ABM Previous Year Question Papers (Advanced Bank Management) PDF

CAIIB ABM Previous Year Question Papers (Advanced Bank Management) PDF Free Download

In this article on CAIIB, we will discuss the Exam dates of CAIIB’s JUNE/NOV EXAMS, Exam Study Material of CAIIB as per the applicable Latest CAIIB Syllabus for JUNE/NOV EXAMS 2023 prescribed by IIBF.

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The post for Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers is available only for bankers who have cleared JAIIB. Becoming a CAIIB gets you one step closer to the increment you have been working for!

CAIIB has a total of 3 papers, two of which are compulsory and one is discretionary. CAIIB is conducted in self-proctored mode i.e. examinees simply record themselves while taking their CAIIB Test. You will have the freedom to choose from the given dates and time slots at your convenience and can attempt the test at your place.

So, if you are starting preparations for CAIIB EXAM 2023 or are done with the syllabus of CAIIB then we would suggest that you also prepare the CAIIB Question Papers of Previous Years to know what kind & level of questions IIBF expects its Certified Associate to answer.

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CAIIB’s free solved papers will help you in cracking 2023 CAIIB and in evaluating your marks when you solve them. It will not only assist you in understanding the exam pattern and the marking criteria but will also help you in understanding the level of difficulty that the papers usually possess.

In this article you can find the link to the Free pdf files of CAIIB- ABM Previous Year Paper, CAIIB- BFM Previous Year Question Paper, and CAIIB Mock Tests. 



You can easily download the Free PDF files of CAIIBs Advanced Bank Management Question Paper of previous years from the given links:-

Advanced Bank Management
CAIIB ABM Free Sample Questions for JUNE/NOV 2023 PDF FILE


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While you prepare for CAIIB 2023 remember the CAIIB Exam Pattern which is given below:-

Multiple Choice Questions 100
Maximum Marks 100
Qualifying Marks 50
Duration of CAIIB- ABM 2 hours
CAIIB Mode Online
Medium of CAIIB-ABM Hindi or English
Negative Marking in CAIIB No
Pattern of Questions Knowledge Testing

Conceptual Grasp

Analytical/Logical Exposition


Case Analysis



You can also quickly go through the following important questions:-

No. CAIIB ABM MCQs as per the CAIIB Syllabus 2023 Answer
1 Ms. Ganguli is a brilliant manager at XYZ Bank. She is one of the few persons picked up by the top management from an IIM after an MBA. Always on two phones at a time, she boasts about having no patience with the laggards. Often, she can be heard aggressively yelling at people on small issues. What type of person is Ms Ganguli?

a. Type A personality

b. Type B personality

c. Type C person

d. Type D person

2 Out of the following, which are the four dimensions of the Human Development Index?

(i) Life Expectancy

(ii) Literacy Level

(iii) Success Rate of Marriages

(iv) Standard of Living

(v) Crime Rate

(vi) Corruption Level

(vii) Economic Entitlement

(viii) Foreign Visits

a. (i), (ii), (vi) and (viii)

b. (i), (ii), (iv) and (vii)

c. (ii), (iii), (vi) and (vii)

d. (iii), (v), (vii) and (viii)

3 One precautionary motive for holding excess cash is to…..

a. Enable a Co. to meet the cash demands from the normal flow of business activity

b. Enable a Co. to avail itself of a special inventory purchase before prices rise to higher levels

c. Enable a Co. to have the cash to meet any emergency that may arise periodically

d. Avoid having to use the different types of lending arrangements that are available to cover projected cash deficits

4 Sales Maximisation is suitable for …… market

a. Oligopoly

b. Duopoly

c. Monopoly

d. Monopsony

5 An indifference curve for an individual consumer is represented graphically ……

a. the quantity of one good which is equal to the quantity of another good

b. the way in which a consumer spends his income on 2 goods

c. the possible combination of 2 goods which he can buy with his income

d. combinations of two goods, which have the same marginal utility

6 Which of the below actions will not be consistent with good management?

a. Increased synchronization of cash flows

b. Minimize the use of float

c. Maintaining an average cash balance equal to that is required as a compensating balance or that which minimizes T. Cost

d. Use of checks and drafts in disbursing funds

7 When demand is elastic ……

a. A fall in price more than offset by an increase in quantity demanded, so that T. Revenue rises

b. The goods are probably a necessity, so the price has little effect on quantity demanded

c. A rise in price will increase T. Revenue even though less is sold

d. Buyers are not much influenced by prices of competing products

8 The statement that ‘economics is positive and not normative means ……

a. That economics can be used to prove that capitalism is better than socialism.

b. That economics tells us the kind of economic behaviour or policy that is wholesome.

c. That economics tells policymakers which alternative to choose from among several efficient ones.

d. That economics can only indicate the consequences of policies, choices, or conditions.

9 The taxation and public expenditure policy is known as ……

a. Monetary policy

b. Fiscal Policy

c. Trade policy

d. Pricing policies

10 Which of the below techniques uses variables such as price & promotional expenditures, which are related to the product demand, to predict demand?

a. Associative models

b. Exponential smoothing

c. Weighted moving average

d. Simple moving average

11 Turning points in the level of economic activity can be forecast by using what from the following?

a. Time-series analysis

b. Exponential smoothing

c. Barometric methods

d. Moving average

12 Which of the following is not correct regarding the Current Ratio?

a. For the same level of current assets, an increase in N W C results in an increased current ratio.

b. The current ratio can be less than one

c. The current ratio can be negative

d. Current ratio is an indicator of liquidity

13 …… is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. Choose the wrong one. (i) Human Resource Planning, (ii) Human Resource Management (HRM), (iii) Human Resource Development (HRD)

a. Only (i) and (ii)

b. Only (i) and (iii)

c. Only (ii) and (iii)

d. (i), (ii), and (iii)

14 If Receipts and Expenditures of the Central Government as per Budget 2016-17 are as given below: 

1. Revenue Receipts – 1374203

2. Tax Revenue – 1101372

3. Non-Tax Revenue – 272831

4. Capital Receipts – 600991

5. Other Receipts – 47743

Find: Total Receipts

a. 2475575

b. 2248025

c. 1975194

d. 1750106

15 The % of T. Variation of the dependent variable Y explained by the set of independent variables X is measured by ……

a. Coefficient of Correlation

b. Coefficient of Skewness

c. Coefficient of Determination

d. Standard Error of Estimate

16 Under a conservative financing policy, a firm would use long-term financing to finance some of the temporary current assets. What should the firm do when a “dip” in temporary current assets causes total assets to fall below the total long-term financing?

a. Use the excess funds to pay down long-term debt

b. Invest the excess long-term finance in marketable securities

c. Use the excess funds to repurchase the common stock

d. Purchase additional plant and equipment

17 Test in which PC-based situations and choices are given to solve the situation is called ……

a. Situational test

b. Reasoning test

c. Video simulation test

d. Miniature job training

18 In the monetary small open-economy model with a fixed exchange rate, a temporary decrease in domestic total factor productivity in the absence of any other shocks ……

a. Increases the current account surplus & increases the domestic money supply

b. Increases the current account surplus and decreases the domestic money supply

c. Increases the domestic money supply & decreases the current account surplus

d. Decreases the domestic money supply & decreases the current account surplus

19 Which of the following is not a credit risk?

a. Unwillingness of a customer to meet her commitment relating to a financial transaction with the bank

b. The inability of the customer to reimburse the bank in case of invocation of a guarantee or devolvement of an L.C

c. Loss to the bank due to fraud

d. The inability of a customer to meet her commitment relating to a financial transaction with the bank

20 Mark the incorrect statement

a. No target is given to domestic banks for small enterprise advances

b. No target is given for agriculture advances in foreign banks

c. Export credit doesn’t form a part of the priority sector for domestic banks

d. Export credit doesn’t form a part of the priority sector for foreign banks



Access the Free Mock Tests & Other courses of CAIIB & IIBF through:


iOS App: My Institute (Code: gegkt)

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As you may know, IIBF has declared the June 2023 CAIIB Exams & the dates for exams of CAIIB are as below:

CAIIB-Advanced Bank Management (ABM) 10-06-2023
CAIIB-Bank Financial Management (BFM) 11-06-2023
CAIIB – Advanced Business & Financial Management (ABFM) 18-06-2023
CAIIB – Banking Regulations And Business Laws (BRBL) 24-06-2023
CAIIB/CAIIB ELEC-Rural Banking 25-06-2023
CAIIB/CAIIB ELEC-Human Resources Management (HRM) 25-06-2023
CAIIB/CAIIB ELEC-Information Technology (IT & Digital Banking) 25-06-2023
CAIIB/CAIIB ELEC-Risk Management 25-06-2023
CAIIB/CAIIB ELEC-Central Banking 25-06-2023



IIBF will issue the admit cards for the June 2023 CAIIB Exams. You can know more about how & from where you can download your Admit card by clicking on this link.

So, while preparing for the upcoming CAIIB EXAMS 2023 you should make use of these Mock tests to get into the exam mode. Here, you will also find some previous year’s questions put together by the Learning Sessions.



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