How to Prepare for ABM – Advanced Banking Management in CAIIB

How to Prepare for ABM – Advanced Banking Management in CAIIB 2022

ABM – Advanced Bank Management is one of the compulsory subjects for CAIIB 2022. Most the people find it difficult to clear this paper of CAIIB. But worry not, you have come to the right place if you have come here thinking the same.

Today, in this article, I will tell you how you can study for ABM – Advanced Banking Management subject & clear the CAIIB – ABM or any other subject of CAIIB in your very first attempt by answering the below Question which is asked by most of the bankers!!

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Most Important Topic:- Download Free Previous Year CAIIB Questions


Q. As we are bank employees we get very little time for study, so how can we decide which topics we have to be read and which topics we can easily skip over?

A. As I had told you in my previous blog article that generally the paper consists of 60% theoretical & 40% numerical or case studies, so you can choose the module to be studied in deep so as to clear the paper easily depending upon your personal strength & weakness.
If you have observed all the modules of prescribed ABM Syllabus 2022, you will realize that Module A & Module C are the most scoring modules of the CAIIB ABM Paper. 

Here are the ABM’s 2 modules which you must cover & the reason why is also given below:

MODULE – B: Business Mathematics
MODULE – D: Credit Management 

Other Modules of CAIIB ABM:

MODULE – A: Economic Analysis
MODULE – C: HRM in banks

To clear the ABM paper of CAIIB, you must not skip the above given modules & cover the topics from the modules that are given:

Do not skip these modules!!!

Module B contains Business Mathematics which many people find difficult to study as the level of mathematics is tough, especially for people with non-engineering background. Those who work in the Credit/Loan Department will find that Module D is easy as well as interesting.

Module D is most important not only exam point of view but also for your daily work in Credit Department. So do not skip Module D.

Important Topic:- CAIIB Advanced Banking Management Syllabus Priority

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Module A- Supply and Demand, Money Supply and Inflation, Business Cycles, GDP Concepts, and Union Budget.

No need to read the McMillan Book line by line for this module, short notes will be quite useful for studying this module. You also don’t need to read the stats given in these chapters. In GDP Concepts and Union Budget chapters, numerical are asked which are quite easy, provided you know the components and formula.

Important Topic:- ABM FREE SHORT NOTES

Module B-Time Value of Money, Sampling Methods, Simulation, Bond Investment
Don’t go too deep to study this module as mathematical calculations are difficult to understand especially for non-engineering background people. Practice the examples given in McMillan. Those who are not good at math can skip this module and focus more on the rest of the modules.

4000+ Memory Recalled Questions For CAIIB

Module C-Development of Human Resources, Human Implications of Organisations, Performance Management, HR & IT
You need to read thoroughly all the topics from this module from McMillan. It is quite easy and theoretical only. Just read the MCQs repeatedly of this module.

Note: Learning Sessions also provide Free Mock Tests (MCQs) to practice when you sign up on

Module D-Overview of Credit Management, Analysis of Financial Statement, Working Capital Finance, Credit Control and Monitoring, Rehabilitation and Recovery.

Read this module from McMillan’s book only. The chapters in this module are no longer as compared to other modules. Practice the Numerical from Financial statements & balance sheets.



Overall, you will need to study at least 3 modules in detail so as to scores 50 marks in ABM Paper. You can choose the modules to study more depending upon your own strength. Different people do well in different exams & therefore, it won’t be right for me to tell you that you should skip one particular module.

I would only suggest that you keep module B at last, just read formulas from this module if you aren’t good at maths, as this module is quite boring, lengthy and hard to understand.

ABM recollected questions 2nd Shift

Below are some questions from the ABM Exams that the candidates who attempted the paper could recall from their memory. You can go through them & try to cover the topics as much as possible.

1. FV PV problems 3-4 Q
2. M1,M2,M3,M4 5Q coins given.
3. HRM paragraph 2 Sets job orientation & leadership 5 marks each.
4. Sampling-cluster
5. Avg stock value given. calc closing stock.
6. Budget- revenue deficit, gross deficit etc 5marks.
Seasonal indices questions.
7. Demand curve, supply curve 3-4 theory questions
8. johari window 1Q
9. standard deviation and standard error 3 individual questions and one set of five questions
10. Estimation.. 2000 people in village and 1250 of the people read English newspaper 5Q.
11. sales and cost of advertising given: set of 5 ques as correlation and regression.
12. Basel 3 objectives 1q
13. Typical business cycle
14. LM & IS curve 2-3 Q
16. Expansionery fiscal policy
18. Valence 1Q
19. Case study working capital…a table of assets and liabilities given..
Find Net working capital, WC gap 5Q
21. Ratio analysis 5Q
22. Loan limits for infrastructure
23. Loan limits for SSI
24. Typical business cycle
25. NPV calculation 1q
26. HRM perspective by Sheth.
27. Manager-salary, wage?
28. Training meaning by Nadler
29. Marshal- welfare/scarcity theory?
30. seculatlr trend example 1q
31. HRB role by Pareek & Rao.. 1q

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  1. Sir with all due respect this scheme of preparation doesn’t help me this time I got only 44 out of 100 because the business math module b gave more than 20/25problems .


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ABM is one of the compulsory subjects for CAIIB. Most of the people find difficult to clear this paper. Today, I will tell you how to study for ABM subject.How to Prepare for ABM - Advanced Banking Management in CAIIB