JAIIB PPB 2024 Exam Preparation Strategies

Candidates who are interested in appearing in the upcoming JAIIB exam might be confused by thinking about how they start JAIIB PPB preparation. This is one of the most common questions as bankers have busy schedules and limited time for preparation. It is always important to create a systematic study strategy. In this article, we will provide you with the strategy to prepare the JAIIB’s PPB paper and crack it in the first attempt.JAIIB-exam Paper-2-PPB preparation strategy 2024


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JAIIB Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB) Syllabus

Paper II: Principles and Practices of Banking

Module A – General Banking Operations

Module B – Functions of Banks

Module C – Banking Technology

Module D – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

The ultimate guide to kickstart your JAIIB PPB preparation – A complete strategy


1. JAIIB PPB Preparation with Previous Question Papers

The previous year’s question papers are the most important study resources. It helps the candidates to know the latest changes in the exam, question pattern, difficulty level and important topics. So, the candidates’ first priority during the PPB paper should be to practice JAIIB PPB previous years’ question papers.

2. JAIIB PPB Preparation with Mock Tests

Candidates must make sure that they practice as many mock tests as possible during their preparation time. Practising JAIIB PPB mock tests helps you analyse your performance and assess the areas of improvement.

Learning provides a series of mock tests to increase the performance level of candidates.

Mock Test 1 
Mock Test 2

3. JAIIB PPB Preparation with Video Lectures

Preparing for JAIIB PPB video lectures on YouTube makes sure that candidates have a better understanding of the concepts, which improves performance and learning retention. In addition, using video-based learning, aspirants can pause, rewind, and repeat courses/concepts to ensure understanding.

4.  JAIIB PPB Preparation with EPDfs

Preparation of JAIIB PPB through EPDFs provides accessibility and convenience and allows candidates to access study material anytime. Our JAIIB PPB EPDFs are prepared by expert professionals making it easy for aspirants to understand the concepts.

Our EPDfs are accessible through the Android application of Learning Sessions. Chapter-wise JAIIB PPB notes make the revision very easy to do.

5. JAIIB PPB Preparation with Mega Tests

Once you have gone through the lectures, you can solve the JAIIB PPB Mega Tests which will help you in the revision of the topics and increase your confidence & help you in preparing the exam strategies and tactics about how you have to solve the MCQs.

6. JAIIB PPB Preparation with Case Studies

Some of the exams of IIBF PPB are questions on Case Studies on different topics. Our study lectures contain enough case studies that are more than sufficient to get you through the syllabus content.

Get access to JAIIB PPB Free PDFs  


Study Plan – Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)

Module A: General Banking Operations

Time required to complete – 16 hours

  • A scoring Module.
  • A clear understanding of the topics is a must.
Module B: Functions of Banks

Time required to complete – 18 Hours

  • Most important from the examination point of view.
  • Multiple revisions of the important topics
Module C: Banking Technology

Time required to complete – 16 Hours

  • Technical topics
  • Need to have basic knowledge of ICT
Module D: Ethics In Banks and Financial Institutions

 Time required to complete –  4 Hours

  • Understanding of the topic is important.
  • Important topics can be chosen for preparation.
Total hours – 40

Bonus Tip – Watch our JAIIB PPB Syllabus Priority Video

Learn how to cover these 40 hours of videos in just 27 hours. Check our JAIIB PPB syllabus priority video to learn how to cover the above 40 hours syllabus in 27 hours and also learn about day-wise preparation strategy.

The most important topics of JAIIB Principles & Practices of Banking (PPB) – a recommendation by JAIIB expert-

Module – A

  •   Banker-customer relationship
  •   KYC/AML guidelines
  •   Deposit Accounts – minor company accounts, partnership accounts, HUF
  •  Foreign Exchange

Module – B

  • Principles of lending
  • Type of collateral
  • Modes of charging security
  • Documentation
  • NPA – numerical
  • Lok Adalat
  • Priority sector lending
  • Govt. sponsored schemes

Module – C

  • Alternate delivery channels
  • NPCI
  • Security Considerations

Module – D

  1. Ethics
  •       Ethics at the workplace
  •       Ethics at the individual level
  •       Ethics in employees
  1.   DRM

JAIIB Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB) –  Module-wise strategy

 Start with Modules A and then B

Candidates should start with Modules A and B. The majority of time for preparation of the PPB exam must be given to Modules A and B. These modules cover the most important concepts of the exam and demand priority.

 Don’t Skip Modules C and D

Many candidates try skipping Modules C and D and only focus on Modules A and B to clear the paper. This is a wrong approach as modules C & D also consist of important concepts. Candidates can cover only important concepts but skipping the modules completely is not a wise decision.

Check Module-wise JAIIB PPB Principles and Practices of Banking Short Notes


JAIIB PPB Preparation l Explore Tips on how to prepare for the JAIIB – Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)

  • Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern well.
  • Stick to a Study Schedule
  • Don’t follow too many online learning platforms.
  • Adjust the timetable to suit your specific needs.
  • Take short breaks between sessions.
  • Make short notes of important points.
  • Practice as many mock tests as possible and review your performance, identify your weak areas and give more time to them and try to cover them on time.
  • Practice Previous year’s papers and it will give you an idea of question patterns and difficulty levels.
  • After you complete the whole syllabus, keep time for revision at least revising important noted points.

Features of our JAIIB PPB study material

  • Live PPB class + Recorded Lectures of JAIIB PPB.
  • Lectures prepared by expert faculty.
  • 24×7 access to PPB class materials.
  • Access through apps (android/ios) & browsers (laptop/pc).
  • Mock Tests series of principles & practices of banking.
  •  Memory Recalled Questions from previous principles & practices of banking papers.
  • Mega PPB Mock Tests.
  • Downloadable lectures of recorded classes of the latest PPB
  • Affordable exam packs.
  • Language of PPB classes: English language / Hindi mix with English language both are available.

JAIIB PPB Recollected Questions

Correct Answer


Which is the regulator and supervisor of depositories? a. IRDA
b. RBI


Forfaiting provides finance against the export receivables to an exporter (i) with recourse to the exporter, (ii) without recourse to the exporter

a. Only (i)

b. Only (ii)

c. Either (i) or (ii)

d. Both (i) and (ii)



What is Forfaiter?

a. an intermediary between an exporter and an importer

b. an exporter

c. an importer

d. a bank


4. Forfaiting provides to the exporter against receivables

a. 100 per cent financing

b. 80 per cent financing

c. depending on the contract with the forfaiter

d. none



Security receipt is issued by the …… to a qualified institutional buyer in pursuance to a securitization program.

a. Central Govt.

b. Securitization Companies

c. Rated companies

d. All the above



In a gilt fund, the mutual funds make investment in

a. Govt. securities

b. Corporate securities

c. Corporate debt

d. Govt. and corporate debt



The loan values (amount of loan) under retail lending normally range between?

a. Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 100 lakh

b. Rs. 100 lakh to Rs. 10 crore

c. More than Rs. 10 crore

d. None



The legal status of a mutual fund is in the form of a?

a. Partnership firm

b. Proprietorship

c. Joint stock company

d. Trust



A Fund of Funds is a scheme that invests primarily?

a. in money market instruments

b. in other schemes of the same mutual fund or other mutual funds

c. in the bullion market

d. only in primary market



Participatory notes are like contract notes issued by?

a. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) to entities that want to invest in the Indian stock market but do not want to register themselves with the SEBI

b. Commercial banks to their investors

c. Government of India to banks

d. None



Forfaiting enables the exporter to avoid the following risks …… (i) interest-rate risk, (ii) currency risk, (iii) credit risk and political risk

a. Only (i) and (ii)

b. Only (i) and (iii)

c. Only (ii) and (iii)

d. (i), (ii) and (iii)



Who is not a facilitator of EFT in India?

a.       NEFT

b.       Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

c.       Fedwire

d.       IMPS




Which risk can arise from cyber-attacks on banks?

1. Loss of productivity due to business disruption.

2. Cost of investigation.

3. Reputational benefits.

4. Increase in investment returns.

(a) 1,2 only

(b) 2, 3 only

(c)  3, 4 only

(d) All of the above



Which electronic clearing systems in India allow instant fund transfer 24×7?

1. ECS


 3. IMPS

4. UPI

(a) i, ii, and iii

(b) Only iii

(c) Only ii

(d) All of the above.



So, preparing for the JAIIB PPB Paper 2 is going to be easy if you follow the right set of strategies. You must ensure to stay consistent in your journey to pass the JAIIB in the first attempt.  Aspirants who are interested in enrolling in our JAIIB crash course, can WhatsApp us and get expert guidance.




Q 1. How many modules are in the JAIIB PPB paper?

There are 4 modules in the JAIIB PPB paper.

Q 2. From where to find official updates and notifications about the JAIIB exam?

Candidates can get official updates and notifications about the JAIIB exam on the official website of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

Q 3. Which are the modules of the JAIIB PPB paper?

Module A – General Banking Operations

Module B – Functions of Banks

Module C – Banking Technology

Module D – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

Q 4. What type of the JAIIB PPB paper online study material is available?

Videos, Previous year questions, Mock tests, Mega mock tests, Epdf Notes etc are available for the JAIIB PPB paper preparation.

Q 5. Where can I get Free Epdfs of JAIIB PPB Memory-Based Questions?

The link to free Epdfs of JAIIB PPB is given in the above article.



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