CAIIB Retail Banking Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

CAIIB Retail Banking Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

Passing CAIIB Exam will get you one step closer to the increment you have been working for! As you get promoted from the qualification of Junior Associate to Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, you get eligible for one increment.

CAIIB has a total of 3 papers, out of which two are compulsory & one is discretionary to be chosen from the 6 optional subjects. Retail Banking including the topics on Digital Banking is one of the options.


As you might know that the dates for CAIIB 2022 are out (check out the CAIIB EXAM schedule given in the table below), you must be looking for the content through which you can revise for your upcoming CAIIB Exams. 

MANDATORY SUBJECTS 01.12.2021 to 07.12.2021

(Normal Fees)

08.12.2021 to 14.12.2021

(Normal Fees+Rs.100)

15.12.2021 to 21.12.2021

(Normal Fees+Rs.200)

30.01.2022 Advance Bank Management – ABM
06.02.2022 Bank Financial Management – BFM
12.02.2022 Rural Banking 
Retail Banking 
Human Resources Management 
Information Technology 
Risk Management 
Central Banking


You can check the official notification of CAIIB EXAM 2022 by hitting here.

As far as the revision for CAIIB 2022 is concerned, we would like to suggest that you go through the Previous Year CAIIB Exam Questions because that will not only give you the understanding of the difficulty level of CAIIB Questions but will also let you know the Exam pattern & the marking criteria for papers. 

Free solved papers of the CAIIB Exam will help you in cracking CAIIB 2022 and in evaluating your marks as you solve them.


In this article you can find the link to download the free pdf file of CAIIB- Retail Banking’s Previous Year Paper as well as links to CAIIB- BFM Previous Year Question Paper, CAIIB- AFB Previous Year Questions & CAIIB Mock Tests. 


You can easily download the Free PDF files of CAIIBs Retail Banking [including Digital Banking] Question Paper of previous years from the given links:

Retail Banking [including Digital Banking]
CAIIB ABM Free Sample Questions for May 2022 Pdf file



You should also take a look at the exam pattern of CAIIB that’s prescribed by IIBF:-

MCQs CAIIB-Retail 100
Maximum Marks 100
Qualifying Marks 50
Duration of CAIIB- Retail 2 hours
Mode of CAIIB-Retail Online
Medium of CAIIB-Retail Hindi or English
Negative Marking in CAIIB No
Pattern of Questions Knowledge Testing

Conceptual Grasp

Analytical/Logical Exposition

Problem Solving

Case Analysis


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Here are some of the important CAIIB Retail Banking Previous Year Question Papers that you also go through:-

No. MCQs (CAIIB Retail Banking Previous Year Question Papers) Answer
1 Give the names of foreign banks which entered the retail banking activities but when they were not able to achieve the business objectives they moved out of business.

a. BNP Paribas

b. American Express

c. ABN AMRO (Now RSB) bank

d. Citi Bank

e. (a) to (c)

2 The entire process for services & products in retail banking is done through in-house resources by which category of banks?

a. Public Sector Bank (PSB)

b. PSBs & Old Private Sector Banks

c. New Private Sector Banks

d. Foreign Banks

3 Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is nothing but a______.

a. Value addition to the product

b. Differentiation strategy of the product

c. Higher-income to the bank or vendor

d. Edge over the customers

4 Marketing mix means__________.

a. Product + Price + Place + People

b. Patronage + Profitability + Performance + Perception

c. Personalise + Pertinent + Perfection + Preference

d. Physiological + Permanently + Periodically +Physical Evidence

5 What is the purpose of credit scoring for banks?

a. Price for the risk & to speed up credit decisions and disbursement

b. Prepare customer info. reports

c. To know the reason for the differentiation in interest rates

d. Anyone can access his or her credit report directly

6 What types of students are eligible for Education Loans?

a. Students intending for the purpose of higher studies specialization in India and abroad, like IIM or IIT

b. Students above the age of 18 who intend to pursue higher studies (post-graduation in Arts or Commerce or Science)

c. Students below 18 years of age with parents as co-obligate can avail loans for studies like MBA or CA or Medical or B.A. (Dance) in India

d. Students of foreign origin who desires to study in India in specialization courses

7 The characterization of RIGS is:

a) Remittance & funds transfer is transmitted through a series of process inputs

b) Remittances are communicated through a structured messaging process and are credited on a dynamic basis along with their settlement

c) Settlement for the message made on a gross basis for the liquidity maintained by the sender bank

d) All of above

8 What five major services that are provided under mobile banking to a customer?

a. Fund-transfer in the same bank branches, bills payment, corporate fund transfer, stopping payment of cheques & requesting for loans

b. Statement of last 9 transactions, enquiry of balance, fee payments, request for cheque book or new account or fixed deposits etc

c. Airline-mobile ticketing, mobile recharge, temple donations, cheque status & hotlist debit cards

d. (b) and (c)

9 Customer optimization is the essence of CRM (Customer relationship management) and can be addressed through which of the following?

a. Expansion of customer relationship with the bank encouraging

more purchases & shifting less profitable customers to lower-cost delivery channels

b. Retention of existing customers or expansion of customer relationship with the bank encouraging more purchases

c. Acquisition of new customers or retention of existing ones or expansion of customer relationship and shifting less profitable to lower-cost channels

d. All of the above

10 What kind of evidence examination is allowed to a DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal)?

a. Examination

b. Cross-examination

c. Frivolous cross-examination

d. Any of (a) or (b)

11 Important features of products of group insurance offered by banks are:

a. Value addition to bank products or group insurance is offered to cover the life of bank customers who have availed of bank’s products

b. Such covers are fixed covers on death/accidental death & their amount is fixed/dynamic cover to borrowal accounts on a reducing basis with the repayment of the loan

c. Bank offers such insurance as tagged facilities and banks are reimbursed with marketing expenses of about 10% to 15% of the

the premium that is mobilized.

d. All of the above

12 A good branch ambience will result in the below advantages for the bank ……

a. Promotes efficient & smooth flow of services which may result in time-benefits

b. Proper placing of various ‘service facilities’ enhances the effectiveness of internal communication

c. A comfortable & congenial work environment that results in high employee motivation

d. All of the above

13 A person ‘Q’ took a loan of Rs. 10,00,000.00 for purchasing a plot of land during F.Y. 2005-06 & has paid around Rs. 1,10,000.00 towards Interest & around Rs. 57,000.00 towards principal during F.Y. 2006-07. She has not made any other contribution under Sections 80C, 80CCC, or 80CCD. She will be able to claim a deduction of what amount towards Interest?

a. Rs. 1,50,000.00

b. Rs. 1,10,000.00

c. Rs. 57,000.00

d. Rs. 0.00

14 Loans up to _________ borrower to dealers /sellers of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, cattle feed, poultry feed, agricultural implements and other inputs, is part of Indirect Agriculture:

a. 1,00,00,000.00

b. 2,00,00,000.00

c. 8,00,00,000.00

d. 5,00,00,000.00

15 What is correct about Khadi Village Industries (KVI) loans under MSE in the Priority sector?

a. All loans to KVI (Khadi Village Industries) sector in rural areas only to be treated as micro.

b. All loans only in population up to 50,000 as per the planning commission

c. All loans sanctioned to units in the KVI (Khadi Village Industries) sector, irrespective of their size of operations or location or amount of original investment in plant & machinery. Such loans will be eligible for classification under the sub‐target of 60% prescribed for micro-enterprises within the micro & small enterprises segment under the priority sector.

d. All loans to KVI sector in rural & semi-urban areas but are maximum up to 5,00,00,000.

16 Any profit or gain from the sale or transfer of a capital asset is chargeable to tax under the head of “capital gains” Capital asset means any property (movable or immovable/ tangible or

Intangible). Transfer of capital assets includes the sale, exchange of the asset. Which of the following assets are NOT excluded from its definition:

a. Stock-in-trade, stores & raw material

b. Personal effects (excluding Jewellery)

c. Agricultural land outside municipality limits or notified area.

d. None of the above

17 How much amount and period for a loan can be sanctioned under a housing loan to a middle-class family’s individuals who are aged 25 years?

a) Loan upto Rs.75,00,000.00 and upto 30 years

b) Loan upto Rs.50,00,000.00 and period upto 20 years

c) Loan upto Rs.100,00,000.00 and period upto 25 years

d) Both (b) & (c)

18 The terms & conditions for re-possession as per the recovery policy should have the following provisions:

a. Notice period before taking possession

b. Circumstances under which the notice period may be waived

c. The procedure for taking possession of the security

d. A provision regarding the final chance to be given to the borrower for repayment of the loan before the sale or auction of the property

19 Which of the following facility a customer of Mobile Banking cannot use?

a. Facility for using banking services from anywhere

b. Option to pay utility bills, transfer of funds b/w accounts of the same bank and other banks

c. Facilities of withdrawing cash anywhere anytime

d. Balance Enquiries and facility for shopping and paying through mobile

20 Today many supermarkets offer free loyalty cards to customers that give their members access to reduced prices that are not available to non-members. Why so?

a. For effective data warehousing

b. For data verification

c. For data encryption

d. For effective data mining



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And while you are preparing for the CAIIB EXAMS 2022 you can also make use of the Mock Tests provided by Learning Sessions to further your preparations. 


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