CAIIB 2024 Syllabus: Priority All Compulsory Papers

What is the CAIIB Exam 2024?

Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers is referred to as CAIIB, we will cover CAIIB 2024 syllabus in this post. These exams are given twice a year by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). In order to assist people in making better decisions, the CAIIB aims to provide advanced knowledge in economic analysis, international banking, risk management, balance sheet management, and treasury management.

Employees who pass the CAIIB exam are eligible for benefits like raises, bonuses, promotions, etc.

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Understanding the Eligibility and Passing Criteria for CAIIB Examination 2024

Eligibility Criteria:

The CAIIB exam’s eligibility requirements are a key factor in deciding who may sit for it. In order to ensure that potential candidates acquire a clear grasp of the requirements for taking the test, this guide gives an in-depth description of the eligibility requirements.

  • Members who have passed the Associate Examination or JAIIB should keep their membership subscription current.

Passing Criteria:

The following are the requirements for passing under the updated CAIIB syllabus 2024.

  • A passing grade for a subject is 50 out of 100.
  • Candidates will also be deemed to have passed the test if they receive at least 45 in each of the subjects and an overall average of 50% in each subject on their first try.
  • Down to the deadline for finishing the test, candidates will continue to be able to keep their credits for the subject they passed in an attempt.

To get more information for the passing criteria for CAIIB 2024 Examination

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Syllabus for CAIIB 2024 Compulsory and Elective Subjects

In the CAIIB examination commencing from June 2024, IIBF holds four mandatory papers. The four papers are as follows:

Paper 1: Advanced Bank Management

Paper 2:Bank Financial Management

Paper 3: Advanced Business and Financial Management

Paper 4: Banking Regulations and Business Laws

CAIIB also holds an elective paper under which the candidates are given the following subjects to choose from:

CAIIB 2024 Compulsory Subjects Modules

Module Paper 1 – Advanced Bank Management Paper 2 – Bank Financial Management Paper 3 – Advanced Business and Financial Management Paper 4 – Banking Regulations and Financial Laws
A Statistics International Banking The Management Process Regulations and Compliance
B Human Resource Management Risk Management Advanced Concepts of Financial Management Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part A
C Credit Management Treasury Management Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part B
D Compliance in Banks and Corporate Governance Balance Sheet Management Emerging Business Solutions Commercial and Other Laws concerning Banking


CAIIB 2024 Elective Subjects Modules Syllabus

Module Paper 1 – Risk Management Paper 2 – Information Technology and Digital Banking Paper 3 – Central Banking Paper 4 – Human Resource Management Paper 5 – Rural Banking
A An Overview Introduction to Information Technology Rationale Functions of Central Bank Human Resource Management Rural India
B Credit Risk Management Systems and Design Central Banking in India Building an HR Strategy Financing Rural Development
C Operational Risk Management Applications in Banking Monetary Policy and Credit Policy Motivation, Training and Skill Development Priority Sector Financing and Government Initiatives
D Market Risk Information System, Security, Controls, and Audit Supervision and Financial Stability Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Problems and Prospects in Rural Banking
E Appendix Non-Banking Financial Companies and Primary Dealers Emerging Scenario in HRM


CAIIB 2024 Exam Pattern

Subjects No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
Advanced Bank Management 100 100 2 hours
Bank Financial Management 100 100 2 hours
Advanced Business and Financial Management 100 100 2 hours
Banking Regulations and Business Laws 100 100 2 hours



  1. Candidates will be required to pass the examination within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts).
  2. There will be no negative marking.
  3. If candidates fail the test within the stipulated two years, they must reapply. No credit will be awarded to such candidates for any previously taught topics, if any.

Key Focus Areas in CAIIB Compulsory Papers: A Comprehensive Overview

Advanced Bank Management (ABM):

This paper focuses on advanced banking concepts, risk management, asset-liability management, and strategic planning. The following are the ABM syllabus top priority areas:

  1. Basel Conventions and capital adequacy standards.
  2. Loan pricing and credit risk management.
  3. Management of the treasury and market risk.
  4. Mergers & acquisitions and strategic strategy.
  5. Liquidity management and asset-liability management.

Bank Financial Management (BFM):

The BFM paper focuses on financial management elements in the banking industry. The BFM syllabus top focus areas are as follows:

  1. Capital cost and capital structure.
  2. Ratios and financial analysis.
  3. Cash flow and money flow analysis.
  4. Project evaluation and capital budgeting.
  5. Management of an investment portfolio and securities valuation.

Advanced Business and Financial Management (ABFM):

The ABFM paper focuses on the management processes. The following are the ABFM syllabus top priority areas:

  1. Basics of management.
  2. Sources of finance and financial strategies.
  3. Corporate valuations.
  4. Hybrid Finance.

Banking Regulations and Business Laws (BRBL):

The BRBL paper basically focuses on important laws, regulations, compliances and the legal framework of the banks. The following are the BRBL syllabus top priority areas:

  1. Legal framework and regulations of banks.
  2. The prevention of Money Laundering Act,2002.
  3. Laws related to secured transactions.
  4. Banker-customer relationship.
  5. Companies Act and Indian Partnership Act.

Key Focus Areas in CAIIB Elective Papers: A Comprehensive Overview

Risk Management (RM):

The Risk Management elective paper focuses on the identification, measurement, and mitigation of risks in the banking sector.The RM syllabus’s main focus areas are:

  1. Credit risk management and credit evaluation methods.
  2. Derivative instruments and market risk management.
  3. Managing operational risks and creating a plan for company continuity.
  4. Managing the risk of liquidity.
  5. Basel standards and legal frameworks for risk management.

Information Technology (IT) and Digital Banking (DB):

The Information technology and Digital banking elective paper focuses on the following areas:

  1. Digital transformation
  2. Mobile banking
  3. Cyber security
  4. Data analytics and personalisation
  5. Open banking and API’s
  6. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Central Banking (CB):

The duties and activities of central banks are highlighted in the Central Banking optional paper. The CB course, primarily concentrates on the following topics:

  1. Formulation and execution of monetary policy.
  2. Systemic risk as well as financial stability.
  3. Regulations and oversight of the central bank.
  4. The function of central banks in economic growth.
  5. Payment and settlement systems.

Human Resource Management (HRM):

Although the CAIIB covers a variety of banking and financial topics, the program’s primary areas of HRM concentration generally include the following:

  1. Human resource planning
  2. Recruitment and selection
  3. Performance management
  4. Training and development
  5. Compensation and benefits
  6. Legal and ethical aspects
  7. Employee relations

Rural Banking (RB):

Rural Banking refers to the provision of banking services in rural and remote areas. Here are some key points about rural banking:

  1. Financial inclusion
  2. Agricultural focus
  3. Microfinance
  4. Technology adoption
  5. Financial literacy

Learning Sessions: Your Ultimate Guide for CAIIB Syllabus 2024

We here at ‘Learning Sessions’ offer a forum for conversation with peers and subject-matter experts. This makes it possible to share thoughts, clear up doubts, and exchange expertise. Participants develop a greater knowledge of difficult ideas via conversations and debates, and they learn from the many points of view of their fellow students. Critical thinking and analytical abilities are fostered in this collaborative learning environment, which is crucial for handling CAIIB test problems.

The organised and collaborative atmosphere provided by Learning Sessions greatly facilitates getting ready for the CAIIB compulsory and elective papers. We enable direct participation, give access to study materials and practise tasks and offer an organised study schedule. Candidates may improve their knowledge of the topics, develop their critical thinking abilities and efficiently get ready for the CAIIB test by actively engaging in these sessions. Making the most out of the learning opportunities provided by Learning Sessions will help candidates achieve CAIIB certification success and provide them the information and abilities they need to succeed in their professional banking professions.

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