The CAIIB candidates who are preparing for CAIIB June 2024 Attempt, herein, you are provided with the latest applicable syllabus 2024 for Banking regulations and business laws (BRBL) paper of the CAIIB June 2024 Attempt along with the latest applicable LAW Study Material i.e. Paper 4 of CAIIB 2024.


 CAIIB Exams are conducted for persons who are already under the employment of banks. To qualify for the CAIIB Exams get the benefit of one increment in advance and the Junior Associates are further eligible to write CAIIB afterwards which again gets them an increment of 1 year in advance.

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If you are planning to write for CAIIB June 2024 then you must go through the Law paper syllabus prescribed for CAIIB candidates by IIBF. You can also get the details of the CAIIB exam & Exam dates in 2024 on our website. (Now the time is nearing for those who couldn’t register for June CAIIB 2024 attempt, now, they can register themselves for the CAIIB June 2024 Exams). 

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The syllabus for Banking regulations and business laws subject is divided into 4 modules, namely:

  1. Regulations & Compliance
  2. Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part A
  3. Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part B
  4. Commercial & Other Laws with Reference to Banking Operations


Learning Sessions brings you an exclusive package of CAIIB BRBL Study Materials. BRBL CAIIB Study material 2024 has been prepared by the expert faculty at Learning Sessions which teaches CAIIB subjects. As you know it comes in handy to have proper guidance & good resources for the preparation of CAIIB 2024, therefore, we, Learning Sessions, have brought you CAIIB’s BRBL paper Exams’ Study Material which is comprehensive & provides conceptual clarity & is enough to clear the said Exam in 1 attempt.

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CAIIB Test Series 2024

When you prepare for the CAIIB Exams, it’s also crucial that do some self-assessment. And as IIBF doesn’t take any Mocks, you can go through the Test series on paper of law provided by Learning Sessions. There are more than 1500 questions available for you to solve that will surely increase your confidence once you solve them. These mock tests are prepared by the subject experts as per the BRBL updated syllabus and also include questions from the previous year’s papers.

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Design of Learning Sessions CAIIB Course

We, Learning Sessions, have designed the CAIIB BRBL course with the help of subject experts who are well versed with the Law 2023 syllabus of the Junior Associates Exam. While preparing the BRBL material it has also been kept in mind that examination-oriented questions are focused, which increases the chance of students to qualify. We consider all the below matters while we prepare the course:

  • The Exam Pattern & exam trends.
  • CAIIB syllabus & the question pattern that has been asked.
  • Detailed explanation to provide conceptual clarity.
  • A detailed explanation of Q&A & A with a video solution is plus
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 Here are topics that still seem relevant to BRBL 2024
Legal Framework for Regulation of Banks  The unit talks about the Business of Banking; the Constitution of Banks; the Banking Regulation Act, 1949; the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934; RBI’s role; Govt.’s role as a Regulator of Banks; Control over Co-operative Banks; Regulations imposed by other Authorities, etc.
Control over the Organization of Banks  It tells us about the Licensing of Banking Companies; Branch Licensing; the requirement of Paid-up Capital & Reserves; Shareholdings in Banking Companies; Banking Companies’ Subsidiaries; Banking Company’s Chairman; Appointment of Additional Directors; Board of Directors; Control over the Management; Restrictions imposed on Employment; the meaning of Corporate Governance; Directors & Corporate Governance etc.
Regulation of Banking Business  The unit explains the Power of RBI to Issue Directions; Acceptance of Deposits; Loans & Advances; Regulation rates of Interest; Regulation Payment Systems; Nomination in the accounts; Guidelines related to Internet Banking; Regulation Money Market Instruments; Maintenance of CRR & SLR, Reserve Funds; are some of the topics discussed in the unit.
Returns Inspection, Winding up, Mergers & Acquisitions  You will learn to deal with Annual Accounts & Balance Sheets; the meaning of Audit & who are Auditors; & the process of Submission of Returns; Preservation of Records & Return of Paid Instruments; what is the Board for Financial Supervision; Inspection & Scrutiny powers; Acquisition of Undertakings; Amalgamation of Banks; Winding up of Banks & Penalties for offences etc.
Public Sector Banks (PSBs) & Co-operative Banks  PSBs such as SBI and its Subsidiaries; Regional Rural Banks; Nationalized Banks; Application of the BR Act to PSBs; Disinvestment of Shares by Govt. from the PSBs; Co-operative Banks are here in this unit.
Financial Sector Legislative Reforms  The Need for reforms in the legislature, the Approach for Financial Sector Legislative Reforms & some Important Reforms that have taken place can be found in this section.
Recent Legislative Changes in RBI Act  This unit talks about the Recent Legislative Changes that have occurred in RBI Act, Need thereof.
Financial Sector Development Council  This section contains the Role & Functions of the Financial Sector Development Council.
Different Types of Borrowers  You will be reading the different categories of Borrowers; Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).
Types of Credit Facilities  Different types of Facilities by banks such as Overdrafts, Cash Credit, Demand Loans, Term Loans (TLs) & Bill Finance are defined in this unit.
Secured & Unsecured Loans, Registration of Firms & Incorporation of Companies  This unit defines the meaning of Secured & Unsecured loans, why are Secured Loans needed; the Registration process of Firms; what are the Consequences of not getting the Firms registered; the Incorporation of a Company etc.
Indemnities The unit talks all define the Contract of Indemnity; features of Indemnity Contract & Guarantee; Obligations of a Banker; Scope & Application of Indemnity Contracts to Banks; Precautions to be taken by the indemnity holder & Rights of an Indemnity Holder
Bank Guarantees Like other units, this unit also includes the definitions and kinds of Bank Guarantees, how it is a Banker’s Duty to Honor the Guarantees; Precautions to be taken while issuing Bank Guarantees & for the Payment of Bank Guarantee; their Invocation & Enforcement.
Letters of Credit (LC) LC contains the General Considerations for Letters of Credit; Parties involved in Letter of Credit; Different types of Letters of Credit; Documents required under Letter of Credit; Banks obligation for the payment of Letter of Credit; UCPDC 600.
Deferred Payment Guarantees It tells us what purpose DPGs serve & the Methods of Payment 
Laws Relating to Bill Finance  You will go through the Classes of Bills & Laws that Govern Bills; their Classification; their Categories; Bill Finance & Legal Position of a Banker in this regard.
Various Types of Securities  The section gives insight into the types of Securities that are available in the market; Escrow Arrangements; Arrangements of Trust & Retention etc. that are included in this unit.
Laws Relating to Securities and Modes of Charging – I  This section particularly talks about the Mortgage, its types & how they are enforced in real life in this unit.
Laws Relating to Securities and Modes of Charging – II  It puts insight into the concepts of Pledge; Lien; & Hypothecation etc.
Registration & Satisfaction of Charges  This unit defines the meaning of Charge, the Procedure to Register Charge; the effect of Not registering Charges; Various law provisions relating to the Registration of Charges etc.
Case Laws on Responsibility of Paying Bank  The unit will have some Case Laws on the Negotiable Instruments Act and Paying Banks; & will explain the Liability of Paying Bankers; Payments done in due course & in Good Faith; whether Payments done by Mistake are recoverable or not.
Case Laws on Responsibility of Collecting Bank It will provide information on how the Collecting Bank has Statutory protection & what are the Duties of the Collecting Bank.
Recovery of Debts due to the Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993(DRT Act)  You will go through the various objects of the Act, Constitution of the Tribunal, Procedure to be followed, Enforcement process etc
Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act (SARFAESI)  It includes the concepts such as Constitutional Validity; Definitions of various related terms; Central Registry; Enforcement of Security Interest; Regulation & Reconstruction; Offences & Penalties for offences & some Miscellaneous Provisions.
Banking Ombudsmen Scheme  The scheme explains its main purpose; the extent of the scheme’s applicability; Definitions of terms underused in it; Establishment of the scheme; Powers & Procedure for Redressal of Grievance 
Bankers Books Evidence Act, 1891  The act explains its applicability; Definitions under it and some Important Provisions of the act.
The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987  This Act let us go through the system of Lok Adalats – the Organization; Jurisdiction; Disposal of Cases; & Awards etc.
The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and CERSAI  The unit Introduces the said ACT, tells us the Extent & Definitions; Consumer Protection Councils; Objectives; Agencies for Consumer Disputes Redressal; and important provisions of the Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI) etc.
The Law of Limitation  Limitation Act defines what is limitation; how the time is computed for the said Limitation & some of the important Provisions in the schedule of the Limitation Act.
Tax Laws  It explains the laws related to taxes such as Income Tax; Service Tax Commodity Transaction Tax etc.
Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 &Payment & Settlements Systems Act, 2007  The Act provides us with the information regarding Negotiable Instrument’s applicability; definitions; & some Important Provisions
Indian Contract Act, 1872  The contract act provides the meaning and essentials of contract and explains concepts such as Contract of Indemnity & Rights of Indemnity Holder; Guarantee; Contract of Bailment; Contract of Pledge and Contract of Agency 
The Sale of Goods Act, 1930  Various Features of the mentioned Act, & other related concepts such as Sale & Agreement to Sell, Conditions & Warranties attached to goods; Express & Implied; Rights of an unpaid Seller are among other things that are included in this unit.
Indian Partnership Act, 1932  This act defines various terms & types of Partnerships; Relationships among the partners themselves & as well to the 3rd Parties; how a Minor is admitted to the benefits of a partnership; how a partnership firm gets Dissolved; the Effect of not registering the firm; LLPs: Limited liability partnerships formation, their registration, rights and liabilities of partners
Definition & features of a company  The unit will read you the definition & provide you features of a Company and the differences b/w a Company & Partnership
The Companies Act, 1956 (Now Companies Act, 2013)  The unit defines various terms, Features & companies categories; Memorandum & Articles of Association (MOA & AOA); Doctrine of Ultra Vires, Constructive Notice, Membership of Company Acquisition, Cessation, Indoor Management; Prospectus; Rights & Duties of Members, Directors; Wind up of Companies
Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999  FEMA, 1999 defines some important Terms; Powers of Reserve Bank of India, Directorate of Enforcement, Regulation & Management.
Transfer of Property Act, 1882  This unit includes all about the Sale, Mortgage of Immovable Property; Sale with and without the intervention of court; Types of Mortgages; Lease of Immovable Property
The Right to Information Act, 2005  RTI Act explains the act’s applicability; Definitions and Important Provisions 
Right to Information & Obligation of Public Authorities  This unit tells what are the Obligations; Procedures; Disposal procedures; procedures for filing Appeals, Execution of Orders; & Penalties etc are.
The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002  PMLA, 2002 explains the overall obligations, the records that are required to be maintained; the Procedure for Maintaining & Furnishing Information; Maintenance & Verifications of ID Records of Clients.
Information Technology Act, 2000  The unit talks about the definitions; defines Certifying Authorities; Electronic Governance; Certificates of Digital Signature; Penalties; Appeal.

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