JAIIB 2024 Upcoming Exam Preparation Strategy & Plan

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) will soon conduct the JAIIB exam 2024. The JAIIB exam provides an opportunity for banking professionals to unlock opportunities, demonstrate their proficiency, and acquire growth and early promotion in their careers. As JAIIB is a promotion-driven exam, its preparation demands a strategic approach to show exceptional performance in the exam. In the path of embarking on your journey as, “Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of the Bankers” JAIIB, Learning Sessions comprehend the importance of clearing the exam and is committed to provide support and guidance to candidates aiming to crack the exam. This article covers the effective strategies and comprehensive study plans to enable candidates to clear the JAIIB exam in the first attempt.

There are 4 papers in the exam pattern for JAIIB consisting of 4 modules-

Paper I: Indian Economy and Indian Financial System 

Module A- Indian Economic Architecture  

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Module B – Economic Concepts related to Banking  

Module C – Indian Financial Architecture  

Module D – Financial Products and Services

Paper II: Principles and Practices of Banking  

Module A – General Banking Operations  

Module B – Functions of Banks  

Module C – Banking Technology 

Module D – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions 

Paper III: Accounting and Financial Management of Banking 

Module A – Accounting Principles and Processes 

Module B – Financial Statements and Core Banking Systems  

Module C – Financial Management  

Module D – Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing 

Paper IV: Retail Banking and Wealth Management 

Module A – Retail Banking  

Module B – Retail Products and Recovery 

Module C – Support services – Marketing of Banking Services/Products  

Module D – Wealth Management

JAIIB 2024 Exam Pattern:

Total Marks 400 

Negative Marking No

Marking Scheme 50 questions of 0.5 marks 25 questions of 1 mark25 questions of 

2 marks

Mode Online

Nature Objective with MCQs

Cut-Off Marks 50 marks out of 100 (for each subject)

Eligibility Criteria for JAIIB Exam 2024

The examination eligibility is only for the ordinary members of the Institute.

The candidates must have passed the 10+2 exam in any discipline or equivalent.

The candidates, at the discretion of the institute, may be allowed to appear for the JAIIB exam even if they have not passed the 12th board exam provided a recommendation from the Manager or officer-in-charge of the bank.

Advantages of JAIIB Certification for Your Career:

Better Promotion Chances: Getting JAIIB certification increases your chances of getting promoted and early success.

More Confidence: JAIIB boosts your confidence to make quick and smart decisions in your daily work.

More Knowledge: Passing JAIIB gives you knowledge about banking, finance, technology, dealing with customers, basic accounting, and legal aspects that are important for everyday banking tasks.

Opportunities for Internal Promotions: Having JAIIB certifications helps you stand out when it comes to internal job promotions.

JAIIB Preparation Strategy/ Study Plan 2024

The JAIIB exam consists of four papers. A well-planned strategy enables candidates to cover the exam syllabus systematically and clear the exam in the first attempt. Candidates are suggested to follow the below-mentioned JAIIB preparation strategy and study to pass the exam in the first attempt-

Know the new JAIIB exam syllabus 2024: – Are you a candidate preparing for JAIIB exam 2024? And don’t know from where to start for preparing the exam? Let’s begin with the first step – the first and foremost step for the JAIIB exam strategy is to keep updated about the JAIIB exam syllabus 2024. It provides clarity on topics and concepts and will also help in structuring study plans, prioritising modules, selecting study materials and allocating time efficiently.

Start with a plan: – As working professionals, giving sufficient time to prepare for the JAIIB exam can be difficult. With a meticulous study plan, make sure that while working through the study material, abstain from working on other activities simultaneously. Make a schedule in a way that you should prepare all the subjects at least 15 days prior so that you can have enough time to revise the syllabus again.

Get the JAIIB exam study material: – Preparing for the JAIIB exam 2024, you need informative latest study materials to help you understand the important topics for the four JAIIB papers—Indian Economy and Indian Financial System, Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers, Principles and Practices of Banking, Retail Banking, and Wealth Management.

Practice mock tests: – Without adequate practice, it is difficult for candidates to assess their preparation level. Therefore, after covering each subject, you must follow up with solving as many mock tests as possible.

Practicing online: – JAIIB mock tests will enhance your familiarity with the exam’s nature and the question types presented in the paper. Attempting several mock tests would also help prepare you for the real exam as well as help you analyze your performance and assist you in knowing your stronger and weaker areas.

Self-study or coaching: – Identifying whether you can do self-study or need coaching holds importance. If you can analyse the previous years question papers on your own while following a proper routine, then you do not need any coaching. However, if you cannot, JAIIB coaching will help you prepare for the exam. Learning Sessions, a pioneer in preparing candidates for JAIIB Exams, CAIIB Exams, IIBF Certification Exams and Promotion exams banking in India. 8200+ candidates have joined Learning Sessions in the last 1 month.

On the test day: – On the day of the real test day, attempt the easy questions first to get an estimate of the score. Then, attempt the questions which were missed. As there is no negative marking, so attempt all the questions. If you are stuck on a question, don’t waste your time on that, just leave that by marking it and go ahead.

JAIIB May 2024 Online Crash course

We at Learning Sessions, the best JAIIB Exam Coaching Institute, have recently launched JAIIB May 2024 Online crash course. Join the course now and pave the way towards promotion in your banking career with us.

Choosing the right strategy to prepare for the exam is not easy as it requires proper knowledge of the exam pattern, syllabus, the previous paper asked questions, easy and tough modules, syllabus priority etc. That’s where Learning Sessions Online Classes come in!

We provide a structured approach to study and expert guidance on how to prepare for the exam effectively. Our study material is designed in such a way that it becomes easy for the candidates to analyse their performance and identify areas for improvement and prepare for the exam accordingly.

How To Crack Jaiib 2024 Exam In First Attempt?

JAIIB is a flagship course conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) twice a year to provide better opportunities for employees working in the Banking Industry. We provide comprehensive JAIIB study material, prepared by our expert professionals to help you clear the exam in the first attempt.


Video lectures:

The video sessions will be live as well as recorded for revision. The video form makes the learning process easier than reading through the books.

Recorded Videos:

With the full course, you will also get recorded videos of live lectures by our professionals. These videos are delivered by our experts with sound years of experience and can be accessed through our website or our Android application.

Mock Tests

Covered JAIIB Mega Tests, Mock Tests and Chapter-wise previous year 6000+ Questions. Once you have gone through the lectures, for revision purposes, you can solve the Mock Tests and increase your confidence & help you in preparing the exam strategies about how you will solve the MCQs in the real exam.

Chapter-wise Prev Year Questions

Chapter-wise Questions of all 4 papers of JAIIB AFM PPB IE&IFS and RBWM covered. This chapter-wise arrangement will help you in revising the syllabus and to know the question pattern asked in the real exam.

ePDF Notes

These Epdf notes are accessible through the Android application of Learning Sessions available in the play store. The chapter-wise notes are available for revision purposes.

Memory-recalled Questions

Memory-recalled questions are exam-specific questions for revision purposes.

JAIIB Exam Preparation Strategy – Section Wise Tips

Paper 1 – Indian Economy and Indian Financial System (IE & IFS) 

Cover Modules D, B, C first 

Candidates are suggested to cover 75% syllabus only

Cover Module A partially

Prepare according to IE & IFS syllabus priority video, recommended by our expert.

Paper 2 – Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)

Cover Modules B, A, D first.

Do follow the previous years questions.

Prepare according to PPB syllabus priority video, recommended by our expert.

Paper 3 – Accounting and Financial Management (AFM)

Cover Modules C,A,D first.

Strict to the schedule.

Don’t worry about numerical.

Follow the previous year questions.

Prepare according to AFM syllabus priority video, recommended by our expert.

Paper 4 – Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM)

Follow the recommended schedule of 17 hrs.

Study the memory-recalled questions provided by Learning Sessions.

Get the benefit of the “Golden Rule” IIBF by scoring more in RBWM.

Prepare modules B,D,C first.

Prepare according to our AFM syllabus priority video.

The journey towards the JAIIB certification is a transformative experience that requires dedication and discipline. we have meticulously covered all aspects of JAIIB preparation, encompassing the preparation strategy and a comprehensive study plan. Now, preparing for the JAIIB exam 2024 is going to be easy if you follow the suggested set of strategies. You must ensure to stay consistent in your journey to pass the JAIIB exam 2024 in the first attempt.

FAQ: JAIIB Preparation Strategy & Plan 2024

How can I crack JAIIB in the first attempt?

Preparation with a strategic approach and consistency in study planning, you can definitely crack the exam in the first attempt.

How many times does IIBF take JAIIB exam in a year?

IIBF conducts the JAIIB Exam twice a year, in May and November.

Which is the official website for the updates and notifications of the JAIIB Exam?

For updates and notifications about the JAIIB exam, visit

How to get JAIIB Exam Study Material?

There are many sources available online through which you can access the study material. To get access to the study material provided by learning sessions you need to visit website in Jaiib portal. After logging in you can avail free mock tests and mega mock tests.



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