JAIIB Mock Tests/Exams, Study Notes and PDF Material

JAIIB Mock Tests: Now get 300 Mock Tests Attempts across all the three exams of JAIIB. Previous Year chapter wise memory recalled questions are also covered.

  1. Principles and Practices of Banking
  2. Accounting and Finance for Banking
  3. Legal and Regulatory aspects of banking

These mock tests cover 10 or 20 or 30 questions based on previous year memory recalled questions of the JAIIB specially created or recovered for the purpose of best understanding the basics and difficult concepts in the papers of JAIIB and to crack the exam in one attempt using this JAIIB study material.

Full Course Videos in Hindi English
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jaiib ppb short notes part 1
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jaiib exam free study material
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jaiib study material pdf notes 2022
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how to prepare for ppb
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How to prepare for JAIIB Exam?

Preparing JAIIB exam is not easy. But if you work upon a strategy to learn the concepts, you easily go through it. JAIIB exams these days have tricky conceptual questions. So one must stick to the basic concepts for sure success in JAIIB. And for solving this we have full video courses for JAIIB exam with latest updated syllabus. These videos are fun to understand the basic concepts in very less time. I mean 65+ Hours videos, that is it. Just 65+ hours videos to cover entire JAIIB syllabus. Visit for complete course details.

PPB Jaiib Mega Mock test
PPB Jaiib Mega Mock test

Along with this you also get 20 Compete Tests which include 30 questions in each exam means more 600 Questions for JAIIB. So in total you get 3000+ JAIIB Questions based on previous year memory recalled part of the papers.

You also Get 1300+ short study notes for easy learning and concept building. This also contains the one liners which make it really easy to learn the concept without going through the tough theories.

More than that we have added 100+ videos on JAIIB exams. These videos really clears your doubts away. Most of the video lectures are in Hindi language so its very much easy for clearing the JAIIB in single attempt. ALL the VERY BEST.


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