: 

1) Android App: IIBF Learning Center

2) iOS App: My Institute App

3) Website: Learning Center (Org Code: gegkt)


QUES- I have completed CAIIB exam, which exam should I focus on next?

ANS- After done with CAIIB, your next focus could be IIBF Certifications ranging from MSME, CCP, KYC & AML, Digital banking & Risk Management, or Bank Promotion exams that are held every year by IBPS on behalf of banks. 


QUES- What are the scopes after completing CAIIB?

ANS- After completing CAIIB, the candidates get well-versed with the advanced knowledge that helps in better decision making & can work in Risk Management, Treasury Management, Credit Management, International Banking, and Audit.


QUES- What is the procedure to get a fast promotion, from a clerk to an officer?

ANS- Fast promotion is the process where one doesn’t wait out to get promoted like old times. Instead, one takes matters to his/her own hands by upskilling own self through different eligible courses.

CAIIB is one step closer to fast promotion because while considering the promotions exams, one gets marks for CAIIB as well.


QUES- What is CAIIB Salary?

ANS- There is not any salary of CAIIB per se. But a banker who clears the exam, gets 1 to 2 increment/s in his/her current salary depending on the rank. For more details visit: CAIIB Salary Increment


QUES- Is CAIIB useful for private bankers?


QUES- I work in a private bank & not a PSB, is CAIIB still beneficial for me?

ANS- Yes, CAIIB also upskills the bankers of private banks equally. If no monetary benefit, they still get upskilled in their knowledge.


QUES- Can I get job after CAIIB?

ANS- Sure. After CAIIB you get the chance to shift up the scales & work in another department such as credit, risk/ treasury, etc.


QUES- What is better JAIIB or CAIIB?

ANS- To be factual, both are good because they both entail increments. It isn’t like you can apply for CAIIB without passing JAIIB. You must pass the JAIIB exam in order to sit for the CAIIB.



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