JAIIB May 2024 Online Crash course

Pave the way towards promotion in your banking career by successfully passing your exam since learning sessions has launched its recently updated JAIIB May 2024 Online crash course.

Advance your JAIIB 2024 exam preparation

One big challenge for bankers who want to succeed is finding the time to study. It’s also hard to know if you’re studying the right way and making progress. That’s where coaching classes come in!

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jaiib ppb short notes part 1
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jaiib exam free study material
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They provide a structured approach to studying and expert guidance on how to study effectively. They help you analyze your performance and identify areas for improvement. They also offer resources and tools to help you stay motivated and on track.

JAIIB 2024 exam is approaching already, don’t miss your chance. Join us (English/Hindi) right away.


Why choose our JAIIB May 2024 Online crash course?

Learning sessions career-oriented online courses are trusted by thousands of aspirants each year since we help them identify their key areas of strength and weaknesses throughout the preparation.

  • Productive syllabus coverage 

Our  JAIIB crash course guarantees thorough coverage of essential topics included in the syllabus of the JAIIB May 2023 exam. We have conducted a meticulous analysis of the revised syllabus and previous year’s questions on the development of our study material, ensuring that your time and efforts dedicated to studying will not be wasted.

  • Mock tests 

Mock tests are an essential tool for success on any exam. By taking mock exams, you gain access to questions that are similar to those on the actual test, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the test’s layout and approach. 

Additionally, mock tests provide an opportunity to learn exam-saving tips and tactics such as cancelling out irrelevant options in MCQs. 

Moreover, you’ll develop selective reading skills, allowing you to focus on relevant topics and increasing your productivity.

It’s important to note that no matter how well you perform on the mock exams, you’ll receive a clear blueprint of the actual exam, which is crucial to achieving success. 

Furthermore, our team has compiled questions from previous years and incorporated them into our exam series, which includes chapter and module-wise practice tests, memory-recalled questions, and complete practice tests. 

These questions are current and have been carefully curated to ensure they align with both older and newer syllabuses as well as previous year’s questions.


What’s so special about our mock test series in the JAIIB May 2024 crash course?

Getting questions from previous years can be challenging since they may not always be accessible. Our team of highly skilled professionals has collected questions from previous years and included them in our exam series, which consists of:

  1. Chapter and module-wise mock test
  2. Memory-recalled questions (PYQs)
  3. Full set

These questions are entirely up-to-date (as per the Latest syllabus of JAIIB May 2024), demonstrating that the mock exams were created after analyzing both older and newer syllabuses and the previous year’s questions.

  • Live test discussion

We offer live video discussions to talk in detail about tests and answer any questions or doubts you may have.

Thus, our JAIIB crash course can help you build a score through corrective measures and in-depth analysis.  

Cover syllabus, attempt mock tests, and complete revision all at once 

Our JAIIB crash course offers an efficient way to cover the selective syllabus in a shorter amount of time. You can also attempt mock tests and become familiar with the exam layout effortlessly. Additionally, our course provides comprehensive revisionary study material that is tailored to meet the requirements of the exam, ensuring that you have everything you need to ace it.

Our assistance enables you to cover the syllabus efficiently within a shorter period. They guide you towards a successful conclusion of your studies. Under their expert supervision, you can effectively review the topics. Their support improves your likelihood of succeeding in the exam.

JAIIB May 2024 exam free study material by Learning sessions 

Although Learning sessions have always been providing free access to live lecture series for which timings are linked to the playlist has been given below, it will be wiser to choose the premium membership for those who have not consistently covered the syllabus with our daily free YouTube live classes. 

Subject  Class type Time Language Link to the playlist 
JAIIB PPB  Questions discussion  7:00 Pm Hindi Click here
JAIIB IE & IFS  Questions discussion 5:45 Pm Hindi Click here 
JAIIB IE & IFS  Questions discussion 7:00 Pm Hindi Click here 
JAIIB RBWM Conceptual 7:30 Pm Eng Click here
JAIIB PPB Conceptual Over Eng Click here
JAIIB AFM Conceptual Over Hindi Click here
JAIIB RBWM Conceptual Over Hindi Click here


How to figure out if free content is sufficient? 

If you’re confused about whether to choose the premium course or not because you can access the JAIIB free material through learning sessions as well then, the following points may help you decide. 

Orientation: From orientation, we mean to say if your preparation exam is ready, will you be able to pass the JAIIB May 2023 exam? If you feel like you have been consistently watching our lectures and covered the syllabus effectively then you may choose to go for our premium course.

Definite strategy: If you don’t have a definite study plan, organized preparation strategy, and consistent syllabus coverage then you’re risking the success that is just a step away from you. A definite study plan can help reduce the stress associated with exam preparation. When you know what you need to study and when you can approach your studies with more confidence and ease.

Practice: Have you been practicing the questions and testing your preparation if not then your efforts and time could all go in vain. Take a mock test or quiz to assess your knowledge and gauge your level of preparedness. This will help you make an informed decision on whether to invest in the premium course.

Time and convenience: Lastly, consider the time and convenience factor. While the free JAIIB material may be accessible to all, the premium course may provide you with a more structured and efficient way of preparing for the exam, that can help you save your time and effort in the long run.

All this can be managed well in just a few days with learning sessions’ JAIIB May 2023 crash course.


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