Internet Banking Vs. Mobile Banking


Mobile banking is a type of banking in which bank provides the internet based facility which enables the customers to do all their transactions through their respective mobile phone by using the bank app. 

In this type of banking, customers are expected to download the  bank app to enjoy this feature. This service can also be availed on a basic phone as bank also provides ‘SMS mobile banking’ service as well.


Internet banking, also referred to as online banking, is another convenient way to do banking anytime at your convenience. It allows customers to perform any financial transaction using the internet on any electronic device. 

In this method, the clients can access their bank account details, no matter where they are located, with the help of bank’s website.


Although the services provided by these two resemble a lot but there are a lot of differences between them. The following are the main points of difference between mobile banking and internet banking –

Meaning Mobile banking is a service that enables the customer to perform banking transactions using a cellular device. Internet banking is an online-based system that allows customers to make transactions through any electronic device using the internet.
Fund Transfer Through NEFT or RTGS Through NEFT, RTGS or IMPS
Requirement of internet Mobile banking can be done with or without internet. Internet banking can only be performed with internet.
Functions Mobile banking has some limitations in its functioning as it is quite complicated. Internet banking has comparatively much more functions than mobile banking.
Requirements You have to download the bank’s application and register to enjoy the services. Only user ID and password are required to access the bank’s online portal.
Uses Short message service, mobile application or website It is mostly used by banks and their websites.
Scope The scope of mobile banking is less. The scope of internet banking is more as compared to mobile banking.


Thus, in a nutshell, both Online Banking and Mobile Banking are ways to use digital banking services and are highly convenient, secure, and help in saving a lot of time. However, the scope of internet banking is relatively higher than that of mobile banking because the latter is a part of the former.

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