Download JAIIB Previous Year Question Paper of PPB PDF | JAIIB NOV 2022

JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (Principles and Practices of Banking) PDF Download | JAIIB May 2023

If you’re planning to appear for the JAIIB May 2022 exam, downloading the JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (Principles and Practices of Banking) PDF can be a smart move.

With the JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (Principles and Practices of Banking) PDF download, you can get an insight into the type of questions asked and their difficulty level.

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It can help you evaluate your exam readiness and identify areas that need improvement.

JAIIB Pyqs PDF download is readily available online, and incorporating it into your exam preparation strategy can increase your chances of success.


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You are free to download the PDF files of JAIIBs Principles and Practices of Banking Question Paper of previous years from the below links:

JAIIB PPB Previous Questions And Answers PDF
JAIIB PPB Sample Questions  Click Here


You are also advised to read the following important questions before you appear in the exams:

NO. JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers Answer
1 A company has issued certain shares giving an option to shareholders that in case there is no profit in a particular year, the dividend for that year shall be paid, in the future, when the company has an adequate profit. Such share is called:

a. Cumulative equity share

b. Redeemable shares

c. Participating preference shared.

d.Cumulative preference shared

2 Which of the following items in a bank balance sheet is not placed under ‘other assets?

a. Inter-office adjustments(net)

b. Interest accrued

c. Stationery and stamps

d. Investment in subsidiaries

3 While posting the transaction, the Accounts clerk of a firm posted an entry of Rs.9957 to an account as Rs.9597. This will be known as:

a. Error of omission

b. The error of commission

c. The error of principled. Compensating error

4 Which of the following statements is not true:

a. Amount of bill is received by the payee

b. Drawee is the maker of a bill of exchange

c. Acceptance by the drawee is compulsory in usance bill

d. Before acceptance of a bill, the drawee is not liable on the bill

5 Cash which is not due as income of the business is not credited to income under ________ system and cash received whether due or not is taken as income of the business under _______ system:

a. Accrual, accrual

b. Accrual, cash

c. Cash, accrual

d. Cash, cash

6 When a bond matures, its maturity value is known as:

a. Maturity value

b. Redemption value

c. Face valued. Coupon value

7 A firm receives a commission in advance. Where will this transaction be classified?

a. Personal account (asset)

b. Personal account (liability)

c. Real account(tangible)

d. Real account(intangible)

8 Which of the following is not a method of preparation of trial balances?

a. Totals method

b. Balances method

c. Totals and balances method

d. None of the above

9 Closing Stock appearing in the trial balances indicates that:

A. Opening Stock appears outside the trial balance

b. Opening Stock has been adjusted into the Stock figure

c. Purchases have been included in the Closing Stock

d. Closing Stock will appear only in the trading account

10 Adjustment entry for bad debts is:

a. Bad Debts Dr. to P & l A/c or

b. Provision for bad & doubtful a/c Dr. to bad Debts

c. Bad debts Dr. to Debtors Cr.

d. P & L A/c Dr. to bad Debts Cr.

11 All receipts and payments made in cash, including cheques, are recorded in:

a. Balance sheet

b. Income and expenditure account

c. Receipt and payment account

d. Profit and loss account

12 All receipts and payments made in cash, including cheques, are recorded in:

a. Balance sheet

b. Income and expenditure account

c. Receipt and payment account

d. Profit and loss account

13 Pre-operative expenses are shown by a company as:

a. Expenditure in the trading account

b. Expenditure in the profit loss account

c. Asset in the balance sheet

d. liability in the balance sheet

14 Which among the following accounting standards deal with inventory valuation:

a. AS-2

b. AS-4

c. AS-9

d. AS-11

15 If preference shares are redeemed at a premium, the such premium may be provided out of them:

a. Share premium A/c

b. Proceeds of fresh issue of shares

c. Shares forfeited A/c

d. Any of the above

16 ________ is the statement showing debit and credit balance taken from the ledger including cash and bank balances as on a particular date.

a. Reconciliation

b. Trail balance

c. Profit and loss account

d. Balance sheet

17 While making the position, the staff of a firm credited the personal account of the partner instead of the account of the firm. This would be called:

a. Error of principle

b. The error of omission

c. Compensating error and error of commission

d. None of the above

18 When the required rate of return is (less than/more than) the coupon rate, the discount on the bond _______ as maturity approaches:

a. More than increases

b. Less than, increase

c. Less than, constant

d. More than, declines

19 The accounting cycle of business transactions follows the following order:

a. Summarizing – recording – classifying

b. Classifying – summarizing – recording

c. Recording – classifying – summarizing

d. None of the above

20 Which of the following can be treated as indirect expenses:

a. Personal expenses of the proprietor

b. Selling expenses

c. Carriage inward

d. All the above





As you may know, IIBF has announced May/Oct JAIIB May 2023 exam dates. The dates for exams for JAIIB IE & IFS, JAIIB PPB, JAIIB AFM and JAIIB RBWM are 07-05-2023, 13-05-2023, 13-05-2023, and 21-05 -2023 respectively. The registration dates has already passed.

To check the official notification of Exam dates for JAIIB 2023 you can click the link here. IIBF OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION

So, while preparing for the upcoming JAIIB EXAMS you should make use of these Mock tests to get into exam mode. Here, you will also find some previous year’s questions prepared by the Learning Sessions.


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