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Knowledge of basic accounting principles, technology, customer service, and banking is necessary for banking operations. In this blog, we are offering you free JAIIB PDF. You can also sign up for free at Learning Sessions to get the access to JAIIB study resources as well as to JAIIB mock tests.

This study guide covers almost all of the JAIIB syllabus’s topics. To get the PDF of the JAIIB Study Guide, click on the significant topic. You won’t need to rely on any books in the market or any other sources to pass your JAIIB examination if you take a look at these Pdf’s provided by Learning Sessions. So let’s get started with the study materials and the curriculum for the JAIIB exam 2023.

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Study guides for the JAIIB 2023: JAIIB Module-wise PDF 2023

We have covered the whole curriculum for the CAIIB’s PAPER I, II, III, and IV, chapter by chapter and module by module, in our study guide for the 2023 New curriculum. To acquire conceptual understanding, you should make the most out of these JAIIB study resources along with brief notes provide by Learning Sessions free of cost. 

With the most recent JAIIB 2023 Pdfs and practise tests, you can ace the IIBF JAIIB exam. It is a thorough study manual made to make sure you can confidently and easily get ready for the JAIIB 2023 exam. You may be confident that you are studying the most recent information because every question is based on the new 2023 IIBF JAIIB curriculum & test pattern. The primary question types and solutions covered in this JAIIB New Pattern Pdf study guide are all essential for passing the test. If you still aren’t confident enough, follow these Tips and Strategy to pass IIBF JAIIB 2023 Learning Sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned applicant, it is the ideal platform for anybody trying to pass the JAIIB test. 

JAIIB PDF 2023 Study Material: Indian Economy and Indian Financial System 

The new subject on “Indian Economy & Indian Financial System” covers the basics of economics and financial system prevalent in India.  

The applicants gain familiarity with the nation’s current and changing economic environment as a result. These PDFs from Learning Sessions cover nearly every topic, from the Indian financial system to current concerns and advances in the Indian economic framework and are meant to serve as a brief overview to the Indian Economy and the Financial System. 

Additionally, students may learn more about the Indian economy and financial system by reading financial newspapers, periodicals, and internet resources. This will help them respond to questions in the JAIIB test efficiently. 

So, to help the students and to make their learning more easy and effective, Learning Sessions has prepped pdf notes for the students preparing for the IE&IFS exam. 

Here you can download the module wise PDF of Paper I (Indian Economy and Indian Financial System): 

S.NO. Paper Module Chapter Action
1 IE&IFS A An Overview of Indian Economy Download
2 IE&IFS A Sectors of Indian Economy Download
3 IE&IFS A Economic Planning in India and Niti Aayog Download
4 IE&IFS A Role of Priority Sector and MSME in the Indian Economy Download
5 IE&IFS A Infrastructure including social infrastructure Download
6 IE&IFS A Globalisation- Impact on India Download


JAIIB PDF 2023 Study Material: Principles and Practices of Banking  

The pdf on “Principles and Practises of Banking” offered by Learning Sessions introduces the current and aspiring banking and finance professionals to a broad but highly relevant array of banking services, products, and operations, the insight of which will be crucial to function as an effective professional.Understanding the complexities of the operational parts of banking is made easier with the help of these JAIIB 2023 Pdfs from Learning Sessions along with some JAIIB PPB short notes. The JAIIB 2023 Pdfs provided below adequately cover the advancements in banking, covering the crucial topics of new technology and banking ethics. 

The details of financial intermediary services, regulatory aspects governing the financial sector, marketing components of banking institutions, sources and purposes of funds in banks, loans and deposits, investment portfolio of banks, statutory reserve requirements, capital adequacy, Basel III norms, and lending functions of banks are all thoroughly covered in these. 

So, to help the students and to make their learning more easy and effective, Learning Sessions has prepped pdf notes for the students preparing for the PPB exam. 

Here you can download the module wise PDF of Paper II (Principles and Practices of Banking): 

S.NO. Paper Module Chapter Action
1 PPB A Banker Customer Relationship Download
2 PPB A AML-KYC Guidelines Download
3 PPB A Operational Aspects of KYC Download
4 PPB A Opening Accounts of Various Types of Customers Download
5 PPB A Operational Aspects of Deposit Accounts Download
6 PPB A Operational Aspects of Handling Clearing Download


JAIIB PDF 2023 Study Material: Accounting and Financial Management of Banking  

The comprehensive JAIIB 2023 pdf provided by Learning Sessions on “Accounting & Financial Management of Banking” helps the bankers develop a solid understanding of both accounting and financial management. Banking professionals must have a fundamental understanding of accounting, its practises, the operational considerations involved, the significance of financial statements, the adoption of technology in accounting, the key ratios used in evaluating the financial statements, and their interpretation given the way businesses are changing. Understanding the connections between cost accounting, financial accounting, management accounting, and financial management is also crucial.

For easier comprehension, efforts have been made by Learning Sessions to clarify the concepts of the students using clear language and illustrations. The expert faculty of Learning Sessions, who have years of expertise in teaching for the JAIIB examinations preparation, has provided the following recommendations, tips, and considerations. If you also come across finding it difficult to practise the JAIIB AFM paper, you must also read them. 

Getting on to the point, to improve the abilities of the candidates and to make their learning more easy and effective, Learning Sessions has prepped pdf notes for the students preparing for the AFM exam. 

Here you can download the module wise PDF of Paper III (Accounting and Financial Management of Banking): 

S.NO. Paper Module Chapter Action
1 AFM A Definition, Scope& Accounting Standards Including IND AS Download
2 AFM A Basic Accountancy Procedures Download
3 AFM A Maintenance of Cash/ Subsidiary Books and Ledger Download
4 AFM A Bank Reconciliation Statement Download
5 AFM A Trial Balance, Rectification of Errors and Adjusting& Closing Entries Download
6 AFM A Depreciation Download


JAIIB PDF 2023 Study Material: Retail Banking and Wealth Management  

The “Retail Banking and Wealth Management” pdf for JAIIB 2023 by Learning Sessions is a collection of the numerous goods and services that banks provide. In the current environment, bank branches have developed into an all-in-one financial centre that can meet all of the demands of consumers in terms of deposits, credit, and investment products. The utilisation of technology has also caused an evolutionary change in banking operations and modified client tastes and perceptions.The course material’s preparation includes a wide coverage of all the main banking services and products as well as updates on current advancements in the industry, with a focus on the digital environment. 

These JAIIB 2023 pdfs provided by Learning Sessions intends to serve as a comprehensive guide for all Retail Bankers and support them in managing the retail business which is a critical stepping stone for a successful banker. 

So, to help the students and to make their learning more easy and effective, Learning Sessions has prepped pdf notes for the students preparing for the RBWM exam. 

Here you can download the module wise PDF of Paper IV (Retail Banking and Wealth Management): 

S.NO. Paper Module Chapter Action
1 RBWM A Introduction of Retail Banking Download
2 RBWM A Role within the Retail Banking Download
3 RBWM A Branch profitablity Download
4 RBWM B Customer Requirement Download
5 RBWM B Product Development Process Download


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