JAIIB 2024 Previous Year Questions Paper Analysis

In this article, you will know about Jaiib previous year’s questions paper deep analysis. Analysis of the previous year’s questions is essential for exam preparation because it shows the test’s structure, layout, and other elements.

It has been challenging to determine how to analyse the previously conducted articles because of the revised JAIIB/CAIIB pattern and syllabus.

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We presume that you have already started your exam preparation as the IIBF has released the exam and registration dates for the JAIIB May 2024 exam.

While previously there were three subjects PPB, AFB and LRAB. Now we have IE & IFS, PPB, AFM and RBWM. Seemingly except for PPB, all subjects have changed but this is not the case.

Many subjects have been rearranged as a result of the change in the syllabus of JAIIB, However, the basic structure largely stays the same.

Why Jaiib previous year’s questions should be analysis?

  1. To learn more about the exam’s level of difficulty.
  2. Aids in developing a plan for answering questions.
  3. Familiarises oneself with the paper’s design.

Before beginning to analyse the PYQs, it is important to first understand what has changed and what has not.

How to analyse PYQs of JAIIB 2024?

Upon checking the syllabus of the Indian economy and Indian financial system you’ll find the similarity between the topics of previous and latest subjects.

IE & IFS i.e., Paper I is similar with:

  1. CAIIB 2024 Paper I: ABM, here is how: Module B (Economic concepts related to the banking) of IE & IFS and Module A (Economic analysis) of ABM 
  2. JAIIB 2024 Paper I: PPB, here is how: Module D (Financial products & services) of IE & IFS and Module A (Indian financial system) of PPB 
  3. Remaining: PPB and LRAB of JAIIB 2022 are somewhat similar to several of the chapters and themes. 

PPB I.e., now Paper II is similar with:

  1. JAIIB 2022 Paper II: AFB, here is how: Module A (General banking operations) of PPB a bit matches the Module D (Banking operations) of AFB.
  • The syllabus for PPB no longer includes the Indian financial system and Support Services-Marketing of Banking Services/Products (Module A & D of JAIIB 2024). 
  • Ethics in banks and financial institutions and general banking operations (Module A) were introduced (Module D) 

AFM i.e., Paper III is similar to It’s then counter AFB, there is only one newly introduced module i.e., Taxation and fundamentals of cost while the remaining modules are the same as they were in AFB of JAIIB 2024.

RBWM i.e., Paper III is a newly introduced subject so you may not find any help from the previous year’s questions however, some chapters of this subject can be found to be in the CAIIB electives.


With the above-mentioned points, we could easily figure out that many parts of the JAIIB 2022 syllabus are still relevant so the PYQs are needed to be analysed even if any module from any subject has been removed then it’s found to be introduced in some other subject. 

Modules of some subjects seem to be matching with the previous subject of CAIIB 2024, candidates can refer to our post to analyse questions based on those topics.

So going through PYQs wouldn’t be a waste of time. Also, we have clearly defined afore and in our other post what has been completely removed, what has been shuffled and what has been newly introduced so you can choose to skip, and find questions based on that.

Let’s get started with analysing the topics from JAIIB 2024.

Learning sessions mock test series

Obtaining previous year’s questions can be challenging because they are not readily available. But fear not, as many candidates for learning sessions appear each year for the JAIIB/CAIIB tests. Ashish Jain, the founder of learning sessions, too appeared for these exams and cracked the test on his first try.

Because of their strong ties to the applicants, our highly qualified team can assemble questions from the previous year and include them in our test series.

You can take the following test series:

  1. Previous year questions as Memory recalled questions
  2. Chapter-wise and module-wise practice exams
  3. Full-length practice questions

The questions are fully up to date, meaning those mock tests have been designed after analysing the older & newer syllabus and previous year’s questions. 

The primary reason to choose our main test series is that even though we have made it clear that there are no fundamental changes to the exam, numerous subjects and modules have been moved around, which may leave applicants confused and with a disorganised collection of the material they sought.

Our test bank is completely current, and the questions were organised after studying the exam the PYQs and older and newer syllabi.

Another reason to choose our mock test series is that it is cost-effective and proves to be resourceful as it going to save your time and effort.

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The topics mentioned below are from both shifts.

PPB (Principles and practices of banking)

PPB’s difficulty level was considered in Nov 2024. The paper had 4 to 5 numerical questions, 8 questions based on IT, CRR SLR based 5 questions, 3 to 4 working capital, NPA-based questions ranged 3 and so did questions from factoring and forfeiting. The topics on which most of the questions were based are as follows:

  1. Personal ethics 
  2. Bailment 
  3. Call rate 
  4. Power of attorney 
  5. Mandate
  6. Ombudsman 
  7. REER
  8. TREDS
  9. Artificial intelligence 
  10. Cash management system
  11. Priority sector lending
  12. SHG (Below the poverty line)
  13. NPA provisioning
  14. CGTMSE
  15. MID
  16. Tier 1 capital 
  17. Smart card
  18. Negotiable instrument act
  19. Joint accounts
  20. Ethics and values 
  21. Specials mention accounts
  22. Cheque 
  23. APY
  24. DEAF
  25. FCSOIS
  26. RSETI
  27. Housing loan interest rate
  28. Morale judgment theory 
  29. Promissory notes
  30. Counterfeit notes
  31. Bank (Definition)
  32. Regulation of an Insurance
  33. Facilitation of a Business
  34. Ombudsman (appointment) 
  35. Digital app (RBI)
  36. FEMA (Ministry governing) 
  37. HASHD 
  38. KVIC 
  39. Bank guarantee and LC
  40. Ethics in a Business 
  41. Clayton’s rules
  42. Atal pension yojana
  43. APL & BPL
  44. LC days calculation 
  45. Former & survivor 
  46. Mortgage, hypothecation and pledge in an act 
  47. Wholesale banking 
  48. MKIS subsystem 
  49. Empty nest 
  50. Full nest 
  51. Pricing 
  52. Types of LC
  53. Drawee banks 
  54. Cash management service 
  55. Operation mode in Joint accounts 
  56. Partnership firm upon the death of a partner 
  57. AS18
  58. Push and Pull strategy in marketing 
  59. Bill discounting 
  60. PoA and mandate (Difference)
  61. Export packaging 
  62. Maximum amount (RRB gold loan) 
  63. Duplex
  64. CKYC
  65. Digital signature 
  66. ADR
  67. Offshore banking 
  68. Fire insurance 
  69. Code of conduct 
  70. Workplace ethics 


AFB (accounting and finance for bankers) 

Most of the questions in this paper were based on the topics from Module B of AFB. There were more theoretical-based questions rather than numerical based. The overall layout of the paper was found to be moderate. The numerical questions’ frequency ranged from 18 to 20. Major topics on which numerical questions were based were balance sheets, profit and loss, accounting concepts, etc. Then there were some other major topics like Shares from which nearly 5 questions were framed, Banking reconciliation had the most weightage ranging 7 questions from this topic, there were 4 to 5 questions based on ratio analysis, there were 2 to 3 questions based on features of bond, YTM, adjustment entry, depreciation, BRS, convention and current ratio and accounting. There were single questions based on capital busting, forex, EMI and spot rate. In the second shift, nearly 10 questions were KYC based. 4 to 5 questions were based on column matching framed from topics like Golden Rules, Nominal & Real A/c, and Forex.

Here are the topics from which questions in the exam were framed:

  1. Sinking fund 
  2. Features of bond 
  3. Preference share 
  4. NPV & IRR
  5. Debt-equity ratio
  6. Errors
  7. Accounting concepts and convention 
  8. Current account 
  9. Present value 
  10. Indirect quote
  11. Accounting standards and accounting principles 
  12. Concept of conservatives 
  13. Banking manuals 
  14. Error of commission
  15. Customer risk 
  16. Ratio analysis 
  17. Spot rate
  18. YTM 
  19. Capital busting
  20. Future Value
  21. Capital bud
  22. Time value of money 
  23. Asset category 
  24. Balance sheet 
  25. Profit and loss 
  26. Parties’ disclosure 
  27. Housing loan LTV ratio 
  28. Data security 
  29. WDV and SLM 
  30. Interest earning 
  31. Payback period 
  32. Forex (TOM/Cash/spot/forward)
  33. Quick asset
  34. Forfeiting 
  35. Current ratio 
  36. Cheque collection policy 
  37. Net profit
  38. Cash flow 
  39. KYC guidelines
  40. Journal entries
  41. Inventory turnover ratio 
  42. Balance sheet
  43. EMI 
  44. Discounting method 
  45. Future Value 
  46. Debit voucher 
  47. CBS
  48. eKYC
  49. Cash flow statements 
  50. Materiality 
  51. Promissory note 
  52. Retirement bill
  53. Types of petty cash 
  54. Capital budgeting 
  55. Bonus share
  56. Interest earning
  57. Overdraft 
  58. Passbook & Cashbook 
  59. Back end and front end 

LRAB (legal and regulatory aspects of banking)

LRAB is no more a part of JAIIB still you may find questions analysis of this paper resourceful in case you’re going to appear for CAIIB BRBL.

Most of the questions in this paper had moderate to tough levels. Following are the topics based on which questions were framed:

  1. Ombudsman tenor 
  2. Copra act 
  3. ARC
  4. Companies Act
  5. Integrated ombudsman 
  6. Minor in partnership 
  7. Partnership
  8. Definition of Company
  9. RTI
  10. Holder in Due course
  11. RBI Act
  12. NPA
  13. Collecting Banks 
  14. Unregistered partnership firm
  15. Bank Guarantee
  16. Partnership Act
  17. Companies Act
  18. Limitation Act 1963
  19. MOA Clause
  20. Companies Act
  21. LLP 
  22. FEMA
  23. DRT
  24. Contract indemnity guarantee
  25. Bankers book evidence act 
  26. Difference between indemnity and guarantee 
  27. DRT Amount limit
  28. Powers of the recovery officer
  29. Ombudsman 
  30. Question on TDS
  31. Demand draft defined in a sec?
  32. Conversion
  33. Question on Mortgage
  34. Registration fill duration
  35. Question on assignment
  36. Lots of questions from Partnership
  37. CAD
  38. Indemnity 
  39. Principle of Corporate Personality 
  40. DRT not applicable
  41. Payment in due course
  42. Deferred Payment Guarantee
  43. Financial Guarantee
  44. Documents title to goods
  45. Case queue on Bearer Cheque
  46. Lok Adalat
  47. Bankers book evidence act 
  48. Difference between indemnity and guarantee 
  49. DRT Amount limit
  50. If a minor opted to join as a partner after earning a degree. Six months following the date of reaching the age of majority, his obligation begins.
  51. Bill of exchange Limitation
  52. SFB Capital
  53. Presiding Officer
  54. Eligibility of Chairman of DRT
  55. Who corrects a clerical error in DRT
  56. Asset Reconstruction Company
  57. The presiding officer of DRT 
  58. What sort of accounts can a liquidator maintain with the bank? Current or saving? current air conditioning
  59. Can a trust join a partnership firm as a partner?
  60. No. For how many years are records need to be retained by banks? 
  61. Difference B/w MOA and AOA
  62. The doctrine of Indoor Management
  63. Priority Waterfall
  64. Pledge
  65. Equitable Mortgage
  66. Simple Mortgage
  67. RTI fee
  68. IBBI
  69. Cessation of Membership
  70. Contract to Minor
  71. Exporter’s Bank Name


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